Today we got a cyberpunk pc video, a update two months, baby let’s go. How has it held up? Has it blown up? Has the house blown up? I was just playing bro. We gucci bro but be sure to like comment and subscribe. Let’S get it it’s. Like last time. We finna go over the pieces that i have hooked to. The pc ring light external hard drive. Yes, sir he’s in the back um, hey i’m thinking, it’s the camera. The elgato with the elgato, which is the camera um blue, yeti microphone keyboard, mouse, ssd, probably gon na get one to put inside the computer soon, but it’s still holding up and amazing still looking scrumptious new new cpu in there now let’s get into my basic usage Of the pc and what i’m doing when i use the pc so for the most part i’m using the pc to stream and play games simultaneously. So basically, at the same time really, i just gave a definition: i’m wilding but yeah at the same time and i’m. Never having any overheating issues from time to time, it’ll crash, but that’s more so an obs issue more than anything because obs, i have no idea what it is. Obs and war zones just do not go hand in hand. I can play any other game. I want to while recording with obs but warzone. They do not like each other obs and wars don’t not like each other, and you know what i’m saying it is what it is that’s just how they fight you know i can make my beats perfectly: no stutters! No shades just run so smooth i’m just go down the line, my normal antivirus.

You know you got to be protected. Google, it is what it is theme. Steam runs perfectly fine, no stutters, no nothing’s really fast, really responsive. I love it. Affinity, publisher photo and designer that’s what i used to make thumbnails. You know it was basically my software that i used battle net was on you. You notified with that that’s. I need that to look my controller to the pc slight weird, sometimes that’s. What it is you know you need the ds4 exe to be able to use your ps4 controller, console uh, yeah yeah nvidia blah blah blah photoshop i’m trying to get into photoshop, but i really like affinity, so i probably don’t even really get into photoshop or cursed Ain’T played that in a while i might drop a video soon. No, who knows your boy whoa alarm going off your boy just might drop a video zone. I just might valorant. Oh god, y’all y’all saw that video that’s that i’m down bad and valerian. I haven’t played this upgraded. The cpu though i just might go back to it say. Sadly i might go back to it. Fortnite amazing. I dropped the latest video on that. If you want me to be more, you know in tune with fortnite and in depth. I’M. Talking about in soon in depth with fortnite and how everything has been with that the sims 4, i love the sims bro um. I know i’m wild i’m weird, but i love the sims.

I rock with the sam’s heavy i rock, with the sam’s heavy gta for the life of me. I cannot get a good rp gameplay with gca. I don’t know why i just cannot get a good video it’s, crazy siege. I got ta get better siege, it’s, so slow though bro i haven’t played minecraft yet utorrent i mean and it’s just a download software. Think of swim. All my if there’s any investors in here that’s watching my channel, i think a swim runs so fast, ridiculous waves. It’S for my vsts, my sounds i use mixcraft for my oh, i need to get 64 but i’m. Well, i need to go down on my 64 bit wild but yeah. I use i use mix crab on my song to edit so basically to edit uh. All my music, i use mixed brow – origin apex, love, apex, bro, i’m, starting to really like apex, like i did when it first came out of the crate msn afterburner. I used that for my fans, so you open it up. You know what i’m saying i don’t know: playboy hold on. I play boy boom man when you do that. Look at that. You turn off fan sync boom and you can oh no fancy. You keep fancying on. You turn off auto cause that that’s gon na be on by default, auto. So what you do is you can change your speed so once you do that boom fan speed is up it’s, rocking and rolling rocking the road but yeah.

I think i think i keep them at 80, but more so, if you don’t want to be too loud, i mean look at the temperature of the cpus. Not you know what i’m saying it’s. Really not i mean gpu either, not that that’s, then that’s with me. Recording on obs right now, granted and obs uses my graphics card. Temperatures are not that bad that’s, how much yeah it’s fire it’s fine! You have to basically do your research on afterburners, you never exit it. You just minimize it. So it can keep your settings going. Uh yeah hello man hold on i’ll, go back to the camera and i can talk, i guess boom so that’s. Basically how the pc been running everything i run on it. I haven’t had any new problems: any new stumbles or hiccups, nothing out of the ordinary’s, just been pretty good. I don’t when it’s used it’s used extensively streaming and gaming at the same time, so you know and then editing videos and watching youtube like it.