Remote work is actually becoming the creme de la creme of jobs. At this point in time, everybody simply wants to do remote work, which will most work, comes, the need for workspaces and the workspaces comes the need for screens. Everybody wants to view their work on a larger screen. Everybody wants to see their coding on a larger screen. Everybody wants to get design on a larger screen, some actually go for monitors, high, refresh rates, bigger screens, etc, etc. Others go for. Tp sets smart tvs; basically, they just want to see what they do away from their pcs on a much bigger screen. But hey what happens when you go to an area where you do not have a screen available or the ability to get a screen or what happens when your pocket isn’t friendly enough to get you a screen? Hello meet you on your screen, hi guys, it’s cano leo here today, i’m going to be showing you pretty much very easy way to connect your phone to your system as a second screen, basically going to use it to do the job your screen is supposed to Do what your monitor is supposed to do, but without it kindly hit the subscribe button below the bell notification icon by the side to be notified about new videos whenever they drop so without getting time let’s go. So what do you need? A phone, as i said before, your pc and a bit of internet connection for the very first step, you’re going to be using a very simple application called space disk space deck is a very simple utility that combines the basic function of networking and miracast together.

To be able to give you the ability to cast your device from your system to your phone directly, but with an added bit of ingredients which i’m going to show you in this video. So you head over to google and you type space desk in the results that actually appear below the very first one should take you to the home page of this utility, which is Remember that this utility gives you the ability to connect virtually any device. Be it a laptop, be it a desktop built, a workstation as far as that device has wireless capabilities alongside your phone as the second screen, now, click on the download button below and we are taken to the available downloads here and we have downloads for windows 10. Both 32 and 64 bits, as well as windows, 8.1, 32 and 64 bits. Unfortunately, here there is no actual support for mac os at the moment, but, as you can see down here, we have support for ios devices here i’m going to be placing down the links to all the downloads in the description below and as you can see here, We have options for ios users via app store, android users via play, store microsoft devices. I wonder if they still exist down here now on your device, if you’re using an android device, make sure you go to your play, store by the way i’m using a xiaomi redmi 9 for this tutorial search for space desk and install it once you have space Desk installed kindly open it up.

The very first thing you notice, once you actually turn on your or open up the space desk application on your phone, which is going to be acting as a second screen, is the fact that it has already detected the screen already. It has already detected the system, which is the host it’s supposed to connect to now. I actually forgot to mention a very, very important detail about this particular application, despite the fact that we have to go online to download these two utilities, both on your hosts and on your clients being the phone, you can turn off your data once you’re done, but You still need to have connection between your system and your phone via your hotspot. Yes, your hotspot needs to be on and connected to your system from your phone to be able to ensure that this application works properly, and it is way better to connect directly from your phone. As the speed is better off than actually a situation where both devices are actually connected to the same network, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to work, but the speed is going to be hampered. So my candid advice is: connect your phone directly to the system and you’re going to get a better speed when you want to switch over. My phone is connected to my system, as you can see here, and this basic application is always running in the notification tree. Yeah that is running the background, so i’m going to pop it up, so you can actually see it so on the screen, you have space desk server and on my phone you have the space client here that’s it basic networking arranged the server and the client there.

Isn’T much technicality to actually activating this. All you need to do is have your space desk on on your phone and your spacedx host application running on your system just kindly tap on the host name, which is your system name, only indicated on the space deck application on your phone. You are supposed to be greeted with a connected display of bubble. Then you are now greeted with a representation of your system screen on your phone. I can work on my phone and actually replicate anything. I do on my phone directly on my system. Think of the possibilities you can actually achieve this application in your hands. Probably you have your workspace in the dining area and you’re tired of sitting down for a very long time, and you want to go to the comfort of the sofa in the living room. All you need to do is just grab your ipad grab. Your android tab grab your phone connect it to your system, with this application, walk down to your sofa, enjoy the comfort and still be able to perform the job you are supposed to perform on your system directly, with your phone at hand in previous versions, there was No support for the use of your phone keyboard to be able to actually perform action on your system via your phone. However, this current version gave us the ability to actually use our pop up keyboard to actually perform now. I haven’t tested this function yet so i want to use the opportunity to actually test to see if it actually works.

The keyboard actually works, but some of the functionalities are not yet perfect, like clicking on the enter button to be able to move to a page, etc. That doesn’t seem to work. So i would simply advise that if you need to do anything else to do with input, you should still stick to the system keyboard to be able to do that. Probably, that is why it’s still a second screen for you. Now, apart from duplicative, we can actually extend our screen into this mobile device here to fully assume the position of the second screen normal as it duplicates. All we need to do here is to project on our system using the windows. P button click on the extend option, wait for a few seconds and voila, and that is it it’s extended, though there’s a little bit of snug, i can’t take off the keyboard. Okay. Now i can so here we are here is an extended view of my second screen on my phone screen. Your scene on the system is the first screen, and this is the second screen. As you can see, i can move my mouse from this screen to the other screen and back so that’s it. Basically, you can do anything you want to do on your phone on your system simultaneously can control your system with your phone. So i recommend this to a whole lot of people who need screens, most importantly, if you need to have a touchscreen functionality, but you don’t want to go higher while trying to spend cash to get your touchscreen.

You can use this graphic design, especially you want to draw if you want to actually perform uh actions that require touch impute. You can actually use this. You want to do official stuff, you want to sign, etc, etc. I recommend this for you. Can you tell me what you think about this app in the comment section below and please please do not forget to subscribe to the channel for much more tips coming your way. Also, the link to the downloads are also going to be dropped in the description below. Like i said before, so thank you very much for watching. I want to say a big shout out to maze. Shima ahmadi aka maze himself. He is the main sponsor of this video. This video is actually dedicated to him himself.