For this we’ll be installing google play store, it sounds simple, but it isn’t on amazon’s fire tablets and the fully kiosk app launcher to display the octopus watch app. If an octopus, agile electricity monitoring app isn’t relevant to you, you can apply the same principles in this video to any other. Google play store app, for example, this tardo app for my smart heating system, interested let’s check it out if you’re on the agile time of use electricity tariff, the wholesale price changes every half an hour checking when the cheaper prices are can help. You save more money on your electricity costs and help reduce co2 impact. However, getting your phone out every time you want to do this can be cumbersome and creates another step to engaging with the dynamic pricing. It’Ll also drive your other half crazy. Who already thinks you look at agile electricity prices too often i’m? Currently, looking at my year on the agile tariff, my price per kilowatt hour of electricity compared to my previous tariff, which was go and a fixed tariff and whether i’ll be staying on agile. If you’re interested in finding out more about this video, you can click that subscribe button with notifications for free. So you don’t miss out using a spare fire tablet, or one bought on a prime day offer with the free fully kiosk cap launcher, provides a cheap slick way to keep an eye on these prices at a glance. Amazon tablets are great tablets, but they are geared up to pro amazon services, and this includes the amazon app store.

Whilst this does offer a number of apps you’ll run into issues trying to install any google apps, including the google play, store to add apps to your tablet, which you’ve already installed and used on your android phone fire tablets, run a custom version of google’s android operating System called fire os and by following a few steps you can get around this to install google play store and that’s. What i’m going to show you now, firstly, it’s useful to know which fire tablet generation you’re using, so you can select the correct files to download which i’ll come onto shortly. You can find this out by dragging down from the top of your device to open the quick actions bar and then tapping on the settings icon, scroll down to and tap on device options which will then show you which device and generation your tablet is another thing. You’Ll need to do is: go back to the settings drop down and tap on the security and privacy option. You’Ll see an option apps from unknown sources. Make sure that this option is allowed. Now we need to install the individual apk files available on apk mirror, which is a trusted source for free apks and i’ve linked these urls in the video description box below the first apk file we need to download. Is the google account manager if you’re using a fire, hd 8 purchased after october 2018, a fire 7 purchased after 2019, or a fire hd 10 purchase in or after 2019? Your tablet will be running android, 6 or above the link.

You’Ll want to click. On is 1a in the video description. If you’re running a tablet purchase prior to these dates, your tablet is still using android 5.. The link you’ll want to click on is 1b once you’ve clicked on the apk link relevant to you, download it in your device by tapping on the download apk button. Don’T worry too much if you’ve downloaded the wrong version. You can always update the app after installing google play store later a download notification will appear at the bottom of your display. Tap. Ok to begin the download once the download is complete, you’ll see a tick in your notification. Tray in the top left hand corner for the moment, don’t open this or any of the downloads, but leave the notifications untouched in your tray. Next, we need to download google services framework by tapping on the number two link in the video description and again tap on the download apk button. Thirdly, we need to download the google play services if you bought your fire 7 fire hd8 or fire hd10 tablet after june 2019, you’ll be using a device with a 64 bit processor, so you want to tap on the link under 3a in the video description, if You have a fire 7 tablet bought prior to june 2019, in other words, an 8th generation device or older you’ll need the link under 3b. Finally, we’ll need to download google play store itself, and you can do this by tapping on the number 4 link and downloading the latest version of the file.

Once you’ve downloaded all four apk files you’ll be able to see them listed in your notifications bar in time order by swiping down how you install these files is very important so start by tapping on the notification at the bottom of the list. The installation process will begin and tap install at the bottom right of the screen to continue once installed tap done, rather than open, repeat the process for the other notifications moving up the list in time order once all four files have been installed on your tablet, you’ll Need to complete the process by restarting your fire tablet by holding down the power button and tapping restart when your fire tablet has restarted. You should be able to see the google play store app now available on your home screen tap on this and follow the prompts to enter your google account. Details once set up you’ll then be able to install your chosen agile, app i’ve chosen to use octopus watch app you’ll need to enter your api login details again here. If we were to just leave things here, you’d still be able to use the tablet to check the current times via the app, but you’d need to unlock the display each time. Hardly an at a glance device here’s where the fully kiosk app launcher comes in. You can download the fully kiosk browser apk by tapping on the number 5 link in the video description box below which should take you to their website.

The apk file you’ll need is the one labeled for fire os tap on this and download the file once downloaded. You can go ahead and open and install it once installed. Tap open, it’ll initially take you to the quick start, settings screen but i’m going to ignore this, and instead swipe right and then tap settings first thing we’ll need to do is set up fully kiosk to launch the octopus watch app to do this tap on universal Launcher and then toggle show launch on start next tap on the select items to show add application in the bottom left hand, corner and then select. Octopus watch up and tap. Ok, go back and next we’re going to set up the screen saver to prevent burning, tap on screen, saver plus and then screen saver timer. I tend to leave this at around 10 seconds, but hang on a minute. I said it was going to be an at a glance device for that. We need to set up motion section, so you don’t even need to touch your device to find out the current and next few upcoming prices to do this. Go back scroll down and tap on, motion detection plus and then toggle. The enable visual motion detection to on the other options i like to toggle on are pause when fully in background turn screen on on motion and exit screen saver on motion. Lastly, i’m going to go to the power settings and set a wake up and sleep time again to prevent, burning and hey the fact that i’m, even setting this up means i care about my electricity use.

It doesn’t need to be on when we’re, asleep i’m going to select 6 am and midnight for the wake up and sleep times respectively. It will prompt you to allow fully kiosk to have some additional permissions for it to work properly. You can now go back to the fully kiosk home screen open up the optimus watch app and position your tablet in an easy to see useful location. I find a device stand helpful, but you can always choose to mount it on the wall. If you prefer, depending on the location of your power connector, you will need to change the orientation of the screen in fully kiosk. You can do this in the settings by tapping on device management and then screen orientation for my tablet, i’m going to select reverse portrait, then tap on full screen orientation globally. Now an extra bonus feature which may help you get away with leaving a tablet out on display with the other half, is to replace the boring blank screen. With your most memorable pictures and the first time, you fell in love with agile, being paid to use electricity to do this, go to settings in the fully kiosk, app and tap on screen saver plus screen saver playlist and then select the files or folder you want To use as a screen saver, if glancing at your device is still too much effort depending on your device, you can always ask alexa about your electricity prices.

Alexa ask octopus what the cost of electricity is right now right now, at 11 34 pm, you are paying 14.33 pence per kilowatt hour and from 12 a.m to 12 30 a.m. You will pay 13.41 pence per kilowatt hour for this. You can install the octopus skill in the amazon alexa app and i’ve dropped in some common phrases. You may wish to try out in the description box below if you’ve enjoyed this video feel free to check out the watch next video or some of our other videos which are appearing on your screen right now. If you found this video useful, please do like it and subscribe to our channel to keep up with new content.