I will show how to control your pc through by amazon, alexa or google assistant. Let me show you some example: now: hey google open spotify opening, hey google, open brave opening, brave, open, chrome opening Music, so this is some of the example you can also shut down the pc through by the google or alexa. I will show that example as well, so let me show you how to do you need three tools for this. One is the push to run software in the pc and another one is push button through by website and in mobile. You need to install if triple t app and while signing in you need to always sign in with the same user id used in alexa or google. So the first step is to download the push to rent software. So for that you need to go to the website and search for push to run. So you type the push to end software here and you will see there is a link in the google where you can download the push torrent software. So this is how it looks, so you can go down and click on the download, so this will install the push torrent software in your pc. So this is a completely free version and it has been used widely as well. So you can use this software with no issues once you install the software, the software will look like this, so this is push to run software.

So here the title filter you have to give the title filter name, so i just give my channel name iexplaintech Music. I will show how this will be mapped and referred with the other two applications so that’s it so enter here and keep it in the mobile install if triple t app and then login with the same id as logged in with google or alexa. And then here you need to create a service, so while creating service you can see, there are many services are available, so either alexa service or google assistant service can be chosen here. So once you choose the relevant services, you need to update the details here. For example, you have to open the chrome, you have to type open, chrome here and configure all the parameters which is mentioned here so once that is been done uh then you can again update in the push pusher note where you have to give the username of Yours and then the application which needs to be opened so once that is done, then this will get connected and the third and the last step is to get the access token. But to do this, you need to go to the push bullet website and then click on the access token button. So once you click on the access token button, you will get the access code, so this access codes need to be copied and to be pasted in the push to start application under the field of push bullet api.

So once you do that, then this will get connected that’s it in the push to run application. Now you can enter the application details which needs to be opened or controlled. You can have multiple applications configured here so here i have entering a few details of the application example like chrome and once this is configured you can go to the mobile app or the google assistant, whichever you have you can control through by that open chrome, open, Chrome here you can see the chrome is opened through by the mobile google assistant. Similarly, you can do for alexa as well: hey google, open spotify opening, hey google, open, brave Music opening brave Music, hey google turn off the pc Music, shutting down, hey google! Thank you. My pleasure, so this is how easily you can control the pc through by the voice command services using alexa or google assistant and various other services. Hope you like this video, please like and subscribe my channel and will be coming up with more interesting videos. You can also watch my other interesting videos in my channel. Thank you. Thank you for your all. Your support.