Manager, of course, is Apples latest multitasking option which lets you have multiple apps and windows arrange any way you want. Basically, so you can see, Ive got an apple note here: Ive got Discord, running Ive got an app called vizrev right here, and Ive also got Safari. Pulled up so a little inside baseball. What Im working on here is launching a brand new t, shirt and apparel business and thats, where Apple notes comes in so Ive got a pinned note in my Apple notes, where I can put down all my brainstorms all my ideas, whether theyre, good or bad theres. Plenty of both in there and then Ill also pull up Safari and Ill. Just have some inspiration going here. So Ive got pulled up and Im looking at some typography that I like and then as soon as I find some good examples that I can use to shoot over to a designer and say hey. I kind of like this style give me something similar or lets work off of this then Ill pull up an app called vizref, which Ive featured a few times before here on the channel, but it basically lets me build a mood board. So here Ive got a mood board for a t, shirt idea. This is just a sample project and I pulled in some typography that I found online and some t shirt examples that I like, and this group of apps all hanging out together sort of forms.

My dashboard my battle station, where I can kind of get some real work, done planning out this new business venture. Now I also make use of procreate here to kind of sketch out some ideas for some T shirts again, so that I can shoot that over to a designer. Who can do it a lot better than I can and just kind of say, heres what Im thinking, but the reason that Im using procreate instead of Apple notes for this I can sketch in both I just like the tools here. I, like the look and feel a little bit better. Now you might be wondering what Im doing with Discord Discord is the way that Im accessing the mid journey bot so mid journey is an AI app that lets you ask the computer, hey, create me a Homer Simpson style donut, and it will make it materialize and Give you a bunch of different options, and then you can do whatever you want with that Im using that as another way to sort of flesh out my ideas again, so that I can shoot those over to my designers and kind of have a good, solid starting Place and then, of course, because this is the iPad everything just kind of works together – super nice and seamlessly theres a lot of dragging and dropping instead of having to copy and paste everything its a really nice workflow by the way, with all the craziness happening economically Right now, inflation cost of living, Etc.

If youre interested in starting your own side hustle, I made a great video called five ways to earn six figures with an iPad a while back Ill link it Up Down Below by the way one of the things I cant stop using since it came out in Beta is freeform Apples, new kind of collaborative whiteboarding, app that I dont, using in collaboration with anybody. Really I just use it to dump out my thoughts and kind of do some research. So this is an example of a research project that I put together for a philosophy group that Im part of, and we were discussing the topic of abiogenesis a couple of nights ago and I used freeform as a way to pull in all this different research. From articles you can see, Ive got some just some notes that I made myself. I pulled in some screenshots from some videos here and marked those up. I pulled in an article, a typed article and I was able to go through and kind of highlight stuff and make some scribble some notes on there. And I even took some pictures of some books and pasted those in here and was able to mark those up. As well, and as you can see, you can just pull together so many different types of media of information and sort of create a system out of it in a way that you couldnt before and in the philosophy group, were talking about all the biggest questions right.

Like whats, the meaning of life, how did that get kicked off? You know what is consciousness this and obviously abiogenesis here, and what I really felt like is that I was more prepared than ever to kind of have a really in depth discussion, because it really felt like I didnt – have any limits in terms of what I could Bring with me and somebody at the group was like, can I have a copy of your notes. I was like I dont know how to get that to you. I guess I could export this as a giant PDF. But honestly, this Note file is so enormous. I put so much information in here that I was having trouble navigating it and remembering like. Where did I say this? Where did I paste that so actually I ended up with this mess, drawing a bunch of lines to kind of make myself a navigation. Within the note, and by the way, as soon as I got my hands on the beta, I made an in depth video on freeform. So if you want to do a deeper dive there and kind of see all the features and how it works, then you should definitely check that out Ill link it up down in the description now I realized so far, weve been talking about doing some work. Getting things done, but every now and then its nice to take a break and heres a cool game that you can check out when you need your next break.

Breakshot pool is a really cool turn based pool game that lets you play pool with your friends. Even if theyre not online, at the same time, kind of like Words With Friends but for pool the game is simple: its fun and its free and any in app purchases are completely optional. Both Gamers and non gamers alike are gon na love this, because its just a great and fun way to keep in touch with friends plus and how many games give you this its cross platform, so IOS and Android users can play against each other, so whether youre Super into pool – or you just love, multiplayer games as much as I do, or you just want to try something new. You can check out breakshot pool using the link down in the description okay, so I do a lot of writing on the iPad things like scripts. Sometimes some articles am. I writing. Abstract, really consists mostly of Apple nodes, mind node, which I rely on heavily for outlining just kind of organizing my ideas and also Jasper, my favorite AI writing, assistant. Now Apple notes is kind of my placeholder for ideas, and I like to just kind of keep things there. You can see. Ive got an anchor topic list here for some video ideas that I might create at any given time and then, when its actually time to produce use a video Ill pick an idea and open up my node like heres.

What I did for this actual video its like Inception, how I use my iPad Pro in real life, and I put together kind of my intro and my topics here and right now, I guess were somewhere down here about writing scripts. I feel, like I talk about my note all the time so Im not gon na overdo it right now other than to say its really great here on the iPad Pro, because I can grab something and just completely move it around and its a super easy way To reorder some thoughts and make that outline that you need to make for so many different things, but I think what I like most about it is that its everywhere, its literally on all my devices, including my Apple watch but thats. Not the only kind of writing that I do oftentimes Im using Jasper when I need to do some kind of marketing and Jaspers got all these great templates here, whether I need to summarize some content or maybe create a product description. The content improver is very useful. These are just some of the templates that you can use. Ive used the feature to benefit template very often. I use that for my last course, and it really helped me to kind of generate some really powerful marketing material, which resulted in thousands and thousands of dollars of sales, which I probably wouldnt have had without the help of Jasper. Here. Of course, one of the best features of Jasper is boss mode, which lets me say something like write about: the history of Apple computer and say compose and its just gon na spit out a history of Apple computer, thats, plagiarism free.

I can hit compose again and itll keep at it, and then I can tweak this information if I need to make some changes really powerful way to get a lot written in a short amount of time. So a lot of people use this for, like their Instagram descriptions, you know theres a million different uses and you can see the buttons here responding to the new Apple pencil hover feature and it does work with the scribble feature as well. If you prefer to use the apple pencil, so a very powerful tool in the Arsenal which Ill link up down below for you, while were at it Ill just mention, I did design several of the wallpapers in the Daily Tech wallpaper store on the iPad right here. Using affinity and some other apps, but if youre looking for some new wall paper to set your devices, apart from what everybody else is using theres, some really great options there. But the other way that Im using my iPad Pro is at my desk. Alongside my MacBook Pro now, let me just explain something here. It was just a couple days ago when I put out a video talking about using the iPad Pro with an external display and having an iPad based desk setup, and I just want to make sure to say I could completely get by with using that setup. To run my business and run my life, if I wanted to now that we have a Final Cut Pro alternative coming, which would be which would be DaVinci Resolve, but its not quite here yet, but I already own the MacBook Pro and Im kind of doing The Best of Both Worlds approach here, which is Ive, got my MacBook Pro Set up on my brand new 12 South curve Flex, monitor stand, which I just featured in a Mac accessories, video, which again Ill link up down below.

I feel like Im saying that a bunch Ive got this studio, display sitting right in front of me and then Ive got my iPad Pro off to the left now with universal control. The cool thing about this setup is that I can use one keyboard and mouse setup to control both the mac and the iPad. So I get all the iPad benefits with the apple pencil and I also get all the Mac benefits with different set of apps. For instance, and a bit more power under the hood now, how am I using all this equipment? Well, one thing I do all the time is edit photos and different assets over on the iPad and kind of kick it back and forth between the mac and the iPad, so Ill save a frame, for instance, for a thumbnail out of Final Cut Pro over on The Mac and Ill kick it over to Affinity or something on my iPad Pro and do some edits, or do some markups its great for just like drawing arrows or writing some handwritten text. Things like that! Kick it back over to the Mac! For a few! Other final touches, you know and then publish it now, since Im doing the best of both worlds approach its funny, because I pretty much leave my portable MacBook Pro its a 14 inch at the desk. All the time, almost like its a desktop right and when I go somewhere, I grab the iPad Pro.

I think that says a lot about how I perceive those kind of just intuitively and which one I bring with me when Im portable, but yeah thats it for the this video. If you have any questions about the things that you saw in this video or how Im doing something with the setup, then drop me a comment. Let me know dont forget to check out the podcast and the newsletter both come out on Fridays and theyre, packed full of information that youre not going to get here on the channel or anywhere else its exclusive stuff.