I dont ever really show it here on the screen here, but this is the 10th generation iPad at the time Im making this video Ive only had this iPad now for a couple of weeks, but it gets really grubby on the screen and a lot of iPads. Also suffer from this, and its generally, the iPads just get really grubby. So, for example like on my iPad Pro, I get to grab it all the time on the back quite often because Im holding it always in my hand, to do things with, like the apple pencil, for example. So today I thought I got would help you out guys and that is Im going to show you how to clean your iPad Pro your iPad 10th Generation or your iPad uh your iPad, a iPad Mini. Basically, all the iPads are available out there and how to clean them really really easily, and also to do them quite cheaply too. Its really quite simple to clean these, and you only need a few bits and pieces to actually clean them up and make make them. Look like theyre in brand new condition. So, first of all guys what Im going to show you is Im going to show you how to clean the actual iPad screens, then the actual sort of main sort of Frame and Body, and then also Im, going to show you how to clean like the magic Keyboard, if you do have one of them so without further Ado guys, what Im going to do is Im going to take my 10th gen iPad over to my desk and Im going to show you how to clean up the screen.

First of all, so I have some bits and pieces on my desk that you can see here, including my iPad, so heres my iPad. Its switched on at the moment Im going to turn it off, though, and you can see all the glare there and all the marks on my screen that definitely need cleaning off, because it is really really grubby and really dirty for me, touching it over the last Couple of weeks since Ive actually had this 10th Generation, I cant believe Ill Mackie. It really is. It is really quite poor. Actually from me my greasy fingers as it were. So what I have got right here is Ive got a microfiber cloth. These are really cheap to buy. You can buy them at most like car places, and things like that, like really cheap to get hold of, I get a good pack of them uh. What else we have here is we also have a saucer of water and were just going to dip it into that. You can see we just make it a bit wet and were just going to start wiping the screen just nicely and easy just one persons gon na move my source of water to one side there we go Im just going to wipe it just nice smooth long Straight lines, if you cannot do a little circle, little swivels, just nice long ones like this and take everything off to the edge and then hopefully yeah.

That should be nicely done there. What you want to do, next of all, is get the dry side of your microfiber club or another cloth, and just give it a nice long wipe over the top of it after youve made it all wet, because the screen will be really really damp. At this point, its okay, if it has a slight damp screen, youre, not going to damage it or anything as long as you have any cracks on the screen or anything like that, Ive also got here as official Apple cloth as well. What you could use – and you can also got a lint cloth here – and this is just to make it a bit more shinier the screen just to get everything out as the last thing Id recommend. But personally, if you just have a microfiber plug on a lint cloth, thatll be fine, but Im just actually going to just use my Apple cloth, because you know what the hey it costs like twenty dollars to buy. One of these so Im just going to wipe it and you can see for yourself then how good an actual Apple cloth is. I am going to use the link cloth later, but again, nice long straight sort of wipes here, as you can see, see onto the screen and if I pop it up to you, you can see the reflections. It is beautiful. You can see my camera there. You can see my likes see me either.

Look at that. It is imperfect like new condition, screen, lovely and clean uh, so yeah thats. All you just need to do really to get your screen, lovely and clean, oh an iPad or any iPad that is out there. So that screen came up really nice and clean and it looks brand new again. But what about the main body? Well, what Im going to do next Im going to show you how to clean the main body of your iPad Im going to use this with an iPad Pro. So this is the brand new M2 iPad Pro Im going to use, but you can use any iPad Pro any iPad to do the same sort of cleaning technique. So let me go back to the desk and show you how to clean and iPads back and also its main body frame. So you can see here with my iPad Pro, that is nice and grubby its gon na reflect in the light there look its not very nice at all. Is it Ive not really looked after my iPad Pro? Definitely the back of it so yeah its got. Some nice marks on it. What do need to come off um, so no scratches and anything, but what Id recommend is getting one of your microfiber cloths, again Im putting it down and putting your screen onto it. I wouldnt put it onto a hard table because, obviously you might scratch your screen, putting it onto a clean, microfiber Club, its a good idea and then basically its the same thing.

Again. We want to get our saucer and we just want to dip our cloth into a little bit of it to absorb some of the water just only a little bit. You dont need a lot, as you will see here and then after this, all we just have to do is just start doing long wipes just like we were doing on the screen before on the other iPad, but you can see it just wipes it all off. Nice and clean and Im just going to go around the camera as well lets get all the grime out of that and just nice long wipes. These microfiber clubs are absolutely fantastic, a fantastic invent, and definitely they really really do clean up. Products like this, like the iPad or something around the Apple logo, make that nice and clean because bits get in between that too. Do you really want to show that off? Dont we, the Apple logo and also for the accessory Port down. The bottom here is clean, those up a little bit just in case anythings, gotten stuck inside that so just give it a nice sort of just wipe all the way across and everything now I think thats mainly now the back of the iPad, nice and clean, and What Im going to do is Im just going to just go around the edges just with that damp bit of the cloth again just wipe it down push a little bit hard, not too hard and just basically wipe everything, nice and clean to get any smears off The side there too, and then what Im going to do, is Im just going to just put this down back onto the screen on the microfiber and use the dry side of basically a lint free cloth or my Apple cloth.

What I did have before, but I think for this one now Im actually going to use the link club so lets just get rid of the Apple cloth and what were going to just do is were just going to do a nice long wipes to get any Rid of any sort of smear marks the water has just caused, and it will come up really nice and clear, as you will see in a second Im just going to do a nice long straight thats it and everything there clear up those accessory ports clear up The camera and everything so lets come up nice and well there. Let me just pick up the actual iPad and well just go around the sides to clean all of that off there we go. You wouldnt believe us well do that microfiber cloth, a lint, free cloth and a bit of water can do this to an iPad. Its come up really really clean and, as you can see here, look at that the back of the iPad is absolutely perfect. It reflects in that, in the light it is beautiful again it is really really clean to get rid of all those grubby marks off it. You can see the main iPad Pro Ive got right here. Really nice and clean Im probably getting finger marks already by holding it. So just be careful of that. Second, you clean. It might actually leave some mouth straight away, its just one of the bad things about having an iPad.

It is a finger magnet to leave marks on it, so yeah its one of those cool things, but, as you can see its brand new looking on the back now its really super clean. So what Im going to show you guys next of all to clean, and that is the actual magic keyboard. So this is the one with like an iPad it can attach to and right now Ive got my iPad Air attached to it. My M1 model so lets show how to clean this actual magic keyboard. Next of all, so I have a white magic keyboard and on it right now I actually have my iPad Air with the M1 chipset inside it docked into it. So yeah its been working really really well with this so yeah, I would definitely recommend getting this magic keyboard if you do have an iPad Air M1 or an iPad probe, but Im just going to turn it off there and take it off for this cleaning, because We want it to one size Im just going to move my iPad to one side and then basically back with the magic keyboard you can see here how dirty it really is. Ive got like chocolate or something in here. I must have made some chocolate by accident or something youve got some little marks and bits and pieces there yeah. They need to come off definitely and then on the top side, yeah more chocolate sort of finger marks.

This is what happens when you have kids guys, if you guys do have kids, then youll know what this is all about: yeah um, so yeah grubby bottom as well, so that really does need a good clean, because yeah, its not in the best kind of shape, Is it really so what were going to do next of all is were going to get a microfiber the cloth again and were going to dip it into that source of water and then were just going to give it a wipe again. So this is the great thing about this: microfiber cloth, its really good on Apple products. It just cleans them off really really well gets rid of most of the marks, apart from like sort of heavy duty kind of marks and scratches uh. That might be another video for another day. If you want to see that I might see if I can look into that, because I do have some devices with your little Nick in them as it were, but yeah cleaning them off here there we go its nice and clean on the back and you can See that were back to a white back again um. So what Im just going to flip it over Im going to just do the front part or the back part and which part of this? We call it now its a bit where the main iPad sits on the other side to this. So Im just going to clean this off again get rid of all of those marks nicely done there, nice long straight, um things no swivels or anything because Ive noticed its swiveling or actually on this actually kind of does smear things into the iPad casing.

So we dont want to do that. So what were going to do next is theres. Some bits increase some Grime here on the side of the case, um the magic keyboard case, so Im just going to wipe them as well. As you can see here, get into all the gritty bits there on the little details and well clean that off nicely done there thats that side, its coming up quite nicely, actually Im just going to do the main bit here, where we sort of lean your arm On sort of the Palm rest bit as it were, and well just do the other side here as well, get that up all nice and white and clean. If you do have a black one of these cases, you probably wont see as much Grime as the white one as youre quite fortunate there so Im just going to give it one more little bit more of a wipe there on the top and everything there. But Im going to open it up now and were going to look at this main sort of keyboard bit here in my sauce out of the way and were just going to do nice long rubs there at the top. And there was the odd little stain up here as well needs to come off just nicely over the keyboard and just swivel around this one. You can swivel around on the keys this time. This is the only time Id probably recommend it.

Dont worry if your keys are pushing in or making noises or grinding noises, dont worry about that. Just give them a nice good wipe there lets, try and wipe these bits off down the bottom, also the main track pad as well. Its got some bits and pieces on that too, but yeah generally, I think thats quite a clean sort of effort there um lets have a look there. We go just to show you guys its really really really clean. It was a little Mark up the top here. Very tiny one give it a bit more wipe again Ill, probably get rid of it. There thats what you can redo just dip, some more water in again, but there we go that is nice and clean again guys get your lint free cloth or get your Apple cloth either ones. Fine lint free costs are really cheap to buy on Amazon. By the way you could probably buy about a hundred link crafts for the price of setting Apple cloth here so yeah choose your picker pick your choice, guys of which one youre going to pick either one will do absolutely fine, so yeah dont fit because Ive got An apple cloth it has to work with cleaning and Apple product. Excellent free ones do work too. Absolutely fine, as you saw on the back of that iPad Pro Im just doing nice long wipes here on this magic keyboard. Uh there you go its gon na call.

The last few bits off and yeah, I think we should be okay, its got a little bit of water. There Im just going to wipe that off quickly, theres any tiny, tiny little bit lets have a look. I think that looks quite nice and clean. What do you think? I think that looks really good. All those marks have come off all of the edges as well. Theyre all lovely theyve all gone its completely white case again, thats really good. No marks no grabbing this there on the top. We can see the Apple logo really really clearly and I think thats a really good job of cleaning out uh the main sort of magic keyboard. Okay, so Im just going to flip it open to you guys just to show you the keyboard part one more time. So forgot to just do that, and you can see that looks really really good and does look really really clean, so Im pretty impressed with this uh magic keyboard, how clean its come up now with all the marks removed, especially the white model, if you do have Like the black model, maybe youre going to be going to get less marks on exits or disappear into it, but you do have the white model like I have here, uh yeah clean it the same way Ive just shown you how to do it now and as You can see everything is nice and clean, and so there we have it folks thats how you clean out some of your accessories and, most importantly, how to clean, like the main body, part of your iPads, and also the screen too, and with that guys its also Time to wrap up this video, so if you have enjoyed watching this cleaning video, I know it has been quite a basic video but um.

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