Today we got another cyberpower pc video, but this one is an update. How has it held up this past month and basically in this video i’m gon na, show you guys all the apps that i run on it and everything else that’s my goal board. Everybody should have you one if you’re doing youtube? Yes, sir, but anyway, i’m gon na show you guys everything i have hooked to it. This is basically my setup. I got two monitors this one’s an msi monitor it. Is this one’s a skeptical monitor, i want to say it performs better in my opinion, but this one’s more expensive boom. I got my blue yeti. Mic yeah sharing ring light. You know the vibes man, but now i’ll show you guys everything i basically have hooked to it. You know you got to have the ps3 games, but it is what boom. So these are the 3.0 cables in the front. I keep an external hard drive. I think it’s, a two terabyte seagate could be a one terabyte. I could be wrong, but anyway i have that hooked in the front. I also have this cable. This is my ring. Light cable got hooked in the front. I keep the fans, as is i try. Overclocking it i don’t really like overclocking it, because i don’t, like my pc, getting a little hotter than it needs to be basically but yeah. We got the mouse keyboard and another hard drive. Well, not another hard drive.

Another flash drive that joint. I think it’s, like a hundred gigs yeah. I need a lot of space. I save things in a lot of places boom and then i have one of these hooked into. The back basically gives me more usb drives for usb cable. I have so many things usb wise hooked into this computer, like it is it’s ridiculous. So you have those two things which one of them have four things to do it, and then you got the other cable via you. So take note, got keyboard. The mouse elgato ring light. Webcam external. I know i got something else i do. I got something else. The maven act in eel at in the mouth, no, oh yeah, and then we got my midi keyboard because i also make music mac music 63 check that out. But now we finna get into the computer and i’ll show you guys the apps that i run and everything like that. So here we are here we are on my home screen. These are all the things that i run on my computer on a daily basis and when i first got it was being used extensively and it never got over 60 degrees and hold on let’s let’s bring up the. We could bring up the joint that showed everything. So i’ll have a better idea of what i’m saying be able to let you guys know in a better way a lot of things as it pertains to that.

Okay, so fun frames per second i’ve done. Videos, multiple videos on the frames per second of everything, like the frames per second on everything, i’ve done multiple videos on them uh. I think i have a few more games to come. So if you see any games on my screen right now and you haven’t seen a frames per second video trust me it’s, coming i’m working on that gta video still got to learn a few things about um about rp and how to get into lobbies and things Like that, so basically what i use on a day to day basis, uh the sims, the sims, plays great, no stuttering. Nothing. When i play the same, loving that’s, the sims 4, by the way think of swim. I also invest in stocks. I have that using a lot of my gpu, but at the same time it doesn’t even really make a difference when i play 5m, no matter. If i start from the left, recycle bin is recycle bit 2k uh, i just downloaded it recently downloaded it haven’t played it yet. I think i started it up. It was no stutters or anything like that. I got a video on that coming soon. Hopefully, after burner that’s what i was using to try and overclock, i still got some learning to do and some testing to do with that. So i don’t even really think it’s necessary valerian never played it, we’ll be playing it soon.

Yes, sir apex legends, you guys saw the video on that. You saw how it performed. Like i said this computer doesn’t get hot. I know some people report, you know that they pc gets hot like after they had it for a while, and it gets hot. I mean i don’t, you know what i’m saying i don’t know how the ventilation works. My pc, as you can see in the beginning of the video every air pocket is, you know, has a very wide range to go up, whether it’s the top the side, the back. They all have a lot of area that they could go. So you don’t want to cover up that ventilation area uh the 4k capture utility that’s, basically the elgato. What i use with that boom affinity, design and photo. I use that to make thumbnails great program runs smoothly, no stutters that’s. Why? I love this computer? How some regular pcs, i mean i’m, pretty sure even my other one – would do have some regular pcs with stutter and everything none of that arcade it’s, a plug in that i use with fl studio if anybody know anything about fl studio, it’s, basically down here, it’s Music it’s. Basically, what produces well a lot of what some producers use to make beats a lot. People use different that’s, a different video anyway. It runs so amazing on this pc it’s crazy. I have no idea what that is, but it probably has something to do with uh fl studio battle net was on y’all seen.

The video was on runs amazing. I love it. Electric x that’s, the vst that goes in the um fl studio, epic games that’s. Basically, fortnite, you guys saw the video, i mean all the videos is there, but i really just want to give you guys an update. You know what i’m saying itunes, all the basic apps. You know pro tools what we got utorrent, what we got premiere pro yeah adobe premiere pro photoshop after effects all run so smooth it’s like i just love the fact that it’s no stuttering like that is amazing. To me, like no stuttering, i’ve been like i’m. A very when it comes to my electronics i’m, like on my like. I need everything to be perfect out if it’s stutters, if it lags like i’m, going to be really irritated and frustrated, but this computer is none of that. None of that all of these script hook v’s. All these folders you see most of that is for um, gta, 5 mods. Basically, the regular um game, like you could mod that that’s. Basically, what all that stuff is perfect. Okay, i think i’ve done a video on that before ain’t. Do too crazy, but it’s definitely on the video um. Yes, damn stuff yeah. So basically i mean most most of the things i do on here, um i stream from this computer. So i stream and play from the exact same computer when i’m playing a pc game um.

What else i make beats watch youtube videos and i play games that’s about it. I’M. Pretty sure that’ll be the daily use of anybody else who had a pc but yeah and it but it’s great, and if you ever wanted to change the fan, speed or anything you get this msi afterburner and shoes. It lets you change anything with this. So, like you see the fan, speed right there, i can change that, like when i open this. It change because it’s a certain setting that’s on once this is open, so like yeah turn it off, though i don’t need that yeah don’t close that john up because yeah i still got some learning to do with after effects and stuff like that, but yeah. Well, that’s been the video be sure to like comment and subscribe.