The fire tab is a pretty nice device and the hardware is reliable. Even the fire tab is pretty good compared to android tab it’s missing a lot of apps. The android store has millions of apps. What you can do. You can sideload google play store along with amazon app store, and you have a flexibility to use both app store on this fire tab. Let us see how to do that. Music. There are a couple of things to do before we proceed here. First of all, you have to remove your micro sd card from your amazon fire tab. If there is a micro, sd card, the internal memory and sd card memory may merge it together and they may have some issues for installing the apps. The second thing you have to make sure that you are updated to the latest duration, so you can go to settings and device options and system updates. Make sure that you update the file tab, the third one you have to change the file tablet, app installation permission. Usually the file tablet for security reasons they won’t allow to install any third party apps. So you can go for the settings right from here from this icon or you can scroll down and tap on the icon over there. So let me go to settings here. Scroll down and security and privacy, you see apps from unknown sources. So if you want to install any unknown apps or third party apps, you have to enable these settings, we have to go forward to install third party apps over there.

Now your fire tablet is ready to install third party apps and apk files Music. Before we go further, we have few steps to do here. First of all, you have to find out your tablet version and install the hsat apk file, for that particular version. Do not use any other version of this apk files that may not be a compatible for your file tablet and you have to follow the same order of the files that we listed over there. So you are supposed to install google account manager. First then, google services framework, then google play services and last google play store, do not change this order. If you install these apk files in a wrong order, i would recommend to remove all those installed, apk files and reinstall again, when you go to the apk link, you may see a late distribution or updated version of those apk files. Do not try to install those latest versions, always install the hsat apk version that dedicated for that particular file tab. As you know, the fire tablet has its own browser, that’s called silk browser, and you can see here open your silk browser. We want to recommend this step because we already linked all apk files in our site and tap on the search button and search for fire tab, and you see the second link how to install android apps on fire tablet tap on it. Alternatively, you can manually type this link on the top of your silk browser or, if you already have a computer, you can scan the qr code.

We’Ll show you that for quick by default, there is no option to read the qr code for this file. Tab go to app store on amazon, qr, reader and barcode scanner. You can download any free apps over there. Let me download the first one and it’s installing open use your fire tab and scan the qr. There you go now. There is an option to open the web link, so you already loaded the article on your file tab and you can use the link below for downloading the apk files. Let us see Music, so the first step you have to select the right device from here. You may have very old device, or you have a pretty new device and all those devices you have to download these four apps it’s, pretty cute it’s, not a big deal but based on the devices. The apk file versions are different, so you have to select the right apk files based on your device model. We have listed all the devices and the apk file versions for those devices. So if you don’t know what is the device you already have scroll down and tap on settings device option device model and you will see the device models from this device options screen. I have fire hd, 8 and i’m going to show you how to install google play store on this particular device. So if you have a different device, you can click on the files based on the device.

You have Music. This apk files are from third party site and it’s up to you to install this one. It may break your device or something happen. We will not be responsible for that. So i’m gon na tap on the first link to download on my file tablet. Let me tap on the first link and scroll down for download apk. You may see other messages here. There are more recent divisions available now, but do not try the updated versions here, because every part of your tablet there is a certain version. That’S gon na work perfect with your tablet, so i would not recommend to try any updated version over there. Let me download the apk so i’m gon na tap, okay and it’s downloading the files. Let me tap on open here and tap on install and it’s gon na install google account manager done and let me come back to my link page and let me install the second one, so this is going to be google services framework. The same way you have to scroll down, download, apk and tap on it and it’s downloading and tap. Ok, and let me tap on open next install done and let me try. The third one google play services, the download button, download, apk, tap, ok and it’s downloading tap open tap on install, and we have to wait a few seconds installed done and there’s one more last file. We want to install this google play, store, file and scroll down until you see the apk button and the download is starting tap, ok, tap, open and next install.

So this is the last file google play store and that’s installing on your file tablet, and we are almost completely resisting to 70 percentage of this work and done. You have installed all four files that’s required on your file tablet. You can see all those four apk files that you installed on this fire tablet. So before we go further, let us go into app settings and make sure we have installed all those four files so go to file, tab, settings here, apps and games and you see manage all apps under downloaded tab. You can see all those four files we have installed: the google account manager, google play services, play store and google services framework, so all those apps are there and they already installed on your file tablet now you’re ready to go Music and now from your home screen. If you scroll down, you can see the play store here, that’s already installed. So if you did everything in the right order with the right version, these two apps will be there as an additional ones. The first one is google settings and the other one is play store that’s when we are interested here. So let us open that google play store and you have to sign in as a new user and google is checking the information it’s a little bit too slow because it’s the first time tap on nest, and it will ask you to the email you want to Sign that’s the gmail account they will use to install the apps from the play store and you have to proceed from the next screen.

I’M done, then let me open the play store here. There we go now. The play store is open, not now Music. So now we are going to go to install any apps from the google play store right into your fire tablet. Let us see a couple of them, so i mean try. Google chrome and i want to install on my fire tablet except open, so you can open right from there or come to the home screen. You can see chrome here so here is a chrome browser on your fire tablet. Let’S try to install couple of other apps here from the play store. Let me try to install gmail and here we go install. Similarly, meanwhile, you can try for youtube. There you go, you can install youtube it’s, you can get the same experience on youtube exactly like another. Let me see the full screen, perfect it’s, pretty good in fire. Tab too, and try here and all good Music now see the apps that sideload around file tabs. Where to see them or if you want, you can remove them so now, let us see all those apps installed here, scroll down for the settings or you can get the settings from here itself. You see apps and games manage all apps here. You can see all the apps we recently downloaded from google play, store or amazon store just in case. If you want to remove any app, you can uninstall right from here.

If you tap on this uninstall button, it’s gon na uninstall. Similarly, you can just tap and hold any app and tap on this uninstall. Then it’s gon na immediately uninstall from your tablet, Music. Before you leave, there are some troubleshooting steps here. This is especially useful for those who may end up some issues here. Let us see four of them, so, even though you install this, google play store here, some of the apps that may not show on this play store that’s, because in the play store, some of the apps are hiding for rooted devices or any other third party devices. So, for example, if you search here the netflix app the play store will not show you that in the search result there are few apps that may not show up on play store. In those cases. Still you can go to amazon, app store and search for netflix, and you can get it from there. When you install this apk files, you may see this parser because you are not following the same version of apk files that you have to install for that particular file. Tab so make sure you are using the same apk files. If you end up by downloading a different version, remove that file from apps and games manage all apps and download it, and you can uninstall here if you see any wrong version of apk files that you installed and the next one, if you have any wrong files.

That’S already downloaded into kindle fire you can go and find out and remove it for that. You have to search for doc that’s exactly like a file explorer on your windows, tap on this dock app and local storage – and you see all those files downloaded there. So you can tap on it and delete any unwanted files right from the local storage. If you end up any issue for installing the apk files – and if you see a greg on this install button or it’s, not active, just tap and release the power button, then the screen will turn off press again scroll up and your install button will be active. There, the other issue, you may see the play store they won’t allow you to sign in. In that case you have to force, stop and clear data. Then it will be all right. Open the fire settings, apps and games manage all apps and google play store. You have to force this top of us to here. Okay, then clear cache. This is going to clear all the cache file. That’S number list save there and clear data. Okay, that’s going to clear the cache that’s stored in this file tablet now come back to the home screen tap again on the play store. Then it will build a new cache and it will work for you. Sometimes, if you face the issue and you won’t be able to do anything, you can restart the file tablet just press and hold on the power button.

Then it will ask you to and tap again and once it come back, it would be fine. The last option, if you end up any problem and if you couldn’t, resolve the issue – go to settings and there is an option to restore the device into factory settings tap on this, restore to factory settings and tap on reset. Then all the data and everything will erase from the fire tablet and the fire tablet will restore to the factory settings Music, enjoy your new fire tablet Music. We hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions or concerns, please comment below the video and we have linked our article below this video that’s gon na update for every new versions that come up on amazon store.