We talk about tech, geeky, stuff and even much much more hey! Listen! Many of you, like myself, have discovered that a lot of the products that are coming out now no longer have the 3 8 audio jack microphone jack on the side. Some time ago i did a review of a small product usb that allowed you to plug both a microphone and a speaker or earphones into it, which is great for gaming. When you don’t have that ability. You have a nice gaming laptop, but you don’t have a way hooking up your microphone or your headset onto it, and it worked great. But recently some people have asked me to review a new product to that allows me not only to connect that, but also allows me to control the volume turn on the microphone turn off the microphone right from the device, so we’re gon na get into that today. So before we get started, please hit the like button. Don’T forget to like share and subscribe okay and put any comments after this video. What you’d like to see possibly reviewed or any suggestions or how you’ve used the product and what you think of it anyway. Let’S get into that right now, all right, so what i want to talk to you about is the usb adapter that allows you to plug your 3.8 uh audio device, such as a microphone speakers earphones into it. This is great for gaming. You know if you get a gaming laptop, but you didn’t come your laptop didn’t come with a 3.

8 plug on the side. You can use one of these to plug in and uh, which is great with gaming headsets. You know you plug in this usb into the computer laptop tablet and then plug your two set headset into it and that’s great and the one that i did. A review works great. But you have to use the controls inside of the device to be able to control volume and such so anyway. Someone asked me to review this other product uh and you can see it’s very similar. It plugs in, and the main difference is. Is this one? Has the ability to turn off the microphone or the earphones, and you have a volume up and a volume down, control um, which makes that really really nice when you’re doing it so let’s take a look at that right now now i’ve! This is the second device. The one that has the multiple controls on it allows you to take hook it directly to your usb, and then it has the three, the two 3.8 sockets one’s for microphone ones for your audio out now to make this simple and make it easy for you to See, rather than plugging it into a laptop, and you wouldn’t be able to visualize this very well. What i’m going to do for this demonstration i’m going to hold it and i’m, and i run an extension cord uh usb 2 directly to the computer, so that you can see this now as i plug it in you’ll, see the first thing that it happens.

Is you have a power light which is fantastic, and then you have a device on and off light for the microphone and you have a mic on mic off, um, speaker or earphone out so wax on wax off and you have a volume control up and down For the earphones, so obviously, then of course you would then be able to take a gaming headset and plug your microphone into it, and then your uh earphone setup into it, and you would be good to go and you control your volume. By doing this up and down and then you could turn your microphone so as you can see right here this you can press this and then you would have an indicator light indicating that the microphone is turned off uh you could but pressing this. There is no indicator light. You would just to have the sound turned off your output, so that’s really convenient. If you happen to be using the microphone – and you want to be somebody saying something to you – you can press it off right here. Well, that’s a really nifty feature, so you’ll need to do some checking and setting and setting levels for using this device. You’Ll, go to control panel first thing and locate sound open, sound if you’re on windows, 10, of course, here on another device, you’ll have to set it. Let me bring sound over to you, so you can see it. Okay and if you come over here and look you’ll, discover you’ll need to select speakers usb plug and play sound that’s, the name of this device, and then you can play through this into this output of the usb device which you’ve plugged into, and you will have No issues and you’ll be able to also see how it’s working now for recording.

Since i have a microphone hooked in right now, it’s it’s, selecting the live, cam microphone, but we’re going to go down here and find here’s usb plug and play okay. We’Re going to select this device and we’re going to select this one as set default, all right see it now i have it plugged into and if i talk into the microphone, you can see the levels and you can adjust those levels by clicking on it. Go to levels and you can adjust your levels of how much gain you’re going to get on that and you can set various custom levels now. That is a wonderful thing now, if we look at it, we can see that that’s working now, as i told you before, let me transition for a second real, quick on the device. It has a microphone on and a microphone off. So if i press this button here, which is my microphone switch now, if i come back to here – and i look at my microphone gain and i speak into it – you can see it has turned the microphone off that’s right here, that’s pretty that’s, a good thing When you, when you want to be able to turn the microphone off it, and then your microphone itself, doesn’t have a on off switch or a mute switch. The other nice thing is that again the same thing. You have a switch here that you’ll be able to turn off the microphone, the speaker out if you want to, and you have a volume up and a volume down.

So if your headset doesn’t have a volume up or volume down you, you can use this instead. That’S pretty good, you can see what i’m talking about right here, let’s finish up on this, so that’s it for this episode, don’t forget to like share and subscribe to it. I hope this content has been useful to you. These are two tools you can use again. If your laptop tablet or other device does not have a usb 3.8 input that allows you to use and connect to this device, the other thing, of course, is that the difference between the two devices is one uh has controls on it. The other one doesn’t um, which makes it really nice and accessible. I will leave you the names and and some places you can buy these two, the prices value that vary anywhere from two to thirty dollars. Depending upon where you go, you can find on ebay. You can find it on amazon. You can find it on at staples. I’Ll, give you the description and you’ll be able to look it up yourself. I won’t leave a amazon description because i don’t, i feel that amazon’s been getting too much attention and and has gotten too much power but that’s a personal thing at any rate. That being said, uh again, please like share and subscribe to the channel until next time.