This is larry welcome back to today, i feel, like i have my computer with me here today, because i’m going to jump on and show you how you can get a brand new samsung tab. S7 tablet for 35 that’s right 35 dollars, it’s, absolutely bananas! So let’s go ahead, jump into it. I’Ll show you where the deal is what it looks like and how to get it, and here we go okay. So here i am on my computer, and the first thing i want to do is go to this website called slick deals. Now. Slick deals is a great website. They basically find all kinds of deals from across the internet and they just serve them up to you. So you can see there’s all kinds of great deals like the jobber elite active 75 t’s for 72.. You can get some some basic running shoes for 42. All kinds of great deals on here that you can find there’s wonderful, wonderful deals, but what we’re going to do is we’re just going to go ahead up here to the search bar and we’re just going to go ahead and search. Samsung tablet right there. So we’re going to go ahead and click that we can see here, it’s going to bring up a couple of different listings on here and we’re going to go here to this one right here where it says uh. It says three 330 dollars right now. It says: expired, i’m gon na go ahead and click on that anyway, and right here, where it says: um i’m gon na click off of that, and then where it says, seed deal i’m gon na go on there.

This is going to take me here to the samsung pay this page. This is actually on, as we can see, and now we can see right here where it says you can get this. The galaxy tab s7 11 inch for 49. You can see that right there that it’s, normally 649.99 they’re knocking 600 off that if you go up here, if you go to the tab, s7 plus um, then you’re talking about 249 instead of 849., but we’re going to stick with the 11 inch tablet there. So you can see right here. This is the wi fi only model. If you want one of the uh cellular or the l, the 5g lte models, you have to uh select one of these and they’re going to be a little bit more so i’m going to go ahead, and i i just want the i just want the 49 One and and i’m going to click that, but i did say that it was going to be 34.. So let me show you how this works i’m going to go ahead and log into my account. So i have an account with samsung i’m going to go ahead and log in already and now that i’m logged in here, you can see that my price dropped from 49 to 34.99 and the reason why that did is because i actually have military pricing. So if we come in here to uh let’s see where’s, my account let’s see if i can get in here well for whatever reason: i’m not seeing it on here.

I’M, not seeing my uh my account stuff on here, but i have military pricing because i’m a vet, and so if you’re, not a vet, you can actually sign up for um. If you’ve, if you’re in school or have been to school, you have an edu email address, you can go in and you can sign up and you can actually get um educational pricing which is going to give you the same deal so it’s going to drop from 49 to 34 and we’re going to scroll down here and see that’s going to be for the gig model, now i’m going to go ahead and choose the mystic black instead of silver, and this one is going to ship a little bit faster. We can see that one’s going to end up getting here by uh by march 26th, and then we can see right here, the 256 gig and 512 gigs, or a little bit more they’re, both 110 49 instead of uh 42, because we can see the different colors Will have different prices on there, so uh the mystic black is 4249, whereas the silver is 34.99. You also have the mystic bronze and you have the uh, the navy, which are all um which are all um. You know a little bit more, but the mystic black is the one that i want, and you can see here that the five, the the 256 and the 512 are the same price. Now. This is a this is a significant point, and that is that the 512, the the 256 and the 512 on the samsung tab – and i believe the same with this s7 uh pluses – is that both of those models have um eight gigs of ram.

Instead of six gigs of ram, whereas the 128 model gig actually only has six gigs of ram. So if ram is important to you, i suggest that you go to the 256 or the 512., because they’re both the same price, i’m gon na choose the 512.. So i’m gon na go ahead and select the 512 one right there and we’re gon na it’s gon na, and then ask me for a trade in so it’s going to say trade in up to 500 credit. I do have a trade in. I have a samsung galaxy s5e and this is a crazy thing. I bought my s5e for 299 on amazon, so let me go ahead and show you right quick here. When i select category i’ll, choose tablet, i’ll choose brand i’ll choose device and we can see right here if you have a tab as six they’re gon na give you 500 for it. But if you choose the tab, s5e they’re going to give me 425 dollars. For that tablet i only paid 299. they’re, giving me more for it than i actually paid on this thing. So that’s, just a i mean it’s, just a great benefit. Samsung really gives you a hookup if you stay loyal and you trade in their gear for new gear. So all right, so we can see right here, i’m going to go ahead and select agree. So i can do the trade in. We can now go ahead and i’m going to skip all of the protection plans and all that stuff they offer a couple of different ones.

And now we can see down here, it’s going to show us that i’m going to have the galaxy tab. 7 11 inch in mystic black 512 gigabytes and we can see that it’s showing it’s, 829.99 regular and then i’m going to get uh 425 of uh trading discount and then another uh 30.75 cents for epp discount that’s. My military discount it’ll be the same. If you have a, if you have a educational discount, if you’re a student and or a or an educator, i guess it’s the same thing and then i have the instant uh rebate of 200, bringing my total down to 174 24. crazy. It says i’m saving, 655.75. So this is absolutely amazing: i’m going to get this tablet a top of the line, galaxy tab s7 for a hundred and seventy four dollars. That is absolutely amazing, all right everyone. So there we have it. That is it. We have checked it out. We were able to see how you can get a brand new samsung tab, s7 or s7 plus, if you’re a big baller like that, but you can get them for very, very cheap. You can get the s7 for as low as like 35 dollars. If you have either the military or the educational discount, if not then you’re looking at 49 now you do need to trade in, for that you can trade in other types of tablets and phones, i’m trading in a galaxy tab s5e, and i was able to get The 512gb model of the s7 for only a hundred and seventy four dollars after taxes, it came out to total of 185.

73 after taxes for a tab, s7 gig model, that’s, absolutely amazing, so anyways i’m going to leave a link. Oh also, once i get the thing in i’m going to unbox it and show it to everyone, so that you guys can see that i actually got it in and then try it out and see how it performs. But yeah anyways i’m gon na leave a link to everything down below in the video description, and you don’t need to go to slick deals. If you don’t want to, you can actually go directly to samsung’s website and just go through tablets and everything i just showed. You slick deals because that’s, where i actually found the deal so there you have it anyways now i’m going to leave everything down below all links to everything. So you can check it out, i’m, also going to leave links to my amazon page and all my social media contacts and everything. So you can reach me elsewhere and i hope you enjoyed seeing this video. If you did, please give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to this channel and follow me on instagram, and i am larry with today.