Just gon na quickly go through one of the best feature. If you were interested, how you can use it as a small laptop to perform a simple task, uh stay with me and at the end you know how you can do that. I still believe this is uh one of the best tablets to have in terms of multitasking and especially if you can have a google play store installed, as i have already done so and make sure you check my other video. If you want to have a google play, store installed on your tablet as well, and all these apps are working no problem and without any errors without wasting any time, so let’s get started. First i’m, just gon na quickly go through the uh the menu. This one has been updated to the latest emui 11.. As you can see there, you have all the different features you can use uh. We have the multi screen collaboration which will allow you to access your huawei phone by uh sharing the screen on this tablet, but the one i’m gon na go through is the desktop mode. I’M. Just gon na quickly go through the changes on emui 11 and see what has been improved: okay to access desktop sites and just pull down the notification bar at the top and then you’ll see their desktop site so just tap on it and then enter there. You go and that’s uh how quick to switch over as you can see, the layout is changed.

You have a software desktop version, oh um, and we have the start icon at the bottom. So you just tap on start and you have a scroll screen there for all your apps most apps, which are compatible that will be on that screen. If you have an app which is not showing there, it means it’s not compatible with the to run it on desktop sites. Then you have the settings on there and you have the lock screen and then you can exit the desktop site and then under the the bottom right we have the little pen where you can bring up the not party to take notes or anything. And then we have the settings area where you can turn your wi fi bluetooth and take a screenshot, a wireless projection. It will search for any display which can share this screen, display to it, and then you got huawei share which allows you to share file between your devices. Your screen, recording. If you want to record anything on your screen and you can have the exit desktop mode on there as well in multi screen collaboration which will allow you to access apps on your mobile phone from this screen and then on the top, you have your notification area. Any notification will appear on the side, then here you have the calendar which you can set to monthly yearly, weekly or daily, and then you can minimize, which will give you a nice little flowing window, which you can move it around and then on the left.

You have the um, the most recent app icon and then the home screen at the home button on there at the helm, which will take you to the desktop screen and then the back icon on there from there. So um i’m just gon na open a few apps so at the moment i’m using the pencil, but you can link a mouse over this mouse. I’Ve got this bluetooth mouse so which i’m gon na just prepare so just put the mouse on pair mode pairing mode. I’M, just gon na go to the settings and then bluetooth and then that the mouse will uh appear there so i’m just gon na tap on it and then pair there you go at the moment. Yeah i’ve got the mouse connected, i’ve got the keyboard and the pencil so uh put the pencil there and then, as you can see a little icon there just up here. So i can use the mouse as small, laptop yeah and just i’m gon na open the browser, just just click on all the apps at the bottom. You can it’s very easy and very useful to have this, especially when you’re on a trip. Instead of carrying a big laptop, you can just multitask using this tablet and you don’t need any. So if you open the browser okay, now we have that and, as you can see, there is a you can just make a small screen or minimize at the bottom and then open something else, your documents and then minimize.

You can open the map Music. You can see you got the map there then minimize at the bottom. So all the apps you have running that will be at the bottom. You can just open that and then go on to images, screenshot, just download images and then minimize it. So all the apps you have open, it will be at the bottom there and then open that like a notepad and then you can minimize it again so which it’s quite good. You just put everything at the bottom as it would normally do on a laptop. If you click on that, so it will show all the tabs. You have open, you can just jump straight to one. You want to go to or just close it and another thing you can do here. Just say maximize that you can have it drag it at the corner there, and then you can have either that or you can just have a in your document open only on the corner then have that on the side side by side which allow you to browse Above Music, so at the moment i’ve got two tab. I can close one if i click on the tutorial section. Okay from here, you can use the pen to draw i’m just gon na check the pen and then from here you can just write. You can make it bigger and then i can type in okay there and go back and then get a text.

And if i want, i can just insert a link, say: oh just tap and hold and then copy video link and then and then put it on there. You can just use the mouse okay, so uh here’s my documents, so i can just maximize it and then i can just go to the pen section and draw you can select that then move it there, Music and then it’s good for multitasking and as you can See it’s a very useful and you can open any image and then drag it and then drag it there. There you go, you have it there and then you can just resize it. If you want and then you’ll be able to resize it, it could be. Go small, you can write on the pages, make notes and then save it. You have your word count there spelling check and when you finish you can either save your documents or close it. As you can see, now more apps are available using in desktop mode before there was only a handful and but now more apps are getting added. So, as you can see, it’s very useful and very easy to use as a laptop. You can just open it as normal and then use it as a laptop. No problem use the mouse. So all these apps are open at the bottom. You can just quickly jump onto any apps or just click on that. To take you back to the home screen and once you’re done, you can just tap exit which will take you straight back to the the tablet mode feel free to.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. If you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching stay, safe and i’ll.