m, but were gon na pretend like in the morning, because the lighting is really good right now, um, i dont normally do video tutorials. My niche is vlogs really cheap, like i try to live as frugally as possible and show you guys how cheap you can actually live. But one of the consequences of that is that the videos that i film are done on really cheap hardware im not using like a thousand dollar camera im, not using a big editing, setup im using a two year old cell phone and a really cheap ass tablet. This is 150 im going to show you guys how i film and edit all of these videos in a way that is super affordable. The video youre watching right now is going to be completely edited on this. I just want to show you guys this just so. You can see the tablet im using right here. The galaxy tab a is going for less than a hundred dollars. This tablet, right here, is less than a hundred dollars im going to show you that you can edit videos on it perfectly fine, the app that were gon na be using is called powerdirector. This is the best editor on android, its absolutely incredible. It does have a three dollar a month subscription, but so does something like premiere pro and premiere pro is way more expensive. So if you cant afford three dollars a month, um im, sorry, but this is definitely worth it.

I promise this is a fantastic editor. This isnt, an ad im not being sponsored this app, is just that good in addition to this being super cheap, because this is less than a hundred dollars. Another benefit to doing this on android is that if youre, if youre dependent on a laptop and your laptop breaks, your laptop to get stolen, youre, not able to earn money anymore and youre not able to make youtube videos. But if youre doing this on android, you can edit your videos right on your phone. My laptop just recently got stolen and that would have been game ending for me if i was not able to keep making videos, but because i do all my editing on my phone, my phone wasnt stolen im able to keep going im able to recoup the losses There, because this is so useful. This is what the app looks like when you open it so were going to come through. Here were going to create a new project and you have the option. If you want to make something for tik tok, you can click this one right here, but were going to make a youtube video, so im gon na click that one and then this is your editor were gon na. Take all of the files that are on my phone right now and were gon na throw them over here. One of the perks of this being a samsung tablet is its got something called quick share, which makes it really fast to take files from my phone and just throw them over here, because theyre, both samsung devices, if you dont, have that feature because youre using some Other brand of android device or android tablet, you might need to use like a usb cable or a jump drive, but this works really well for me just to be able to transfer them wirelessly.

Now that we have our video files on the device were going to add them to the timeline you come over here and you click this button, and you can see that theyre right here were going to take them and were going to add them in order. You just click the plus sign and you can just keep adding them to the timeline. The very first thing i want to show you is how to cut clips so lets. Take this one and lets play it good morning. Everybody. Do you see that you see how long that took to start so were going to zoom in here and were going to scrub to right when i start talking right, there see and were going to click the split button so now its been cut into two pieces And were going to delete the first part so now this video should start off right with me talking good morning, everybody its actually like 2pm, but were going to pretend like in the morning because – and we need to do that for all of the clips right here. All of the individual segments we have, we want to cut them after im done talking completely edited on this, so you see we dont want that. We dont want that part where im reaching over to stop the camera, so were going to cut that out as soon as im done talking then im going to click the split button and were going to delete that part right there.

That is the bulk of your editing, its just trimming clips one of the first things youre going to notice, though, is that me pointing my camera at this screen, showing you guys what im clicking isnt? Actually that effective, you want to see a screen recording. You want to see that, like 1080p whats going on in the screen, so im going to show you guys how to do a video overlay in your video. If you want to do something like this, what youve got to do is youve got to record the screen. You can do that whatever theres apps, like a z, screen recorder, its a great app but record your screen for whatever device youre wanting to use and youre going to click this button right here. This is the layers button. This is how you can add multiple effects. On top of your video and youre, going to click video youre going to come down, youre going to select the video that you want to overlay, and you can see that you just pop it right here. You can slide it around and put it exactly where you want it. You are able to do a lot more than just add videos. You can add pictures. So if you want a picture in your video like this, you can add cool text effects. If you want all of this is built in the app makes it super easy to add all of these effects, but theres a lot more that you can do.

If you want to change the rotation, you can just rotate it like this. If you want to move it around, you can do that. You have a whole bunch of control. I would say that this has 80 of the functionality of premiere pro on an 80 tablet, honestly theres. So much you can do in this app that i havent, even gotten into like transform keyframes, for example, lets say that you want to have something slowly grow or you want to have it like move around. You want to be able to set exactly which frame you want it to appear and have it like smoothly move around. You can do all of that stuff. You can change voice effects. You can do so much stuff in this app that i havent even gotten into yet, because im not sure how much you guys care about video editing. But if you guys want me to go into in depth tutorials about how to do video editing, leave a comment. Letting me know that this is the kind of content you guys want to see. Once youve got your video exactly the way you want it once youve, trimmed up all of your clips, once youve got all of your editing done, youre going to want to click this button at the top right here. This is the export button and this is whats going to actually save it to a video file that you can upload to youtube, click that and youre going to be given some options here: youre going to click the first one.

This is saved gallery or sd card, and this is where you click. Some options were going to do. Full hd were going to set this to the highest bit rate. We can possibly do this because we want the best quality and then we are going to produce it. This is the part where having a more powerful android device like a flagship from 2021 will be better than having a cheap, 80 tablet from 2019 and how long it takes to actually export the video but thats not really a problem.