Yes, thats right, yes, its a little harder its not that hard, but you need to know exactly how to do it. I strongly suggest watching part 1. It will be up in the cards before proceeding with this video and now lets get into the video Music Applause. Alright, so now plug your USB in your Target and power it on first thing you want to do is boot to the bios, so you you can make sure you. The skill bit is turned off Music nice securities, because shes gon na remove the password, because I need it now. Security is disabled. Now, exit save changes menu, all right so were here. We are currently loading the files Music and now we should wait. Music foreign Network Im not planning to connect to the network right now, and here we are got ta, find the drive zero. Now first thing you want to do is open command, prompt, no, no type disk part Music, now type list disk all right. So here we are disc, zero is our Target, and this one is where we are booting its basically, the USB drive. Now what we need to do this seems clean to me, but if you, if your drive, isnt clean just follow these steps, select disk zero, clean there we go now once we have are done cleaning the drive open this PC Music go. Where is your ffu partition with the ffu open the command? The only thing we need to do just copy the command here, right, click copy or just use, Ctrl C paste it over.

Here you want to make sure the disk is zero, and here now now we need to delete this. The image form Music and now find where Windows 10x ffu is located and were gon na just copy like this copy foreign. Just look, I accidentally, oh done this commanding disc part exit this part before doing this and dont make the mistakes I do if, when you want to specify the image file and thats how its gon na work thats, why it failed there we go. We started applying the image, and now this is giving me pretty quick depending on the drive speed and by the way Im using SSD producing. Okay, like it should be a Modern Hardware for this. If you want this to work, youll need a Modern Hardware, but the system requirements are at least four gigs Ram. You need a 128 gigs or more available hard disk space. You will need UEFI based and SSD thats. What I at least, recommend and by the way, if you want to do me, a demonstration of this on real Hardware. Now, let me know in the comments down below now. We need to wait for this thing to be applied its a little slower because its applying from the USB to the drive like it didnt like we did in the last video, it was actually really quick. I think it was about done now or about over here. A little almost done, but were gon na wait, Music, foreign Music.

So we have successfully applied the image. Now we can just come close command, prompt by typing exit or whatever, and we are finally ready to boot into Windows 10x to close all of these and were going to turn off the system. Oh, I meant foreign Music ly ready to turn on Windows 10x, but before we pour on our Target, I want to note so you may want to plug in Ethernet. If you have no wife, Im gon na use this dongle Music um. I dont know why. I just wont recognize the ethernet port, but we dont really care. We want to install this at once plug this in Music um. Now Music. It should start fooding Music foreign. There we go. We started booting into Windows. 10X thats great now were gon na just wait for it to put into the out of box experience and hope for the best Music Mouse first, sir Music, how beautiful that other box experiences? It actually is better than the window. Let me know what you guys think in the comments and yeah once youve been to the other box excuse. You will see that this is very Windows. 11 life. Yes, thats right because when this level was based off of this Music is Music like this is something no there isnt an ISO image for this. We only have the SSU phone Music. Yes, we need to apply the image Music, yeah Ill, find account in here.

Unfortunately, now lets login here. Thank you, foreign, Music, Music, Music. All right lets create a pin here, Music. By the way the pin will be created if your machine has to be under hello. In this case, this laptop has and thats. Why, without any issue, if you dont have to PM, you will be able to tell your thin. It is not required. I am for Windows 10x, but just to know alright, so were finally in the desktop. Yes, here we are at Windows 10x. This is not in some skin were not Linux or whatever, like you know, or a Windows, 10 or Windows 11 minutes to look and feel like this. No, no, no, no theres, two windows 10x built 2027.9, the last build because they just canceled projects. Okay, so we got next, it looks like its based on Windows. 10 version 2004. Oh yeah, well, 20279 of Windows. 10 is actually based on version 2004 yeah. The bad thing about this is that we open everything like in full screen. You know actually much smoother than hyper v manager. Foreign menu is very similar to what we saw in Windows 11., only yeah and God. This is actually very similar because Ive told you when the Snowman is based off of this day said, cancel it, and I dont know why. Let me know why this project was canceled, tablet, users, yeah and make sure to. Let me know in the comments down below if this worked and yeah, that was for todays video.