Only uh, i have an unboxing video, as you guys can see. Already i mean lenovo 11 gen, i5 uh dylan. Are you going to call me your still say break my shakers, you know let’s get this box like holding okay, okay, as you guys can see – maybe turkish so so – plastic bag without the stuff, obviously plastic without banana. So here we go gucci a lenovo ideal pad it’s two in one laptop, okay, Music, so battery charger and that’s. All your 2021 model uh recently launched welcome. So this is the look for ideal pad it’s, a 360s answer here i don’t know two in one o. So, as you guys can see so yes, massey say included with the windows 10 home edition it uh it’s a 11th generation i5 processor on a nvidia graphic article, 2gb honey. This what’s your case it’s a 360.. So, as you guys can see, this is a 360. it’s, a different dragon, sucking sir all right and it’s only it can stay until maximum eight to ten hours a day. Full you season, okay, yo that’s, all guys, as you guys can see.