I should share this. I should document it and share it with you guys, because i’ve had so many emails and comments over the years. There’S people asking. How do you set up your laptop? What do you do? What’S, your personal preference of setting this stuff up, and i thought why not share it, because this is just a clean and simple way of how i do it, and i know some of you guys are into that as well. So here we go right from the beginning, every device i get in whether it’s a review unit or something that i have for my personal use. I format them like. I don’t rely on windows, app removal system. I don’t feel like it’s clean enough there’s, always some kind of bloatware that’s just stuck inside you can’t, truly remove unless you straight up format it. So i do that, and the next thing i do is i remove as much software as i can, even after that fresh install like if there’s an uninstall button, there’s a pretty good chance that i’m going to click it. Now. After that, i usually install the kind of control software for the laptop so because these are laptops and not desktops. You can’t just rely on windows, update to have all the software that you need there’s, usually some kind of master control software from the manufacturer like for razer it’s, their synapse software for alienware it’s, their command center for asus it’s, their rog software there’s, usually something that You have to download to be able to have the full access of like performance and fan, control and battery control.

So i get it now before. Like a year ago, i used to try to run my devices without that, even but it’s, just too crippling so yeah. I use it and then, after that i install my regular software, so i use something called midnight it’s a package management software. It just builds this installer, so you can have your popular apps load up all at once, it’s, not something that everyone needs to use. It’S, like a mild time saver but it’s, convenient and then i’ll install like adobe products and whatever i would use for video editing now. The next step is that i actually go into these softwares and i do as much removal of automated processes as possible, particularly with adobe they’ve, gone, really aggressive over the years of just like automatically doing stuff. When you don’t want to do it, and i turn all that stuff off and same thing goes with other apps, i go into the kind of startup menu and remove everything that i can so it doesn’t boot up with anything that i don’t want, and it keeps The system fast right, i don’t, have any app that loads at startup, not even steam, not discord, nothing it’s, just if i want to use it, i’ll load it up, and then i go into privacy settings now. This is something personal to me. Obviously, not everyone cares about privacy, but i try to do as much as i can to reduce what data i’m giving off to microsoft.

I know that i run chrome and i think chrome is like hemorrhaging data all the time to google that’s something i have to live with, but in terms of what i sent off to microsoft over the past few years, they’ve gotten more and more greedy with what They’Re taking so i go into the privacy settings, i turn off everything that i can and i go into the background apps and i turn off everything that i do not use, so the end result is hopefully a system that is clean ish. I know it’s not like perfectly clean and i used to run scripts and stuff, but nowadays in 2021 i don’t i don’t use stuff like ccleaner. I don’t use automated scripts, like all that stuff is just. It feels like overkill and i’ve busted a couple devices using software, not so much software, but scripts yeah. I just i stay away from that stuff when it comes to a device that i rely on for everyday use now in terms of the kind of software setup. That’S the that’s, basically, where it ends, i try to keep it as clean and as simple as possible. Now in terms of the aesthetics, i do spend a little bit of time on this stuff, like i don’t think everybody should. This is just like a personal preference, but i do this centered icon, like the taskbar, so i switch between a windows device and a mac os device really frequently – and i, like my icons, centered right in the middle of the screen.

So i do this thing with the center task bar and because it’s built into windows, like you don’t, need any kind of third party application to do. This i’ll explain it real quickly, it’s, a good 30. Second thing: you right, click, the taskbar! You go into the settings and you do three things you unlock the taskbar, then you set its location to the bottom and then you set the taskbar buttons to have hidden labels, and then you want to right click. The taskbar again you’ll go to the toolbars at the top turn on the links and then you’ll see a links section appear on the right side of the screen. You want to drag that over to the left past the app icons as well as turning off the titles on that links section and then now you can freely move that taskbar left and right. So you slide it to the middle. You have to eyeball it here. There’S no real guidance, but move it to the middle and then lock it back up and then now you have this simple, clean taskbar that has a centered group of icons and i, like the look it’s not for everyone. I think it’s gon na be a little bit disorienting for people who are used to just going to the left all the time you might have to get used to this centered group of icons, but it’s a nice look now. The last thing is this thing up here, so this is rain meter.

This is a third party application now years ago, like i want to say, like 10 15 years ago, i used to run rain meter and it was a much more system, taxing application back, then it’s really lightweight now. So this is, i don’t, know 11 12. Megs of memory and no or basically no cpu usage. So this is just a simple date and time that i have running all the time and yeah that’s my setup now i’m going to go into more details in the description like i kind of glazed over a lot of stuff here, because i feel like i don’t Want to bore you in too much detail, but i’ll go through it in a little more uh specificity in the description down below. But if there’s any questions you have about what i do and how i do i’ll try to go through the comments on this one. There you have it. This is how i set up my laptops in terms of my personal use. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs. You liked it subs.