If you enjoy our content, please click the like and subscribe button below now. Let’S get straight to the video who says: dudely videos need to be long and complicated. One of my favorite use cases is for customer reviews. These can be short and sweet and they’re super fun to share on social media. They serve as social proof, which is fantastic and it’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there, plus, since they’re, really short it’s a great way for beginners to get their feet wet in using doodly. First you’ll need to start gathering reviews from your customers. Whenever a customer sends you a nice email or enters a review on your website, consider making a short review video out of it. As you can see here, dudely has a ton of amazing reviews on facebook, so i pulled a few to use as examples as you can see this first one i’m, just using a couple of cute characters: the text and five gold stars so it’s implying it’s. A five star review right and it is, i mean, look at it. Love love, love, love, love, doodly. So what i did here, let’s go ahead and preview. It is, i had the hand, come in and draw the stars, and then the text now there’s two scenes here so it’s going to change and the the view is going to continue and then finally, we have the person’s name and where the review came from super Simple but very effective.

Now this next one i’ve got a character and a speech bubble and then, of course, who it is, the text continues and then we added a little camera movement for fun and then, finally, i have a very simple one: it’s got the tablet in the hands. The text a fun little cha ching for emphasis and that’s about it. You’Ll notice i’ve left about oh seven seconds at the end of each one so that when i publish it on facebook, you know the text will still be there. People can see it and these will repeat they’re they’re about what 15 seconds each. So when you put it on facebook, facebook will keep replaying them over and over and over. So it looks really nice in the feed and, as you can see, these were super easy to put together this one. Here is one scene long. You do want to pay attention to your delays and durations if you’re, using two or more duplicated scenes like for this. One as you’ll see here, this is a series of three duplicated scenes, so what i did was i built the first one i right clicked and chose duplicate, and then i changed the text here. I also set all of the durations of the existing content here to zero, because i don’t want the hand drawing it in again and then i allowed the new text to have a duration, so it was drawn in you’ll notice. Also that you want to turn the exit animation off when you’re duplicating scenes like this.

So that way the swipe doesn’t come in in between the scenes you don’t want the transition when you’re duplicating them this one. I also added a little camera movement just to keep it interesting, keep it moving and then, of course, on the first scene. I did that same thing with by duplicating the first one here. So i right clicked chose duplicate, made, sure that i didn’t have a transition at the end of of the first scene and then went through and made sure that all of these items were set to zero and with no delays and that’s.