For some reason, their quality control has always been a little bit shoddy. I think Ive had issues with pretty much all of their previous devices Ive owned. So far, the GPD win 2 had an issue with display. If you look online and do a search, a lot of people have this issue where the display ribbon cable, eventually like it, gets really worn out and then the display cable stops working. And then you dont see any image on the display anymore. You have to buy a new cable and then take apart the machine and fix it, and the GPD micro PC had an issue with the battery where the battery eventually just dies, and you have to actually open it up and fix the battery. So for the GPD win3, the issue I noticed and a lot of people online, have this issue as well. Is that, for whatever reason, the controllers just stop working like when I use a switch here? It doesnt detect the controller input anymore, like the face buttons and the the analog sticks. Everything uh here with, like all the gaming controls, all just stop working and on the mouse and keyboard mode. The mouse and keyboard doesnt work either. So, basically the controller just stops working and um. A lot of people have tried resetting the computer like restarting it. Obviously uh, none of that fixes the issue and I looked online and some people said that well, you actually have to take the computer apart and like like use alcohol, something to wipe like a certain part, but thats actually very difficult to do on this machine.

So on this machine um, the screws are very, very recessed, so its actually very difficult to uh, for me at least its very difficult for me to disassemble this computer. So I had this issue on the GPD win3 as well, and I couldnt take apart the computer because yeah its very difficult to take apart. You can see how recessed those screws are like. You need a very, very specific screwdriver to be able to take this apart. Some people say yeah its actually a hardware issue or like the contacts or something like that, theres an issue with it for me. Actually, I didnt need to take the computer apart to fix it Ill tell you guys what it did to fix it, its all. A software thing you know some people say go into the BIOS and stuff. I didnt go into the BIOS either. What I did was very simple and Ill show. You guys my fix now. I dont know if this well, this fix will work for all you guys. Maybe for you guys some of you guys, it may be a hardware issue or it may be a bios thing. But for me this is what fixed my my GPD wind speed controller, not working issue. So what I have to do is first of all, go to device manager. So when you open up the device manager on Windows and then you look for something called USB, descriptor failed or something like that, so I already fixed it.

I dont see that anymore, but I think somewhere down here it might be under the the USB controllers. I think uh somewhere under here itll say something like USB like descriptor failed, so yeah. There should be something down here that says: device descriptor failed or something like that under the USB controllers. So what you have to do here is you just have to like right: click it and um. There should be an option here to re enable the the device. So if it says device descriptor failed here, make sure you like disable. It re enable it um and then before you restart the computer, make sure you disable auto sleeping so, first of all make sure you do that you disable it re, enable it if so itll be something like device. Descriptor failed, so make sure you do that re. Enable it and then then change your sleep settings so empowering sleep settings and then make sure that your computer actually never sleeps, because when your computer sleeps, when the Winfrey sleeps and it like wakes back up again this device, this issue will still happen. Um and yeah. This is how I fix the issue permanently, is to make sure that it actually never sleeps. So yeah in your sleep settings just say on battery power and when plugged in the PC goes to sleep, never so make sure he doesnt sleep and then make sure that when you press the power button, it actually hibernates.

So, okay, so search for a change. What closing the lid does we search for this and then itll come up with this screen here? Make sure that you you do this when I press the power button, whether its on battery or plugged in make sure you have it set to hibernate, not sleep. So, by default, its uh, I think its sleep, but make sure its actually set to hibernate instead, so yeah, the problem is like: whenever this machine goes to sleep, this issue will happen again and then, basically, you wont be able to really fix it, because itll just Keep happening so make sure that actually hibernates, instead of sleeping so thats, pretty much what I did and after you do that just restart the machine and after I did that um yeah like it. That does fixed the issue for me. So now my controllers and everything are working again, so yeah, mouse and keyboard is working and then, when I switch it to a Gamepad mode that works too, when Im inside a game. So I hope this was helpful to you guys, uh. Basically, the three things you need to do are re, enable the device, descriptor failed thing or disable and re enable it and then make sure that you have it set to hibernate here whether youre on battery or plugged in uh. What the power button does so make sure that your power button actually hibernates, instead of putting it to sleep and then make sure that your computer never goes to sleep basically is uh the three things I did um yeah so once I did that uh make sure That my Winfrey never goes to sleep, so I never actually really have this issue again.

Im, not sure if this will work for all of you, but this is what worked for me, so I didnt have to take the machine apart. I didnt have to go into the bias to adjust any settings. I just have to uh go into some menu options in the software and change some stuff Ill, make sure that it never goes to sleep and just re, enable the device, descriptor failed and um and then do a restart and then thats what fixed it for me. So hope you uh guys uh fix your issues and uh. Hopefully that works for you guys so thats it guys.