So before starting. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, then please go and subscribe to our channel and stay connected for latest updates, so guys let’s start for this purpose. You will require open core bootloader for downloading recovery file, open core configurator for mounting the efi partitions efi preset. According to your hardware, and one usb with minimum one gigabyte, also, python is required for the purpose and i’m assuming that python is already installed. Although python is included with most of the linux distributions, now open open, core bootloader folder and navigate to following directory, select mac recovery, folder and open it with terminal Music, now open mac, recovery, folder and then open recovery url as text document and copy the url. As shown Music after copying, the text, close text, editor and type python3 and then with one space paste, the command and with one space type download and press enter key Music, and now the recovery image is being Music, downloaded Music. So, Music recovery image has been downloaded successfully close terminal now plug any usb with minimum one gigabyte, and here you can see the usb appeared now open disks and format. The usb with following Music parameters: Music after formatting, the usb mount it and close disks open. The usb and create a folder with following name: Music open the created folder and now copy chunklist and dmg from following directory and paste it to the folder created in Music. Usb Music go back and copy efi and open core configurator and paste it to usb Music and now we’re, ready to install power on your pc and boot to bios load, the bios defaults and exit the bios saving changes.

Your pc will restart boot back to bios and change the following settings: Music, so Music, now exit bios saving changes, plug recovery, usb and boot to boot. Menu select the usb followed by the uefi prefix and press enter to boot, and here no drive is showing, as i have already formatted, the ssd press enter to boot, Music, so, Music select your language and click on right, arrow, button, Music, select, disk utility and click On continue, Music click on view and select, show all devices now select your drive instead of any partitions and erase the drive with following parameters: Music click on done and close disk utility now select, reinstall mac, os, big sur and click on continue now clicking on continue. Will prompt a box saying an internet connection is required to install mac os click on ok and connect to ethernet or wi fi. You can also use usb router if both the options are unavailable after connecting to the internet. Click on continue and proceed with the installer Music select, macintosh, hd and click on continue and now mac os, big sur is being installed. The speed of process depends on speed of your internet and guys during this process. Your pc will restart several times. So don’t worry about that Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music. This is Music, Music and wow. We booted to big sur installer setup screen continue with the setup Music continue with keyboard setup Music, now copy open core configurator to your desktop, open, open, core configurator and mount the efi partition of your system, drive close open core configurator and copy the efi from the Usb and paste it to the efi partition of system drive now eject the efi partition and usb as well.

Music, now restart your pc, uncheck, the box and click on restart. As of now, everything is done so let’s check that everything is working or not. Music audio and the audio hotkeys works Music perfectly wi fi is connected, let’s see other Music things. Music bluetooth is also working. Music. Music, foreign Music internet is working let’s check sleep, Music, wake, sleep. Wake is also working now. Let’S check the hardware specification, Music, Music, Music. So, Music, you Music, so finally, we have full working mac, os big sur installed on pc using internet recovery, which is fully functional and working. Absolutely fine hope you guys enjoyed the video.