So before you turn it up, you have to push the volume up button to avoid the diagnostic, because sometimes the diagnostics appear to you, because it works with the volume up button when you choose by volume up button which option that you want to get in. You have to push the volume down button it’s to confirm like they’re, so let’s get it in there’s no touch screen the mouse doesn’t work down up down down. Right now, we are in usb drive i’m using the dongle Music. This with angle is purple one. I put a usb drive with windows 10 as a home version, and i have a mouse who are smart. This is not important. You can use the usb drive directly in your tablet, pc uh. Actually i have something else. I can charge it with the power supply. So, Music, i want to use the power supply. I can charge it pretty good. I hope guys. You can see that clear, i’m, not using automatic focus, so the chose screen works. Okay, let’s get back i’m. Sorry, my phone, the touchscreen works, so you don’t need a mouse all right. We will now try and install windows 10. I hope uh can be clear enough for you guys i’m using a common camera Music hundred d series, so your accent and terms uh jesus system. I will delete it, so we got everything to make like a new version. All right now we will go into the process.

Copying windows file will take just one 30 seconds. This one will take. Maybe 30 minutes drive speed Music, so guys next video remember i can use i’ll show you guys a different data: oh tyler’s, getting crazy! I can use the power supply so i’m now unplugging, the cable so stay calm. Okay, so the power supply detected night and fogs uh, not seven, just five, all right, sometimes getting high all right, sometimes you’re, getting high uh you current it’s umper it’s, one one for n or five ten, all right, so it works with the the power supply can Charge this tablet pc but i’m, using also a normal charger, but you leave it all night long, as i said in my other video, so it will take uh eight hours, but you must shut down the tablet. You must turn out the tablet during the charge, because the chargers are only 5 volts and 1.5 ampere you can’t to charge the tablet. One tablet owns absorb the battery, so you can charge it by your normal charger, but you have to turn your tablet off. Okay, guys uh, i will meet you in a the other video once cleaning is fast because i’m using a ssd drive it’s already have that this is the drive.