. So let me explain: usually Nepali Market gaming laptops limited models due to limited market availability. This is where level 51 comes in level 51. If there is options, color calibration graphics card Ram, SSD with Wi, Fi, internal components, materials um, so uh gaming or productivity laptop segment as a level 51 Utah Enthusiast Brando just lays his reliable performance like prioritize, also over everything else. Level. 51 XP laptop. Yes, 7. 12. 700 CPU, like 130 watt, RTX 3060 gpus with 16GB ddr4 Ram 500 GB nvme SSD, the Euro configuration price, most Gamers or content. Creators are like say you set up sufficient nature demanding, sir, especially in terms of GPU level, 51, RTX, 3070 TI or 30 ATT. I go options: Enthusiast brand Mobile Battery, see they monitor yeah, different Kura, customized Corner socks, so including performance plan, a fan go speed, CPU, undervolting and so much more core performance. This is a really powerful laptop. Similarly, gaming results, as you can see, from the one percent low results, so that means key level: 51 XP battery long hours, summer, Penny stable gaming experience full processors, 85 Degrees 45 degrees. So that should not be a big problem. Level. 51 XP mayota is two options um. This is a very good laptopsis. 1440P display is more than enough. Qhd panels are, with 165hz refresh rate, Zoom, say, default. Magic color calibrated, yes, 98 srgb raw 94 DCI, P3 gamut cover level 51. Laser Amelia test scores within that range, so that means display cool color.

Reproduction movies static, crackling noise is the popular gaming laptop foreign Toyota Mini DisplayPort 1.4 honey Iota HDMI 2.0 Utah Lan Port Utah, combine audio jack micro, SD card reader, the building yeah or see what our batteries as expected battery life is not very good. Um color calibration cleanup thermal paste, reapplication, Etc person, which is just great as your primary laptop, do.