I will be reviewing one of the best handwriting recognition note taking apps called nebo. I am always on the hunt for new note, taking apps and always testing new ones as well. So when nebo reached out to me, i was super excited to try it out and see how i can incorporate it into my studying, and so thank you again to nebo for sponsoring this video as well. Nebo is free to download, but you can get the premium features at an affordable price on the app store and it’s also available for android and windows. I will hopefully be going through some of the basic features available on the app and also show you how i have been writing my notes on it. Music, so nebo has a collection. This resembles folders, where you can store and organize all your different notebooks. So here you can see that i have created a collection called medicine and i have different notebooks under it. The app also allows you to change the colors of the notebooks and it can recognize up to six to six languages in handwriting conversion. So most note taking apps don’t have this feature, so this is what makes nebo amazing so yeah, as i mentioned it, recognizes your handwriting and in different languages as well, and it converts it straight into text. As you can see, you can also just type out your notes if you’re willing to do that, or you can mix and match text and writing as well, depending on what you like here, i’m, just also selecting their writing and you can do the basic stuff like Copy cut paste, make it bold and increase decrease, etc.

Music. If the app doesn’t correctly identify your handwriting, then you can just simply tap on the text and there will be many suggestions for you to choose from, but the more you write the more the app detects and gets familiar with your handwriting in terms of pen style. There is only one form available, but they have a choice of six pen sizes that you can choose from, although i do like various sizes when i write, but this isn’t too bad. You also have a range of colors to choose from when you’re writing to create a title. You just have to simply underline the text twice and to make a subheading you just have to underline it once and a feature i really like is that you can just scribble across the text you want to erase. You can also create lots of lists by either doing a dot for bullet points or writing out numbers to indicate um a number checklist. And i also like the fact that it can recognize arrows, which is great, because i use a lot of arrows when i’m. Taking notes, another cool feature is that you can simply create space between text by adding a dash or dash between words to create a paragraph to add drawings. You simply have to just insert a sketch box, so the app organizes any drawings into boxes, because it makes the notes, look, uniform and neat when you convert it into text Music to add any diagrams, you just have to simply insert a diagram box.

This is very helpful when you’re, making flowcharts or graphs, because it automatically colors into the shape and makes it very nice and neat Music. Another cool feature is that it can calculate math equations for you. I found that very amusing but i’m not entirely sure. If it can solve extensive algebra equations and lastly, you can add a freestyle box where you can literally write or draw anything. You can also highlight text by simply drawing a box around it and but unfortunately, it only shows up when you convert your writing into text. To convert your notes, you just simply tap on the three dots at the top and hit convert all you can then adjust the notes to your liking and change up things. If you want, then, when you’re ready, you can just save it as a word document or whatever you like and sync it to your iclouds. Lastly, a new feature that nipple has added is that you can now import pdf files into your notes and you can annotate them and edit them as much as you like. This is very useful, because i have a lot of pdfs that i annotate all the time. So i can now do this on nevo. Overall, i think nebo is a good note taking app if you are someone who likes to keep things simple and wants to just write and have it converted into text, then this is the app for you. However, as a medical student, i like to draw lots of diagrams and annotate around it with my writing, and i have found nebo to be a little restricting to do so so for now i will be trialing this app further and continue to use.

My other note taking apps too. Having said all this, i know nebo has improved a lot over the years and has so much potential to become one of the best note taking apps out there Music. Thank you for watching, and i hope you have enjoyed this video.