Also, if you havent already please consider subscribing to the channel as we do, plan to post content. More often in this tutorial were going to be focusing on how to join the server on both bedrock and Jabba, and briefly give you an overview of what to expect. When you first log on foreign to join our Java server, you must ensure that your Minecraft launcher is set to the correct version. Currently Mega Crafts. Minecraft versions are 1.19 to 1.9. So if youre like skinny over here Applause, Music – and you have our end computer, you might not be able to run the newest and greatest version so consider downgrading until you find what works best for your computer. We do try our best to keep everything up. To date, but you know we also dont want our devs to die. So if Mega craft doesnt support the latest release of the game, you might want to downgrade once youve selected your desired version in the launcher. Click the play button, depending on your computer load Times, May Vary, but once Minecraft is loaded up click the multiplayer button then select add server on this screen. You will see two blanks, one for the server name and one for the server IP it doesnt, actually matter. What you put in the server name box, for example, I have mega craft labeled as but its just a personal preference. What does matter is the server IP. The IP is actually what connects you to Mega craft.

So if youre having issues joining be sure to double check your spelling, the IP for Mega craft, is Once youve entered the server IP click done now, you should see Mega craft appear on your server list. All you have to do now to join is either double click, the server or click once and then click the join button. But wait I hear you screaming at your viewing devices. How do we join on bedrock? Well, first off that was kind of rude yelling at me like that uh but uh. Secondly, if youre playing Bedrock on PC be sure that Minecraft for Windows is selected on the launcher, once youve got that selected press play again, load Times May Vary, but once your Minecraft is loaded up click, the gray play button then go to the tab to the Right that says, servers scroll down on the featured server list. Until you see the button that says, add server, click that button and in the server address bar type make sure the numbers are 19132. Lastly, you can put in the server name, but again it really doesnt matter what you type in. I set Mega craft as the server name, because I was informed that its not a suitable name for this video and in no way shape or form represents Mega crafts, ideals or brand. Sorry about that. Now that you know how to join what wait hold on is that a Nintendo switch? Do you only play games on switch? Okay, real quick? If you want to connect on consoles, the process is a little different.

So, firstly, if you want to connect on Xbox or Playstation, you must first download an app called MC connector thats available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This app through your Wi Fi. Will let you connect to the server so be sure that both your phone and your console are connected to the same Wi Fi network? If it isnt you wont, be able to connect after the app is downloaded, be sure that Minecraft is already running on your console. First then open the app and put in the server IP again. The IP is, be sure to double check that the port number is 19132 next press, the button that says start server while the server is starting. If you get a pop up saying that the app wants to connect to your network make sure to hit OK, youll know that the app is finished loading. When you see the server description and player count once thats done, you can go into Minecraft and hit the play button and then go to the Friends tab where you should see the server appear. If you do see the server you can now join But be sure to keep the app on your phone running or you will get disconnected if the server doesnt appear on the friends tab. Try going to the FAQ section of the app for troubleshooting if, after troubleshooting youre still having issues, we have Linked In the description of this video, an alternative way to connect on Xbox and Playstation.

The other advantage of using this method is that it does not require you to use an external app to connect and its all done through your console. So if you cant download the app you might want to consider using this method and now connecting to the Nintendo switch now the process is a little bit different, but on the bright side it does not require you to use an external app. The first step is to go to your home screen of your switch and then open the settings scroll down until you find the internet Tab and then select internet settings from here find the Wi Fi network, with a check mark to the right of it. If none of the listed networks have a check mark next to it, youre currently not connected to Wi Fi, so be sure to join one. If you can, however, if you do see the check mark select, that Network then select change. Settings next go down to where it says: DNS settings and change it from automatic to manual once you do this go to where it says. Primary DNS and type in the numbers pause this video. Now, if you need more time to type in these numbers after you put in the primary DNS, go to the secondary DNS and type in the numbers, thats zero, zero, eight four times with dots in between. But again, if you need a second to type it in pause, the video now after you have everything typed in hit the save button to the right and once youve saved everything you can go back to your home screen and open up Minecraft in order to connect To the server you first need to make sure you have a Microsoft soft account logged in.

You should see a login button to the bottom left above the bottle icon. If you arent already signed in whether you are already signed in or not wait for your Microsoft. Gamer tag to appear once this is finished, hit the play button and go to the servers tab from here. You can join any of the listed servers from this point as they should all prompt you with a pop up to enter the server IP once again. The IP is and the port number is 19132 from here. You can add the server to your server list, so you wont have to keep inputting the IP. All you have to do is select the slider that says add to server list. Additionally, you can also add a server name in the display box, but again it doesnt matter what you really put in here once everything is correctly put in, you can hit the submit button and connect to Mega craft. We understand that the process is a bit more complicated. However, we encourage everyone to give it a shot. If you really want to check out the server plus the owner due to his old age and withering wont, be able to figure out how to turn on a computer for long. So we need to be more accommodating to him. Music of what platform you join on. Whenever you connect to the server you will automatically spawn into the servers Hub, The Hub is where you can easily connect to the different experiences offered at Mega craft by hopping through the labeled portals on the left.

The first portal will connect you to our main survival server, which is a classic no grief survival with custom, mechanics and items most notably the Slime fun plug in for an experience that will spice up your survival. Gameplay survival main is both Java and better are compatible, meaning, regardless of what platform or device you play on. You can connect to this experience. To the right of that portal is our Avatar Bedrock. This means that you have to be playing on Minecraft Bedrock to join. However, we also have an avatar for Java located to the right. Avatar bedrock and Avatar survival are the same in that it is a survival Minecraft, but with the addition of our Avatar bending plugins, you may have heard of them from our many many many many many many many many many many viral tick tocks PVP is enabled on These servers, so you may want to learn how to take full advantage of those bending abilities exclusive to Java is also the Avatar faction server, where you can push yourself to the Limit using bending PVP in an all out war against other faction Clans. We will have more tutorials going in depth with our different offerings, such as a deeper dive into how to use the different bending abilities on our Avatar server and an overview of the slimefun plugin for our main survival server. We hope that this gives you a good idea of what to expect when joining Mega craft, and we appreciate you for supporting us through watching our social media and considering our already playing on the server.