I also have rgb mousepad also that connects to usb that i like to connect to my pc, so that when i turn it off, everything turns off with the pc. So i found myself all the time lacking usb ports, so in this video i’m gon na show you how to max out the usb ports in your pc. The operation is called usb max out i’m, not kidding. This is a true name and it’s. Well known. Look it up in the dictionary, so please, let me know in the comments how many usb ports you have on your pc and, if you’re planning to add more usb ports in the future and the way you’re gon na add it. You have mainly two ways of adding usb ports to your pc. The first one is by connecting an external usb hub to any usb port of your pc, of course, usb 3.0 port, preferably, but this method creates a mess of cables everywhere and i don’t like it. The second option is to add an internal expansion slot, and this is what i’ve already done in my pc and i’ve, made the video on this i’m going to leave a link in the description on how to add an expansion usb card in your pc. But even with this expansion card, you can also add two more ports, as you see here, by connecting them to this expansion card, and this is what i’m gon na talk about in this video today.

So let me show you here the usb expansion card that i added earlier, the one that i mentioned in the introduction of this video. So this is it here, as you notice, it has four usb 3.0 ports and it also has a usbc port. So the link for this video is in the description. If you want to see how to install it, it’s pretty easy, it’s, just a pci card, you just put it in the pci expansion slot in your pc and you power it with the sata cable. So this card here also can accommodate two more usb ports to put these usb ports. You need to purchase i’m gon na zoom in here a little bit so that you can see. So, oh okay, so you see here you have a 20 pin connector and you can get like this one here from amazon or from any other site i’m going to leave a link in the description for this cable here. So this cable has two more usb ports and it has a 20 pin connector that goes into the card. So this way, i’ll have two more usb ports and i’ll be adding like seven ports to my pc in total, on top of the ports that i already have in the pc. So one two three four five for the uspc and these two also. So it will be installed here. It takes an opening here in the case, so i should remove this here and the protection here should be removed.

So first i’m gon na install it like this and i’m gon na close this one so now i’m going to connect this connector. This is 20 pin connector. So it has a key here, so it cannot go around, and here you have a key also which is facing like this. So simply i’m gon na connect it now like this, and here it is connected. So let me tidy everything up here by putting this in a hook here, and you see that i have two more usb ports in my pc. So now my pc has. This is five six seven, and these are four ports here. These are 2.0 ports by the way these are 3.0 ports, so 7, plus 4, 11, and on the front here it has two usb 3.0 ports, so it has in total, 13 usb ports. Now i hope you like this operation usb max rdv in case you did. Please share it subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up. It will really help the channel.