Please don’t skip around so you won’t miss anything now there’s an app. I recommend you don’t have to get it just my recommendation: it’s the samsung music app with this app. It works better with the method we’re using with downloading music. All the apps, i recommend will be in the google play store itself one but let’s get the bit torn out, but get bittorrent that can download. In the background you don’t have to sit there and wait for it. The next app i recommend is tor s e. I recommend this one because it works the best for me. I never had any problems with it: you’re free to use any other torrent search, app that’s in the google play store, but this is just the one i like the best. I tried all of them, and i like this one, the best so to get it y’all just use that link. I have for you in the video description or just do a simple google search for it on the web browser on your phone. Once you get to the website just hit download twice or three times. Maybe you will have to skip one picture ad so just be prepared for that, and if this is your first time downloading the app not in the app store, it will say, it’s harmful, but just because it doesn’t recognize it. But it’s not saying it’ll actually do damage to your device. Next, just open up that file.

You just got you can select the option at the bottom or go to your download folders in the settings. Once you open it up, it will prompt you to go to the settings, go ahead and do so once you do so check that option and then press the back button on your phone once and then select install now it’s going to start out what we just Did we gave the web browser assets to download apps on your phone now, when you open up tor se or most mostly any torrent, search app you’ll get from the google play store, it works. The same. All you have to do is just search for the artist. The album or the single, if it’s, a single you want to download there is two important like really important things you need to know the first one is like the second most important, so there is a first most important. Keep that in mind. Second, most important: this cedars option that’s key this lets us know if we can download the album or single or not so if it’s, zero, seeders it won’t download and the navigation on the app the different options you see at the top is different sources. So if one source doesn’t work for you just try another source all right, but once you find something you want to download just hit this download icon right here once you select it it’ll prompt you to open up bittorrent, so go ahead.

Select that, and if you ask you, if you want to use this option, always go ahead and select always now when you get to bittorrent, usually the download only takes four album for music. App only takes about five minutes, like maybe 10 minutes to 20 minutes tops, but it should start within two minutes. So if it doesn’t start at all, we need to delete it by pressing and holding the file and then select that delete option at the top. And whenever you delete something always check that option to delete all the files you don’t need and then just try another file it’s that simple. If one doesn’t work try another one now there will be some ads like you see this ad here, it lasted 30 seconds, but 30 seconds was all it took to download this album. Now this is the main important tip i’m gon na give you once you download something press and hold the album or whatever you download, then press the pause option on the top right hand corner this, saves you from your internet provider, so they won’t be able to See anything you’re doing because you’re cutting all the ties from it once you hit that pause button to find and organize some music on your phone, go to your files out and then go to the internal storage, then the downloads folder you’ll see everything you downloaded here. You can delete anything out. The folder, like images and stuff like that, you don’t need.

You can delete it. You can also rename stuff. So if you don’t want all that extra text and stuff, you can just back that out same thing with the album. Now, once you get everything organized the way you like it, you can move it to whichever folder you like. So i got a designated folder for music and the memory card in my phone it’s good to have memory cards, so you don’t use up all your your phone storage, but just select the folder, like the memory card in my case, select whichever folder so the music Folder, whatever you have and just move it to there – and this is mine now i can move it to whichever device i like to, and you can also do this on your your computer. I recommend doing it on computer because it’s faster on your phone and slower, but once you move your files, you can delete what’s left over and a bit torn out. You remember just press and hold the item and then hit the trash can, at the top right hand corner. We do this because what’s there is, is actually leftovers, it’s, not anything inside those files, just folders extra crap. We don’t need that just take enough space, and once you finish without to exit it out completely press the option button at the top left hand corner and then hit exit, alright that’s. All i have for you guys much love to each and every one of you.