In fact, I thought I had already done it on its own, but you do need to do it separately, so you can either use G parted or Im going to use the method mentioned in constacangs blog and what I mean by expanding the partition. So if we go into settings and type in storage and go to storage manager, you can see 95 percent use 415 megabytes free. Now this is a 60 gigabyte drive and its only using 8 gig. So lets go to the web browser type in constacang and Raspberry Pi 4. Now the lineage 21. Here, if we click on it, the Google Drive isnt working. I think its probably had too many downloads, but basically, if its working at the time, just click on these three dots at the top go to find in page type in resize, and you can see it comes up here. These are the instructions but its pretty basic. It doesnt really tell you how to do it. So if I click on resize, it takes you to this file now you should be able to download it, but if I click on it, it just refreshes the page and goes back to a blank Google screen. So Im going to go back and keep going back and Im going to pick an older version so, for instance, here Android 11, which is lineage OS 18.1. So lets click on these three dots again, finding page and type in resize and its here, and this one isnt in Google Drive.

You can see here its available to download in a different way, click here to start download click on the primary downloads and download. Now it depends where you are at this stage as to what you need to do. So if we click on the dots at the bottom go to settings and if we scroll down on the left hand side and go to system and then scroll down on the right hand, side if youve got developer options, thats great, if you havent, got developer options, You need to click on about tablet, scroll down on the right hand, side and keep tapping on build number until it says youre a developer, then go back to system and go to developer options, and then we need to click the search icon at the top here And start typing restart and you can see here, Advanced restart comes up and this needs to be enabled if its not enabled just turn it on mines already enabled. As you can see so now, I can go top left and drag down. Oh actually, I better check if my download is finished. Yes, it has, or it tells me in the notification center and then I can click on the power, click on restart click on recovery and once this is booted up. Click on install click on the download that youve just downloaded – yours might say: lineage 20 mine, says 18.1, because the other one wasnt available, click on the lineage resize and swipe to flash and then reboot and system.

And now I have 54.67 gigabytes free okay. So I hope all this helps thanks very much for watching.