This is the version 3. They call it, which is basically the third revision of this model, which now has wireless AC. But if you've seen my unboxing, I did and quick hands on with that model. It came at the cost of our eMMC speeds, which you can see here are particularly slow. It'S got a bwin drive in there and sequential writes of only about 40 and very low 4k speeds. So in this video, thanks to FV that put this information in the form of tablets, comm we're, going to see if we can increase on these slow speeds and hopefully boost that up and in turn and increase a little bit. The system performance, although even with these low speeds, I haven't, really noticed that Windows is any slower, so we need to get into the bias to do these adjustments and like always, that these adjustments are at your own risk. So if you brick your laptop it's, not my fault don't. Do this in a few little bit worried so ways to get into the BIOS. This is an easy way here is to simply go into the menu again the power menu holding down the shift key hit. Restart this way it will boot over to the advanced power menu or whatever it's called the troubleshooting menu and from there we can go into the bias or on boot you can simply hit escape or delete. So you go over into where it says, troubleshoot or, as I said on boot, just hit, delete or escape.

I think it is to get into the bias so Vance settings and then over to the UEFI firmware settings and restart that'll. Get us then straight into the bias, so you'll start out with this screen right here. We need to go over to the third menu, so use the arrow key to go over, go down to self cluster configuration and then we need to just head down to FCC configuration. This is where we'll find information here on the emmc so currently it's running at double data rate 50, and we want to change this now to high speed 400, which means, I think, means it's running at 400. Megahertz then, the controller for the emmc and another thing you can enable, but I don't think this has any impact whatsoever. Is the FCC ufs support that I think this is for you FS only drives, but will enable that anyway, because that's? What was in the forum? So we can exit out at us now go along to the save and exit menu and just save and exit will get you out of that or you can of course, just save now. Another way to do what I think is, if you hit f10, no not on this buyer, so that's not enabled so get out of this now and I will test again the EMC and have a look at what speeds we can get so crystal mark just finished And, as you can see, there is a huge improvement.

The sequential reads are now almost 140 and writes are up also to 83. It hasn't really improved to 4k randoms. Unfortunately there but I'll bring up the results of the before so that's. Before I did the BIOS tweaks, you can see now side by side that that is a very good game. They'Re almost double the sequential read speeds there. In fact, sorry what am I thinking that is over double so definitely worthwhile doing this best of luck. Now some biases out there already have to tweak applied, apparently the newer biases, so maybe it's an error on jumpers behalf that they had the wrong sitting in there on the first biases. I guess that were released with division, 3 progress and thanks again to Fe.