The first one is these devices when they’re broken they chill for a lot cheaper. Considering the price of new ones, so a new one, a surface book new it’s over 1 000 pounds for the cheapest 1 000 with a one to eight storage space, and something like this with a broken screen goes for 200 with a broken screen. And i know that a broken screen can scare a lot of people and but if you follow the uh, the videos there’s dozens of videos on how to replace screens on um youtube, then you should be fine. But you should take that opportunity. And this is why the surface book one is, in my view, and the second the best devices to buy, because during the replacement of the screen, you can do a complete overall of the unit and replace the ssd. Yes, the ssd is replaceable, so the the ssd is replaceable on the surface book. One and two you can replace it on the surface pro three and four and ten but it’s a much newer device and it’s not the same type of processor but anyway. So you could buy one of these for 200 pounds and then you can buy or 220 and you can buy a replacement, r drive or ssd to be exact for 70 80 pounds for a 500 gig or 100 pounds, or sometimes less for one terabyte. So i installed one terabyte on this device and so i’ve got one terabyte.

I replaced the screen. The screen was 100 pounds. So if we do the maths 200 pounds for the broken device with a working device with a broken screen, then as one terabyte 100 pounds for the uh ssd and then the screen was about 100 pounds as well, so that’s 400 pounds for a device that has A built in dedicated gpu on the base it’s got a battery on the base and a battery on the tablet itself, and all that, if you consider the specs against what microsoft sells now on uh for newer devices, it’s over two thousand pounds, two thousand us dollars. So this is a lot cheaper, five times cheaper in some cases and again you can take that opportunity when you do the change to replace the battery. If you wish. So you know a broken screen tablet, although it’s not easily repairable it’s an opportunity to have something cheaper with your specs okay, so i won’t buy a new one for the um to upgrade the r drive, because if the screen is um or a second and one Fully working with no screen problems because i’ll be too expensive and then, if i want to remove the equate the drive on one without a broken screen, i’m – probably going to break the screen. While i remove it. So if you’ve got one with the spin already broken going for cheap that’s, why? I think that – and they still it runs – a sixth generation uh intel i5, which is fantastic, still works very well.

The battery life is very good still as well, and then you can. What you can do as well is that the camera, the front camera is not the best, but i don’t i use it for microsoft teams and that’s all, but i mean this is, i think the the best thing you can you can buy for cheap and the Screen is detachable, so you can press the button, so you can use it as press the button here you and until it goes green and voila it’s separated so i’ve got now. I can use it as a tablet or with a stylus and to whatever i want so. This applies. This ssd upgrade also applies to surface pro freeze as well and surface pro 4’s. If you’ve got the preference, i would myself suggest the sp4 and the sp3. I used one for a number of years and on the two models that i had the fan was constantly on, and that was a bit annoying working with the fan always on so and it wasn’t dust. But i mean the four is quieter, so i hope you enjoyed this video and stay tuned for some more videos. I’M, going to start a project on a sp4, so stay tuned. Thank you and stay subscribe for new videos.