I want you to slide over all the way into the settings. Tab from here we’re looking for something called my fire tv right, there go ahead and open it up and click on about you’re going to slide down, and you are going to click right there where it says, install, update all right so go ahead and click install Update alright guys so after the download is complete for any reason that you don’t have the brand new layout. Please come back to this screen and check for another update. You could be one two or even three updates behind, so i want to make sure that you get all of the updates necessary so that you can get the brand new layout all right, we’re gon na. Let this finish up and we’re gon na jump into the brand new layout right now, alright guys so let’s go ahead and check out this amazing new layout from amazon. It looks amazing but it’s a little bit different than what everybody’s used to so today. I want to take just a second and show you around the application and show you where different things have moved or where they’ve added new items. So, first of all, right here, you’re on the home and i’m, going to push left and left, takes you into the library where you have all of your purchases or your rentals right here. For you to have easy access for all those things that you’ve ever paid for, then you have what’s called profiles.

This is awesome. So if you have this set up in let’s, say your living room and you have your children that have their own profile. Maybe your wife has her own or your husband that way when you log into your profile, you see the applications that you want to see and, and it has all of your customizations per you. So if my child wants to sign in they’re not going to have access to all those things that you can click a button and pay for – and i absolutely love that so again right here from the home – you have a section called find alright. So i want to scroll down here and this search, if you remember the old layout, all you had to do is push left and get into that magnifying glass. Right here is that magnifying glass. They have moved it into this bright, yellow box right next to that are all of your stuff that you can watch for free, then movies tv shows and the app store and down here they have broken things down by genre. So let’s say you wanted to click on this now in here you can search for an app a game, a movie whatever application. It is that you want all right, so let’s go ahead and search for an application today called down loader. Alright, so let’s go ahead and spell that out and guys. I only made it to the letter d it’s already appeared on the list, so there’s no need to type out the whole thing all we have to do is slide down and click on the word downloader it’s, going to take you right here, let’s go ahead and Open that up, it’s now going to give us the ability to install this on our device.

Let’S go ahead and put this on our brand new layout of our fire. Stick all right now, it’s going to say, open, let’s, go ahead and click it right here, a little pop up’s going to appear on the bottom of your screen. Just click allow click the center button again and welcome to the downloader app. Now this app allows you to go on the internet, so almost any web address. It is that you would like all you need to do, is push up and push the center button and now you’re going to have the ability to type out whatever address along the entire internet that you would like to go to. But today i want to take you to one website in particular i’m, going to throw that on the screen. As i spell it, alright guys so now that you have that address entered correctly, just click where it says go, the download process begins automatically but see. Now you have this pop up here: that’s asking you to go into your settings and change a few things. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to click on settings, it’s going to say, install unknown applications, click! Ok! Now what we want to do is we want to click downloader and turn that on so now we can go back into downloader we’re, going to click our back button, our back button and now we’re going to click. The word install we’re going to slide over and click install all right, so now that the app has been installed, what we want to do is slide over and click open, alright guys so right here, it’s going to ask you to enter an eight digit code.

All you have to do is click the center button on your remote. The keypad is going to pop up and ask you for those eight digits i’m going to go ahead and throw them on the screen as i enter them. Okay! So now that you have that entered just click where it says next click your center button, one more time all right guys so welcome to my own personal app store. I have many different applications. Giving you free movies. Tv shows live tv, sports pay per view. All of that, and the only thing i ask in return for giving away all this stuff for free is that you’re kind enough to hit that subscribe button. Now, if you want to be even more kind uh, you can scroll down through the description of this video you’re able to buy me a cup of coffee. You can check out my website where i have awesome gear. You can watch another video of mine, anything that you click on down in the description. It really truly helps this channel and i highly appreciate each and every one of you alright. So now that you are a subscriber just click that center button on your remote and that pop up will disappear now give your system just a couple more seconds, because the creators of this application have a little pop up of their own right here. All you need to do is slide left and click. The word dismiss all right guys, so welcome to my store now, if you’ve never been here before, i want to take just a second and show you how all of this works.

So right now, i’m, already highlighted on the ipvanish vpn. All i need to do is click the center button. On my remote and as i do, the blue bar starts flying across the screen when it reaches the end i’m going to get a little pop up and the down arrow is going to turn into a play. Button. Letting me know that the download process has finished, but i must click it one more time and go through the installation process. But, as you see, file linked is asking for your permission again. So all we have to do is click settings and click install unknown apps and click file linked on all right, so between file, link and downloader. Those are the only applications that you’re going to have to allow for the unknown apps after we’ve turned both of those on it’s not going to ask you anymore. All we have to do is click back back again and now we’re going to click the application and go through the installation process. All right, like i said, it’s, not going to ask you for those extra steps on permission from any application for now on in this store. So now that the app has been installed, just click, the word done all right. So now we can slide down and guys check out some of these amazing applications i have available in my store. You know if you’re interested in the brand new kodi, i encourage you to go ahead and click on any one of them check it out, download one of them.

I have a lot of people asking me: where can i find pay per view? This is the answer right here so now that i’ve downloaded it i’m, going to click it again and i’m going to go through the installation process and in just a few seconds, cody will be downloaded on my device and i’ll be ready for the next live. Pay per view event now we’re going to give it just a couple seconds to finish installing and when it does, i want for you to hit the word done all right by hitting done. That takes you right back into the store so that now we can download even more applications, so let’s go ahead and slide down and we’re going to just pick up a couple random applications here just to get you guys started. If this is your first time watching. One of my videos – or if this is the first time using my store so we’re gon na click, this one we’re gon na click, install once the apps installed we’re going to hit the word done all right. So now we can slide down here. We can pick up a couple, other applications, all right, click it again, Music and guys. You see how fast these applications install and download. Please feel free to download as many of these applications as you would like to try out on your device all right, so we’re going to click done i’m, just picking some random ones.

Just if i were setting up just to have a couple of apps, you know that offer a lot within each app. You know these were the a few apps that i might download uh just to get started out all right, so we can scroll down this list and you know feel free to download as many of these as you like. This will be the last one that i show you as an example, but i just want to show you how all of this works, and you see how these last several apps, that i’ve downloaded it doesn’t keep asking me for that permission. It only did that the very first time, all right so i’m, going to hit done all right so now that we have downloaded all of these applications on this device. Let’S go and find where all of these apps are. The easiest way to find all of your applications is just simply hold down the home button for a couple seconds, and when you do, this screen will appear slide over click on the word. Apps, and guys here are all of your applications right here. All you need to do is scroll down, and here are all of the brand new applications that you have just installed on your device. So right here at the very bottom, is the last app i have installed. So what i would like for you to do is highlight that application and then click that button above fast forward with those three little dashes that’s your options, button so let’s go ahead and highlight the app and click options and when you do you’ll see a little Menu like that appear in the corner of your screen, let’s go ahead and click where it says, move to front all right, we’re going to highlight another app we’re going to do the same we’re going to move to front, and i just want to move a few Of these applications to the front all right, just like that guys, you can move these applications around.

Whatever order is going to work best for you, but i want to show you what moving these applications actually does for your device, so go ahead and click the home button on your remote. Now this is the home screen, where you’re going to start off every single time, and right here is a little bit different layout now, but there are all of the applications right in the order that i put them available on my home screen easy access to those Apps now, as you saw all of those amazing applications that we downloaded from my store before i open any of those amazing applications, i always open up my vpn first, so let’s go ahead and open up our vpn now right here it is going to ask you For a username and a password, but if you don’t already have a username and password don’t worry i’m going to make it super easy for you to get one. If you just scroll down just a little bit right below this video into the description or into the comment section, either way i’m going to leave an exclusive link. Just for my viewers giving you a discount that you can’t find anywhere else. All you need to do is click on that link, it’s going to take you to the ipvanish website and from there you just pick out whatever plan works best for you once you do they’re going to email, you, your very own, username and password immediately.

All you need to do is enter that information right there i’m going to enter my information and i’ll meet you in just a second, alright guys, so welcome to the ipvanish vpn. The application is going to keep you 100 safe, 100 anonymous and bypass all of those restrictions that your own internet provider is putting on your device so really quickly. Before i hit connect, i want to change just a few of the settings right here on the device. All i need to do is push right and highlight that gear in the corner of my screen and click on it now, right now, i’m going to be highlighted where it says: connect on android, startup, let’s go ahead and click the center button on our remote and As i do, i’ll put a check mark next to that. I also want to come down and put a check mark next to scramble so let’s go ahead and click there, and now that too has its check mark all right. Let’S click back because now we’re going to connect to the vpn so hit connect. Now your device might ask you for further permission: all you need to do is slide down and click. Ok, now give your system just a couple of seconds. Then you two will be 100 protected. Once you see the green bars sliding across your screen. You know that you are protected and now all you need to do is click the home button and you can go and open up any of those amazing applications that you might have downloaded from my store, alright guys so really quickly before i let you go, i Want to show you just a couple more things about this amazing layout that amazon has come out with now right here from the home screen.

You know you were used to this big thumbnail up at the top of the screen, but now, when you push down and you select other movies or tv shows, they have a little thumbnail here and they’ve moved all the stuff up to the top. I really like how they’ve done that i think it’s pretty cool, but also right here, the fire, tv tips and tricks. This is a whole section, showing you all of the new things about this layout and operating system. So if you have any questions or anything i’m sure one of these videos are going to be very helpful to you, navigating you through here, but also right here, where it says find right here is the search, then everything that you get for free movies tv shows Uh the app store and all of the different genres that the tv shows and movies are in. They also have a section just for live, but most of it is not actually live. Most of it’s just applications for you to download for their own personal, live content. You know that’s about all you get in the live section. I was really hoping that maybe they would have linked uh pluto or something into there showing more live channels. Uh, like their previous setup, did then right here, you’re gon na go scroll, oh amongst your favorite. Six applications on your home screen that you have put there if you click the three little dots it’s going to take you to all of your applications like we were at earlier, and if you click on the gear you’re going to have your settings right here, laid Out a little bit differently, but it’s all pretty much exactly the same as we’ve always had in the other layout, but guys, i think the biggest change to this has to be the just the feel of it.

I really like the the darkness of this versus the bright white. I think this much cleaner, smoother looking layout, all right guys what i would love to hear from you down in the comments section below. Let me know what you think about this brand new layout and if you were able to get it on your device, all right guys if you have not done so already. What are you waiting for hit that subscribe? Button click the like button and ring the notification bell that way, you never miss a video and please leave a comment down below.