So so this video is sponsored by red, pattaya, affordable, pc based multi instrument It is the perfect tool for educators, students makers, hobbyists and professionals seeking affordable, highly functional test and measurement equipment using provided browser based applications. You can use it as red pattaya, oscilloscope, 2ch, 50 megahertz bw 14 bit adc 16k memory, red pattaya signal generator, 2ch, 50 megahertz bw 14 bit adc 16k memory, red pattaya spectrum, analyzer 62.5 megahertz bw 14, bit adc 16k dft buffer noise, 119d bm, red pattaya lcr Meter, zlc rp dqe parameters, freak 0.1, slash one slash ten, one: hundredths of a kilohertz accuracy, one percent red peptide boat, analyzer freak span, one hertz to 50 megahertz resolution, one hertz 10, 14, bit 1000 steps max red patio logic, analyzer, 8ch, sampling rate 125, msps i2c, Spi uart red pattaya, sdr 2 chrx 25 kilohertz to 62.5 megahertz and 2c htx 1 megahertz to 62.5 megahertz hd, sdr, gqrx, gnu radio, red pattaya vna for testing swr s11 rf filters, switches, couplers, cables, red patio, pid controller, red pattey, teslameter, red pattaya, impedance analyzer; also Red pattaya can be controlled by labview matlab scilab and python get yours from to buy the product link in the description below the video thanks for watching. Do not forget to like the video subscribe to the channel and share the video with your friends stem lab 125 to 14, originally read pattaya v 1.1 versus stem lab 125 10 stem lab is available in two versions which both offer the same functions and features the Differences in the technical specification of high frequency inputs and outputs ram capacity and some other differences, you can find more information in the comparison table below the video with the description they are addressed to target different groups and or needs where stim lab.

125. 125. 14 has 14 bit input output channels for highly accurate measurement results in professional environments. Stem lab 125 10 has 10 bit input output channels and is perfect for universities, students and makers stem lab 125 to 10 basic processor processor, dual core arm: cortex a9 fpga fpga xilinx designed 7010 soaks ilynx zyneck 7010 soaked ram 256 megabytes 2 gigabits system memory, microsd Up to 32 gigabytes console connection usb to serial converter required power, connector micro, usb power, consumption, 1, comma 5, amp connectivity, ethernet one gigabit usb usb 2.0 wi fi requires wi fi dongle rf inputs, rf input channels, 2, rf, output, rf output channels too, thanks to red Pattaya to send this product for review don’t forget to visit to get your first product. This model is a red pattaya stem lab 125 to 10 starter kit, let’s open the package and see what’s inside the box. What is in the box red pitaya stem lab 125 to 10 board sd card 16 gigabytes class 10, ethernet, cable, 1, meter power, supply 5, volts, 2 ampere and also a set of various electrical sockets to suit every system. Software allright pattaya units come with pre insulated software, but if you want to update to the latest and greatest, you can do so for free, just insert isd memory card into the entrance to the computer and upload the most recent image of the system file. All the information and the method for installing the system image is on the red pattaya site after download the system image, we remove the memory card from computer and after insert the card into the special entrance on the red pattaya board connect to red pattaya.

This is the most common and recommended way of connecting and using your red pataya boards. Your lan network needs to have dhcp settings enabled, which is the case in majority of the local networks. With this simple plug and play approach is enabled having read pattaya board connected, the local network will enable quick access to all red pattaya applications using only your web browser simply follow these three simple steps: one connect red pattaya board to the router two connect power supply To the red pattaya board, three open your web browser and in the url file type rpip address dot, local slash, congratulations: red pattaya has been connected with your browser and the applications can be used with ease to add a wi fi dongle. First, we choose the settings and then we choose the networks. We insert the wi fi dongle in the usb place in the board. We enter the name of the local network and also the password. The connection is made directly. We take the private ip address and paste it to the browser. Congratulations again, we have finished the last step. Now we are removing the ethernet cable and after that we are adding the additional equipment you need to work inside. Your workshop accept my greetings from the inventor kr channel.