Well, i say just dropped, but it came out a few days ago, but i guess i’m late to the party side quest is now accessible in its entirety on mobile devices. However, there is a bit of a catch, but i’ll get into that in today’s video, as well as giving you guys a tutorial on how to get sidequest on mobile. If you enjoy the video, go down below and drop a like, or if you don’t, like the video for some reason, hit the dislike button. And let me know why: okay, so first off there’s a bit of a requirement involved, and that is that you have an android phone or an android tablet. However, this is only as of this recording and i will make sure to update you in the comments down below when apple support eventually does come. But for the time being, this is pretty much just exclusive to android devices. Okay, so first off let’s just jump into a quick tutorial on how to get side quest onto your phone and then from there i’ll show you guys what to do next. Okay, so first step is to open up. Google play store, go to the search bar and search side quest. Once you have searched side quest, you want to go to the second one down and it should say side quest, beta click on it and hit the install button that’s about it, and if you actually scroll down as of recording this, this has 100 downloads.

However, this is pretty fresh news, so uh yeah, i presume that number will go up next. I recommend grabbing yourself a usbc to usbc charger uh. This comes with the quest, so if you just get the one that came in your box, you should be fine which just remember to remove it from the plug head and then you can just plug it into your quest and into your phone, and you should be Good to go, then you should get a notification on your headset, so make sure to just put it on real, quick and click allow. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download any games next, you can go and boot up the sciquest application on your device. Once the app is loaded, it will give you the terms of service and the terms of use. So just go and click get started at the bottom of that page, and then you should be straight into sidequest. So from here you can pick a game to download. I recommend just using hibo for this example just to test if everything is working and you can always uninstall it if you don’t want hibo. So when you go to download, you may run into this not connected issue now. This will basically send you into this screen with a little error which says important. You may need to accept a notification inside your quest and that’s, because there’s actually a second notification that you have to accept.

However, i can’t figure out how to necessarily trigger this. I think it gets triggered when you go to download a game, so just check your headset and if that doesn’t work just retrace the steps that i’ve just shown you again. It is a little finicky at the minute, but remember that the app is in beta and this will probably get fixed in the near future. Once you get past that tricky part just feel free to hit retry on the download, and it should start downloading and you’re free to get whatever games. You want now also just note that all your downloads are in this little downloads, tab right here now to access your newly siloed games. All you’re going to want to do is go to this little tab here on your apps page and scroll down to unknown sources. Here will be stored everything you download from sidequest, including the game that i just installed. If you want some recommendations for good games, i definitely recommend checking out my top five favorite sidequest games, video from the other day uh. This video is pretty recent and all the games on there are still fantastic. However, do note that pokemon vr, which is included on that list, is gon na be shut down on the 1st of may so, if you’re watching after that date, sadly, you can no longer play that game. However, if you’re watching before then, i definitely recommend checking it out if you enjoyed the video, make sure to leave a like and the dislike button works too, but make sure to.

Let me know why, in the comments down below i have been dragon, i still am dragon.