You may now sideload games to your oculus quest through sidequest, without a pc and it’s super easy, because this is just an official application from the google play store and the process is a whole lot easier than using bug. Yeager or you know, some application like i’ve, had in some of my past videos. This is truly no pc required, not for the setup not for plugging in anything. At any point, i promise you will not be disappointed. So if you have an android device and you’re ready to get into this tap like subscribe, if you want to stick around let’s get into it, and i forgot to mention that if you stick around until the end of the video, i am going to also show You a way that you can sideload the sidequest application directly to your quest headset so that you can sideload games to your quest from directly well from nvr it’s a bit more tedious. But i will tell you about that method at the end of the video Music. So because there’s no pc required for this process, i’ll be doing everything with you on my phone i’m going to have chapters down below in case you’ve already completed some of these steps, and you want to skip ahead, and for this first part we need to create Your oculus developer account even though you’re not a developer, but you need one so we’re going to I will pin the full web address in a comment below in case.

You need it for easy access. We’Ll go there sign in with your oculus account. Make sure you use whatever you’re using for your oculus quest once you’re in you can create an organization. This doesn’t have to be a real organization, but make the name something cool and interesting. You know just for ish and giggles right go there and once you’ve created that you’ll be able to hit the green button. I can’t because i already used that name go over the left bar menu and you should see that you’ve created an organization there in the drop down menu. If you see it there, you are ready to move on to the next step now we’re enabling developer mode on the oculus quest mobile app down at the bottom. You’Ll see devices go there and it shouldn’t. Look like this mine’s a little messed up right now. So if you don’t i’m, just going to switch devices right, quick, if yours does, that you can do this as well to make the menu show back up and go to developer mode, make sure it’s toggled on and now for the easy part just go to the Google play store, search for sidequest beta, and you should be able to download that application there to your mobile device. No problem, once it’s downloaded go ahead, open that bad boy get acquainted with side quests. The mobile version go ahead and open it up and after this we’re going to need to connect your phone to your quest, you can use the charging cable.

That came with your quest, i believe um i’m, going to be using the cable that i use for oculus link plug one side into your quest and then the other side into zip on the phone. Okay. Now, when you plug your phone into the quest with the side, quest application, open there’s, a pop up that will allow asking, if you always want to let sidequest manage this device, you can click always that’s, just fine and for me there are actually two pop ups. So i had to accept both of them and then you’ll actually have to put on your oculus quest headset and accept two prompts from within there once you have allowed it. The red icon at the bottom of the sidequest application should turn green. Green is good, and now technically you can sideload any application. You want to your oculus quest with the cable method, so you could just select any application. You want. Click install the headset. If you go to one of the apps from the app lab store it’s going to redirect you to download it from the app lab store, which is just as fine works just as well, but if you do it this way, it does seem like the cable method. Does drain the battery on your phone a bit faster, so battery life is important to you. You’Ll want to enable the wi fi method down at the bottom left corner of the side, quest application.

You can click on that wi fi icon there and then what you want to do is hit the button to enable wi fi go ahead, hit that enable wi, fi icon once it’s connected. You may now disconnect your headset, then just come right back in here to the wi fi settings and clicked the connect button that will connect the sidequest application to your headset via wifi. Now the icon should be green again and you can install applications to your headset wirelessly, just like you would with the cable method and by the way, player ones and twos. As i promised down in the video’s description, you will see a link to a video where you can sideload android apps, also known as apks to your oculus quest using an app called bug. Yeager click on the video in the description follow that tutorial and you will be able to sideload sidequest to your oculus quest so that you can sideload games in vr, it’ll be crazy. So that is my quick and easy tutorial on how to sideload games to your oculus quest via sidequest with your phone, no pc. If you guys found that helpful don’t forget to tap like subscribe.