This is krishvu so recently i have got this new samsung galaxy tab, so this video is about how i got nearly 33 discount on this tab. This tab goes to around 32 000 rupees, but i have gotten it for 22. 000 rupees, so it also have a stylus with it. So this is samsung galaxy, s6, Music, Music, but things about there are many different discounts that you can get. If you are a student or if you are a working professional in educational system, you can get student discount based on your uh student email or your student report cards and stuff. So companies like samsung and apple provide these kind of discounts so i’m going to take. You to the samsung’s website, where we are going to see the current rate of this product and how we can get the discounts and not only on this product. You can get a lot of different discounts on all the samsung products and all the apple products. You just need to have a student id and save your printing money, so let me take you to the website. So, as you can see, yes, so let’s see now how we can avail the samsung offers so let’s first go to the samsung website. So, as we can see here, the prices listed at 31 999, so they have already given us the discount of 4 000 rupees. Now what we can do is we can go to the bottom of the website here we will find all these rates and then there are these uh links here we can find samsung student advantage and as we go there, these are the uh.

These are the discounts, especially for the students who want to use samsung products, so you can see graduate to a smarter life. So these are the benefits. Uh. There is a special price discount, then free damage insurance, then affordable, emis and easy exchange. So you can login with your email, id student, email id so i’m, going to just login and log in as you can see, this is my student discount and it is going to give me flat 10 percent, most probably so. We can go to the samsung tablet and, as we can see, i’ve chosen the option without the sim, because i really didn’t think i need the sim card in my tablet and i am not going to use it for the calling we can go to the buy. Now tab – and here we can see the all other discounts that are there, so you can you ha. You have blue gray pink. So now it is costing on 25 000 rupees and we can get some more discounts using hdfc bank credit card, so that’s. How so i also use htfc bank credit card and that’s why i got the 3000 instant discount, so this was the cheap product comparatively, but if you are going to buy any expensive thing, then hdfc bank credit card also offers up to 15 000 of instant cashback. So that’s a really great thing to. I will highly recommend you to check out these offers before buying any stuff.

I will highly recommend you to firstly search for the different discounts and coupons that you can get uh before buying a product, because i’ve seen a lot of students who didn’t who never knew about samsung education and discount – and i was like these discounts are for students. Only so we should take benefit from it if you know any other ways to get discounts. Definitely tell me in the comment section below so i’m going to use this that to make a lot of fun videos very soon, so stay tuned for that.