. Yes, hello. Welcome Music, welcome back guys, another tech tutorial with human suit and, as i said, we are back with doable tutorials of android systems and windows 10, so let’s get on to it now we’re at the bliss os website here we’re going to press download. Now, here i’m going to scroll down and we’re going to select 64 bit pc, no because we’re running windows – 10. uh! Yes, here i’m gon na use sierra intel i5. We are using intel i5 on our test. Computer download and here we’re going to see here we’re going to want a stable version of the bliss os system. Here liso is 11.12 here we’re, going to download that yes, your download will start shortly so we’re waiting a moment here. Yes, it’s downloading here now, search for rufus and go to rufus website here and now, we’re gon na use the rufus portable download that and now we’ll wait approximately four minutes before the downloads are finished here and then we will be back now we’re. Here we have the files here: rufus, we’re, gon na start this roofer software here press, yes, uh press no! For now and we’re gon na go ahead and select our iso image be sure to have your usb flash drive, inserted, mbr, bios or uaefi and f8032 cluster size default and we’re ready to go press start be sure to backup anything. You have on your flash drive. Everything will now be erased.

Press, yes, here right in ice image, mode, okay, okay and now it’s doing our flashable bootable flash drive, so we can boot into bliss os and install it on our test computer here at the human certain lab. So we will be back when this has finished. Okay, so now we hit the test computer, we don’t go to disk management here, disk mg press enter and, as you can see, when we are running windows 10 and now we want to create a partition for our bliss os system here. So we’re gon na press. Here shrink volume and now we’re gon na approximately 15 gigabytes. You can decide how, however much you want for your bliss os installation and for your bliss us apps, but i’m, allocating here, 15 gigabytes and now we’re gon na press here, simple volume. Next and now assign to d letter and we’re gon na press f80 32 new volume, we’re gon na call it bliss os um. Next finish: now we have bliss os here and we’re gon na put in our usb flash drive here, which we created the bliss os bootable installation media just like that and now we’re gon na turn off the computer. Here now we’re gon na boot into bliss os, and you do this different on every computer. Please refer to your manual for your motherboard. This is a microsoft surface pro one so we’re gon na hold down the volume down button and the power button, release the power button, holding down the volume down button and voila bliss os and we’re, going to go to bliss, os installation and now we’re gon na Go ahead and install blissos here on our partition that we just created 15 gigabytes, blissos and we’re gon na format to ext4 and press yes here, and we want to install the grab menu here.

Yes and just press yes here, we have some previous boot entries for android x86 installation here. Press yes – and we want this to be a system – read write for easier, debugging press, yes and now it’s installing blissos to the computer. Now we’re gon na press rumbly sus. Here, booty noists wow can you believe it blissos is starting up what a nice boot logo from the blue blissos team. So this is the first time it’s booting up. Therefore it will take a little bit longer than usually and now we are inside the blissos system. Here, as you can see, swipe to unlock let’s see here, touch works perfectly desktop mode, always and now we can see here – blue sewers works and we’re going to turn off the system here. So we can demonstrate the dual boat function: dual boot functionality: okay, let’s start the system. We can plug the usb flash drive off and now we see here, bliss os and we have windows here at gpt2, let’s start up windows. As you can see, we have windows. 10, here booting up human suit and welcome voila windows, as you can see, and now let’s turn off the computer and booting up to blissus again, so we can see that it actually works. Okay and here we’re going to go ahead and select bliss os this time list os 11.11. and as you can see here, we are back to bliss os and you can see our apps here, firefox, voila and that’s it for this tutorial, wow completely amazing.

Now we have windows 10 and android x86, the best of both worlds on one computer wow. What an amazing tutorial, if you have any questions about the procedure, comment down below and do not forget to hit that thumbs up button, to show us some support and love here at human suit and and do not forget to share this video with all of your Friends and family and do not forget the notification bell, so you can get notified of our new videos coming here and the most important things of them are the subscribe button. Please press that subscribe button and show some support and make us go even further.