Okay, so over here we have the technical specifications of the yoga aio7, as well as the SRP or standard retail price Im, not exactly sure why this is included in the package. Is this supposed to be a display unit or a store unit? I dont know this is the power adapter 150 watts over here we have a USBC to USBC, cable, USB type c webcam, with a built in physical privacy, slider wireless Bluetooth, mouse very nice chiclet keyboard, its not a mechanical keyboard, its a membrane type keyboard, the F1 And F2 key doubles as your audio control. You can also manually mute the mic using the F4 and your function key right here, theres a USB type c Port. Okay, so I put it flat on the floor and Im gon na try to take it out. So this thing supposed to weigh around 17 kilos feels like it weighs a lot more, but keep in mind. This is the entire PC. It has the display and the CPU and all the components built into it. So lets go ahead with the review one. Two three all right: there you go guys wow, it actually looks much sleeker in person and the back is so sexy Im gon na turn. It try to turn it over for you to see. So this is the rear panel and as uh you can see, you have the yoga logo and if you look at the bottom of the rear panel, you have all the i o ports nicely lined up.

So you have a power port. A super speed, USB type, a two of them USB type: A ports, a physical Lan, port, uh, two USB type, A ports as well as an HDMI port, and over to this side. Oh, it is a GBL branded speaker. Apparently, the loudspeaker systems were designed with JBL and you have a USB type c port right here. Another Super Speed USB type, a port as well as a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. So the USB type c port doesnt have the Thunderbolt logo printed on it, which means it is not Thunderbolt compatible, although it does have the icon of a monitor printed below it, which probably means that it supports the DPR display port standard over here. Theres. A series of vents for cooling and at the top, I just noticed that there is this rubber, which is probably where the USB type c webcam is supposed to go. Im gon na try to connect the webcam. All right fits perfectly over to the other side of the panel. You have the same series of Vents and over here you have the power button. Then you have three physical buttons, an up a down button and a return button which Im guessing allows you to control the on screen display on the monitor, okay, so machines plugged in I just hit the power button and the LED indicator just glowed white there. It is lets see how fast this thing boots up and meanwhile, Im gon na connect the keyboard.

Oh sorry, that fast, okay, yeah Ive been touching the screen for a while now, but I dont see any visible fingerprints. The amount of brightness the colors are actually quite good and I can see myself using the display to work on creative stuff for photography and video editing. So if you look right here, if I press the small button to the left edge of the display, it calls up the selection or the switch, and this is the cast mode. This allows you to connect to the monitor by casting the screen of your device, could be a tablet. It could be a phone. This Canon this QR code, follow the directions so that you can connect to the screen, wirelessly its a wide die or wireless display. Next, you have the type C DP or DisplayPort, which validates or guess earlier that the port or USB type c port decide with the monitor printed on. It is a DP port and allows you to connect any DP or an external machine like a laptop that supports DP via USB type c and use this display as your secondary or external display, and it is a very sweet looking display. You also have built in speakers by JBL and thats a access to the next thing that I like about this machine and I think its better for me to just show you okay watch. So this is about as far as it can go, but inside see you can actually rotate the display about 90 degrees, and it turns into portrait mode.

Keep in mind, though, that you wont be able to raise and lower the height of the monitor. So you just have to keep it in place and then turn it, give it a push and then go back to landscape mode. Now, as far as performance is concerned, youre gon na get pretty much what you expect from a desktop machine. This is equipped with a ryzen 5 5600h CP, as you can see right here. It has 16 gigs of memory, ddr4 512 gigs of SSD and one terabyte of HDD, which is pretty substantial. Although I would be interested to know if there was a way to sort of extend or upgrade this beyond what you have in its built in internal storage, so that would require us to open the back of the panel, which were not going to do so. Right. Now now were gon na go and play some videos on Netflix so that you can get an idea of the video quality that you can expect from the a07, as well as the audio quality. Although I am using a lapel mic Ill. Try to increase the volume. So that it can pick up the sound thats coming from the sound bar 10. Im showing display properties page and as you can see, it runs a native resolutions of theory, 40 by 2860, so youre getting that sweet, sweet native 4K resolution, a native refresh rate of 60 hertz – and you can see that right here – it also supports HDR streaming and Im gon na show it to you right now so over here you can see that this display is capable of playing streaming.

Hdr video were going to end this video by saying that the Lenovo Yoga ao7 is a very, very pretty and beautiful machine. I hate to say apple because were always like comparing very nice minimalistic industrial design to Apple, but I am getting Apple, iMac Vibes out of it. It is a Windows machine and it runs on ryzen, which is very, very sweet. It has a 4K HR capable display, and I can totally see this machine being used in Creative Studio or at any type of workplace which requires you know a desktop rather than a laptop, and you have a very nice 27 inch display as well for only 89 995 pesos compared to the desktop, though the Lenovo a07 is still extremely compact. It has a very, very small footprint, so if youre in a situation where you have very limited space or an office with very small cubicles, I can totally see you having this machine in order to maximize the amount of real estate that you have in your office. The main limitation of pre built devices such as this is serviceability youre, not gon na be able to easily up upgrade the internal components on your own. It will be best if you send it to Lenovo for servicing, or just take advantage of that three year warranty. I think the internal components are powerful enough to last at least five to ten years, without the need for any upgrading. The only thing that I would try to upgrade would be the ram you may want to upgrade that to 32 gigs.

If youre going to be using a lot of memory, intensive applications, I mean even in clients like Chrome – can eat up a lot of ram. If you leave them running, if you have a lot of tabs open, I actually missed the part where theres a receiver inside the mouse so Ill just show it to you guys in case you run into similar problems in the future, so you can open the back Of the mice or the you know the top cover of the mouse and you will be able to see get access to the receiver. You can connect the receiver to one of the USB type, A ports so guys, if you have any questions, wed love to hear them, stop them in the comment section below. Please continue supporting our Channel by subscribing and hitting that notification Bell so that youll be notified.