Everyone welcome back to my channel sharon knowledge video tutorial in this video i’m gon na show you how to download and install windows, 10 applications and social media android applications for your windows and pc without using any software. The microsoft store on windows. 10 remains integral part of the operating system. Microsoft store is a digital distribution platform. Microsoft store has nearly everything you could want for your windows device, including the latest games, creativity, software applications and more with the microsoft store applications you can download and install windows applications and social media android applications for your windows. Hence, the advantage of this method is that you don’t need install any downloader on your pc and it’s pretty simple and easy. That is what we are going to do so watch the video and subscribe channel. Okay, let’s start follow these steps. You have to open your microsoft store from your taskbar or from start menu. Applications sign in with your microsoft account once logged in then you can see this interface. You can see this kind of window. You can see here for options then select top applications. Then you can see this kind of window now you can browse thousands of free and paid applications by category, read user reviews and compare ratings. Okay, then, here click on the charts from the drop menu. You can see the options most popular trending tom, free and paid applications. You can select one what you want now: i’m choosing tom free applications.

Okay and next department applications no need changes its default. Next, you click on all category from the drop menu category. You can see education, business, developer tools, social media, health and fitness sports and more applications categories. You can choose one your favorite category now i am choosing social media applications. Okay, next, you can see here all ratings. If you want to compare ratings, you can compare with other applications. Okay, next click on more filters and then choose available on pc it’s default. When you change now, you can download and install free windows, applications and social media android applications for your windows, computer. Okay, you can now you can choose one your favorite applications, then you can see the button get for downloading. You can see here simply click on it once download, complete click on install. If you are already installed once on your computer, the button may say install rather than get okay once installed complete, then application icon will appear on your start, menu applications and once complete the installation application download page will show you launch button, simply click on it. Then you can run your application sign in with your social media account. Okay, you are done that’s all. I hope this video helped for you, thanks for watching and supporting. If you have any issues comments below. I hope you like this video, if you like this video make sure hit like and share your contribution, is more confidence. Please don’t forget subscribe my channel once again, thanks for watching and subscribing see you next.