I did do a video about this a while ago, which told you to go to the three horizontal dots in the top right hand, corner of the screen; click on that then click on settings and then on this menu. That appears here, click on start up and then click on open, a specific page or pages and then click on add a new page and type in the page that you want it to go to so in this example, i’m just going to go to google. So there we go, and i click add and then hopefully, when i shut down edge and reopen it again, google should appear and there we go google’s appeared, but for a very small number of you, this didn’t work for some reason. So you tell me so here’s another way of doing that. So all you need to do is locate the microsoft edge icon on your desktop there’s mine. Just there. If you haven’t got a microsoft edge icon on your desktop, then click on the start, button and type on your keyboard micro, soft space edge and then, after a few seconds under best match you’ll see there microsoft edge, microsoft recommended browser will appear, move your mouse over That and click the right mouse button that’s the button on the right hand, side of the mouse. Not the left, then move your mouse down to open file, location and click on the left. Mouse button, okay and then you should see on here, there’s microsoft edge.

Now all you need to do is click again on the right mouse button over microsoft edge then move your mouse up to copy click. The left mouse button close this window down by clicking on the cross in the top right hand, corner of the screen. That’S, a left click and then on a blank spot on your desktop click, the right mouse button again and then move your mouse over paste and click. The left mouse button and there you go there. You have your microsoft edge icon. So once you’ve got it move your mouse over. It again click the right mouse button and we want to move our mouse over copy and then click the left mouse button and then again find a blank area of the desktop and click the right mouse button. And then move your mouse down to paste and click the left mouse button and you should see there you’ve got microsoft edge copy, so we’re going to right click on that once more and i’m going to call this google because i want it to go to google. So if i right click on it and rename it so left, click rename and just type, google, okay, but whatever website you want it to go to type that in there now we’re not finished yet so again, right, click on the icon and then go down to Properties there and left click and then what we need to do is we need to click just in this target box here anywhere in the target box and press the end key on your keyboard, that’s the end key on your keyboard or, if you can’t, find the N key look for the arrow keys on your keyboard and keep pressing the right arrow key until your cursor moves.

Just to the right of the speech marks, then press the space bar on your keyboard once and then put your speech marks in again and then type http s, colon forward, slash forward, slash and then type the address of the website. So in this example, i’m going to use google so i’m going to type www.google.co.uk and then i’m going to close it with some speech marks. I put speech marks in again. So, as you can see there, i typed speech marks https colon forward: slash forward, slash, www dot, google dot, co, dot. Uk speech marks so, like i say you do have to make sure that you have the exact web address you can’t just put in there. Google or bbc you’ve got to put in the hwtps colon forward slash forward, slash, www.google.com.uk or https colon forward, slash forward, slash www.bbc.co.uk if you was doing it for the bbc. So there you go once we’ve done that click on the apply button just down there and then click on ok and now, if we click on google just there that one just there, it will open up microsoft edge and it will take us directly to google. So there we go we’ve gone directly to google. Now, if i was to click on the normal microsoft edge icons, it would still take us to the microsoft page but that’s fine, because we’ve now got on our desktop. Like i say, a brand new icon called google, which takes us in edge directly to google, so there you go.

I hope this guide helps and thank you very much for watching. You can follow me on twitter, at cwtech that’s at cwtech, on twitter and don’t. Forget to check out my other videos in my youtube channel, just google chris wait, youtube and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my youtube channel.