I apologize up front but it’s still very good and timely information that i wanted to share with you guys. So, stick with me right after this Music here’s, my low voltage box from makita’s packout systems what’s this guy’s problem, he doesn’t even know the difference between makita and milwaukee. What an idiot! Basically, i keep all my low voltage stuff here and what we need to do is go ahead and find my toner and amplifier there. You go it’s right here there you go perfect. This is what we need our amplifier and our well hold on. This is our amplifier right here and our toner. This provides tone or noise on the line that this guy picks up with its hear that, with its big microphone, so let’s go ahead and tone the line and figure out where all the connection points are, so that we can set up this doorbell. Now we identify what we believe is the doorbell switch for this apartment. We remove the two screws for the doorbell switch and expose the two wires that when the doorbell switch is pushed in complete the circuit and cause the doorbell to ring, we pull the wire out making sure that there’s enough slack in case we need some and we’re. Looking at a real old mailbox here and looks like the wire goes behind the mailbox and up and over into the apartment, we’ve gone ahead and removed the switch and now are putting our tone box on it so that we can start tracing this cable tone right There we’re going to switch let’s, see what let’s see if we’re getting toned all right, perfect let’s trace this out, guys all right, guys, we’re right here at the doorbell and let’s check again with the with the tone applica amplifier, to see if we’ve got tone and We have tone right there, look at that that’s a really good sign.

Now we got to find the other side where the actual transformer is. We see the the wire going from here right up into the wall, so let’s go find the transformer now all right guys. So i have, this is the only transformer i could find anywhere in the utility room, and this is our transformer right here perfect. Now that we’ve identified the transformer, we need to make sure that it has at least 16 to 24 volts and 20 to 30 amp output to make the ring doorbell with camera work correctly. But as you can see here, this old transformer has nowhere near that it needs to be replaced all right, guys, here’s the two transformers. This one only has 10 amps, and this here gives me three types of voltages and amps to choose from so we’re gon na. Go with this one here for best performance of the ring: doorbell we’re gon na wire up the tri voltage transformer on the 24 volt and 20 volt amps portion of the transformer, basically one wire to the left and one wire to the right. Just as the arrows indicate on this next step, i didn’t want to worry about speaking into a microphone. While i was changing the transformer because i am inside the breaker box or the electrical panel and if you’re going to consider doing this yourself, i would caution against it. Hire a professional hire an electrician. If you make a mistake in this box, you can get hurt.

Really bad and i suggest that you don’t do it, but if you’re gon na, do it it’s at your own risk and know that you should have your breakers off and your main breaker off all right guys, we’re gon na go ahead and remove this and replace It just so that we do a thorough job. We’Ve got a screw here, holding it and we’ve got a screw somewhere in the bottom. Here focus your piece of garbage: there you go and we’ve got two screws. We got two leads: we’ve got one that says trance right there for the transformer and then front right there, so we’re going to go ahead and change it all right, guys, we’ve, gotten ahead and installed it. We put a screw right here and since it’s plaster there’s wood in the back to grab put another screw right there, nice and easy. We leveled it off and we’ve gone ahead and hooked up the wires black to trans white to the front door, and there you go guys now let’s go ahead and give it a test. We’Re gon na what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na short, the wires at the doorbell location. This should ring and if it doesn’t ring, then we still have troubleshooting to do. If it does ring, then we can go ahead and put our doorbell or ring doorbell with the camera on it: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Since the customer has opted for a mechanical doorbell to be installed and to work with the ring camera doorbell, we need to make sure that we install the pro power kit from ring it’s, basically, a capacitor that stores energy.

This capacitor is wired with one wire going into the front door or rear door, depending on how you want it to ring on the mechanical doorbell. Chime you’ll see it right there it’s going to the front door, since the customer has opted for front door, chime, meaning that it rings twice and the other wire goes into the trans lead or the transformer lead. And now those two leads will bring power into the capacitor allowing for that stored power to be there when the doorbell chime is actuated that actuation or those pins going up and down and hitting the metal creates such a significant draw of power that it could shut Off your camera, even with a higher voltage and higher amperage transformer, so the capacitor there is to ensure that there’s enough power at all times for the camera, so the pro power kit or capacitor is installed on the side of the chime with a sticker that you Just peel off and stick right on there and then wire in the wires, as i described before, please note that you need this for mechanical chimes only if your chime is not mechanical. If it’s digital, you may not need the capacitor so make sure you figure out which one best fits you by reading the instructions or doing your research, all right guys covers back on. We got it all wired up, let’s get to the outside and finally get that switch going or doorbell switch whatever you want to call it all right guys.

So the client has gone ahead and said: let’s just remove this, even though it’s probably 100 years old, it’s, probably here since the since they made the house right. This is old, it’s really cool, but it is rusted out. It is beat up so let’s go ahead and get get that completely out of the way and see what we got back here to work with. Oh my gosh, all kinds of wires and stuff wow. Look at that isn’t that cool that’s kind of cool. This is what why i enjoy doing these side: job projects and uh. I sometimes feel like not getting paid, because how else would you experience this, but absolutely gon na pay ask for payment all right guys at the client’s request. We went ahead and removed the big mailbox old school mailbox. I don’t know what it’s called remember put it in the comments. Whatever it’s called and uh we’ve gone ahead and drilled a hole there. We’Re gon na put the edge wedge uh spacer here, so that the camera can face just a bit out and people can. The the people that live here can see easily who’s going through their gangway all right, we’ve gone ahead and installed the wedge part right here. We’Ve leveled, it we’ve put a screw in here, put a screw in here. We use the really long ones so that it’s really hard to take off the wood here and they’ll have to destroy the plastic to um.

Remove this all right guys. We went ahead and grabbed the screws from this packet right here and we used the mounting screws, the longest ones on that wedge and now we’re going to go ahead and grab the medium sized screws. These guys right here that seem to have a little um rubber spacer there, so that we can go ahead and maybe keep water out we’re gon na do that to hold the doorbell. So the doorbell is right here. It comes shipped with this installed. Just take it off just like that, it snaps right in like that and you uh take it off, because the mounting points on this doorbell are right here, see that mounting point right there and the mounting point down here so we’re gon na go ahead and wire Up the back of the doorbell right there now at this point on each side, i’m, not going to show you guys, because i don’t want to reveal the mac address and information, but on each side, there’s a sticker with the mac address and information that you’ll need To set up your app so don’t put the cover on when you’re done until you’ve set up your application, all right now, we’re going to go ahead and install the wiring we’re going to put it just like that, it doesn’t matter which one is right or left There’S no positive or negative you’re not going to well. I should say there is a positive and negative, but the the actual ring doorbell doesn’t care, it’ll, auto uh, correct itself, so don’t worry about it.

That’S it screw here and a screw down here and that’s. It guys now we can set up the app don’t cover it until you’ve set up the app. The cover goes right over the the doorbell right here. On top, like i showed you earlier, the silver or whatever color you want and then there’s a screw on the bottom, a a safety screw or a security screw whatever you want to call it it’s a special screw that’s down here, that’s, a special torx bit size And once you put the cover on it, you got to tighten that guy up. So the last thing you want to do is put that cover on set up your app and you can go and there’s no way i’m going to be able to show you all the sensitive information that we had to put in for the ring doorbell to work. On the app so guys, i’m gon na have to fast forward. This look at rings. Instructions i’m, sure, there’s other great youtube videos out there too, to help you with that. Your ring doorbell is ready to go with ring you’re, always home and that’s it guys. When you hear that that means you’re all set up and now you can go ahead and cover it with your cover, just as it’s showing you in the instructions right, Music there, Music, all right guys, we’ve got it completely done awesome job. We had a lot of fun: i’m, not gon na show how i’m gon na close this up.

It would just take way too much time on the video but check it out. Ring doorbell is set up with the wedge spacer in there we hit the doorbell right now and it rings outside, and in just a few moments there you go, it rings inside guys. This was a fun project. I hope this totally helped somebody out there. If you haven’t subscribed, try subscribing, i try to bring out great content just like this, and if you haven’t hit that like button by now, please do so. It really helps the channel out. Helps me out. Lets me know you like what what you’re seeing here all right, guys it’s been fun.