If you want to install on your ssd so open the disk manager use your free space. For example, in my case it’s a disk c, which is a larger partition, and i just need to shrink some space around 50 gigs or it depends on on your needs, but generally it’s. Around 50 50 gig so enter amount of space in megabytes and then download rufus switches, which is software to make you usb disk boot. But before before everything you need to install uh, install uh, download genos, which is easy process download, and you will see on my this desktop jingles version 1 0.8, which is latest version so before um before everything you need to install just copy your system, backup i Mean backup your system, which is a minitool partition, app unhide your system, efi. As you see i just complete download in my gene os, which is a torrent file. You need to install torrent, torrent client as well unhide the using mini tool, your efi folder. You see this is uh my case disk z, which is uh my system and you probably wouldn’t want not able to open it, so use uh, um use explorer, plus plus, which is a free application from the web open as administrator around this administrator. So this way you can copy and paste your efi from Music from your system, z, drive or any drive you you set up, just create a folder on desktop and name it efi, backup or any sort of a name just just to make sure if something goes Wrong with your gene os you later can backup your drive, so go ahead and create a desktop folder.

My efi, backup or and copy and paste to this folder is all you need to do – is just use using explorer, plus plus uh, open, explorer, plus a copy from this. This app because if you use explorers simple windows, explorer it’s, not it just requires you administration for administrative rules, so you need to use, explore, plus, plus and run as administrator copy, so copy a full folder from your system afi just to in case. Something goes wrong. You can always use this efi or copy in somewhere in the external flash drive. This is my way. You probably don’t need to do anything so open, uh rufus as as administrator select, your drive, which is usb drive i’ve, already put my usb stick into usb on my surface and select jingles from from the select button, partition, name and it’s all default. I guess i i would probably never change anything, so maybe just volume label just name some somehow gnos or whatever, but first of all, you need to install ubuntu, so target system bills or efi partition. Mbbr and boot selection select your iso file, which is gene os 0.8, okay, um. For start, there is some pop ups right. The iso image recommended okay, just to make sure you backup your usb stick usb drive, so you probably would won’t lose any data. This is my usb ubuntu foca yeah, which is you see: efi folder, boot, folder copying and this rufus app creating me efi and yeah.

Just bootable usb drive with my jingles, and you need a little bit of time to to wait just copy uso files Music. Well, back up your windows files, if something goes wrong or you just miss something or especially, if you have more more drives disk drives with some space or storage, your your storage, try to back up everything, make copies. Don’T Music don’t be afraid to make copies, because if something goes wrong you you always have a backup just copy files on your. You know external external external drive, and this is always helps when you do some work, especially with the making partitions or just doing some space install install starting apps or whatever, and by the way, if you, if you probably will not do shrink on your disk c Volume uh watch my previous videos how to install mac os on your internal system. This is a dual boot. This is a dual boot, but um, maybe in your case, shrink shrink bottom not available. If you don’t, really know how to make it work, make it uh not not gray out but possible, to shrink your space on the disk, drive c watch. My previous videos on how to install mac os on your internal drive. Ssd drive well need time just to do some installation and make sure you do everything correctly when you finish, all you need to do is just and just close, your office drive and, and we restart your surface as you might see on my usb drive, there is A usb stick with my with my with my installed jingo and just where, when you start pressing, hold volume buttons and if you need to close everything, just restart and hold and hold your volume up bottom.

So you can enter your surface efi and put in boot. Configuration try to set not internal storage, but usb storage and uncheck everything else, so you can boot from usb just just install it. Just install it to usb jingo s system, which is first time. You probably need to install windows and select operating systems. Gene os. This is a boot selection. I pretty much select my my first option. Just wait. You need to wait just a bit to make sure your usb stick working and need a little bit time to copy and paste files. There is logo and process is pretty much. The same on every single, every single device – um, you see – this is my usb, which is booting right now from usb from usb drive. No errors found okay, it’s good to go next step is to enter the password. This is a jingo s. System enter password from one one, two, six, four, five and six – and this is a jingo s. Hello start enter your password uh. This is wi fi. This is my wi fi just keep for a while, but you just need to enter your password and agree with the everything and next step to install system. This is a not a full install but open the install launcher, which is on the left corner. If you already connected then to internet, there is no problem, just press next or reconnect to wi fi or any other network selection.

I just uh here’s the important thing, replace uh, select the replace partition and and down down here. Select your drive, try to make sure the select the right drive when you install next step is just you know, enter the this line of code in the terminal which is you see previously and then just restart the computer hold the power and and volume button, while You’Re starting, please remove the usb drive and from here uh deselect the usb drive and install select the internal storage and this that’s. It restart your computer. You remove your usb stick. As you see, there is no usb stick, and this is right now booting from usb. I mean from your hard drive and touchscreen is working after. I skipped the installation process just for you, because there is too much time to just wait for everything installing installing your surface, but when you’re done uh, open the terminal and and type this. The line of bash command just in terminal press enter, and you will see the installation process, so your touch screen will work properly. This is only for your surface devices if you run in something like pc whatever this is not required. This is only for surface devices, and this is a short review of your jingo s, which is nice system. Thank you for watching this video hope you like it um. I hope you see you next time. I will make new videos we’ll, show you how to use your surface pro with maximum and choose the best version of os for you, chrome, os, mac, os windows windows is generous.

This is all possible with just one device. Thank you. Thank you.