So the file is here. It looks like that one. It looks like an envelope with a Music something i don’t know what that is all right, so i have here the file, so i have an internal memory, which is this one and a memory card. So if you notice, um i’ve been transferring the files, the internal files on the memory card, because you don’t really have enough space on the huawei mate 28, especially if you’re using this one for gaming or for downloading videos. The internal storage of the huawei mate 28 is only 32 gigabyte that’s why i decided to add um a memory card, but since my son is using this one uh most of the time, um he’s, he has been playing and installing is storing his games here. So for you to to to delete the files that you have so um, you have to decide first, if you would want to delete the file from the internal storage or the memory card. So here let’s do the internal storage one since um it’s really bad to have a little space on your device, especially if you are running a lot of um files because um the device made. My crash have to have at least um 10 gigabyte of storage, free storage, that’s that’s um my take on it all right. So let’s go to the internal storage, so you have here files or you have your folders right and then what i’ll do is i’ll.

Go to downloads, so there are files here, um, which is already a duplicate like this one. So let me just delete this, so let me do it again, so what i did is to press on the the file right and then a check appeared on the file and then you already have the options here and what they want to do with it. So we have here share copy move, delete and more under more. You have upload to huawei device, um favorite mode move to save rename compress. I won’t be doing that, but we’ll just do is to delete it so just hit on delete then delete now it’s gone right, so i was able to free up 72.57 and be all right. Let me try to do a clean up. Let’S. Do a clean up! I’Ll, i do this once in a while um since, like what i’ve said it’s, my son was using this device, so i do clean it up um. What i normally do is just do a scan on the huawei mate 28 and then, if i see files that are too big uh most of those files are game, um, game downloads and then what i do is to see if it’s, like a file that our Game that my son is normally using, if, if it is, i don’t do it um by myself, i ask him to clean up the file um on his end and then, if there are duplicate files like this one, i can already clean that up.

Receivable files like this one, i can already use uh, do that as well now for Music for jog files. What i normally do is to check on the file first and then, if i can already delete it, i’ll i’ll, do it all right? Okay! So, while waiting for the cleanup to finish it says here, 75 um percent, let me already remove the duplicate file, so it’s an emulator. So what i’ll do is i’ll delete the old one, which is this and then same, goes with this one. So i’ll just delete the download, the old file and that’s how you can delete files on allowing me patty. Let me know in the comment section below if this helps you out. Let me know if you have any video suggestions and i’ll try to do that.