This is the framework laptop and it was conceived and sold as a modular upgradable machine that you could swap out any part that got too old or stopped working to keep everything else running for longer. Now, a year after its release, the company has put out its first major main board, upgrade that will take this from an 11th generation intel chip to a 12th generation and apparently its easy enough that anyone can do it. And i count myself as anyone so im going to try and do it. I have with me my trusty framework screwdriver. I dont know if you can see that in the close up here and framework, publish ifixit style guides to guide you through repairing it. According to the website, replacing the main board in its entirety will take 15 minutes, so i dont know whether were gon na get to 15 minutes, but we will see the first thing we do. Is we pop out all the ports im gon na? Have the guide in front of me because i am not an experienced uh laptop repairer i used to you know i used to be fairly confident doing this sort of stuff, but i think after a while the muscle memory goes and then you get quite fearful. Theres four ports in these sort of ducts, as you can see, there are these little expansion cards that connect over usbc, but you can basically swap in and out of the ports that you want.

So if you want full usb c, you can but theres a micro sd card reader, theres hdmi theres. I mean on this one at least theres a usbc theyre quite stiff to get out and in fact, as part of as part of this release as well um. The companys also um announcing its first new expansion card, which is an ethernet expansion card. Its got this very nice sort of transparent, look going on in order to replace the guts of this thing you just unscrew Music, and then this should, if ive got this right. Pop off ill be very careful here, because there is a card everythings designed so that someone like me can just you know: um, not freak out everythings, very clearly labeled, and there are these qr codes here and here and here and here, and these will all go To pages on the framework website, that will tell you what you need to do in order to fix or repair the particular issue. Now we have to do the bit thats in red text where it is disconnect the battery. So what i have to do is pull this out, but being mindful of the fact that i have to do it without bending any pins there. We are because now ive got to pull the speaker out from the main board, using your fingernail flick, the black latch on the connectors. Ah, there we go that wasnt, so bad. Okay, now we have to disconnect the display.

Is that the webcam cable? It says jcam on the motherboard there we go all right, so remove the wi fi module release the black and white wi fi antenna cables. First dont hit the ram dont hit the ram louie rossman definitely earns his money. I can tell you that. Do i just have to leave that sticking out? Okay, so now we just got to pull the ram out. Oh there we go there we go and then we just got to slide these out. So now we need to pull the storage off and then i can just slide that out. Okay, so now i have to remove the five main board: fasteners Music lifting out the main board therell, be lots of people uh very annoyed. At my timidity im sure i have to send this back to the company theyll, be you know, theyll be shouting at me. If i break it, dont touch any of the components on the board. Ive already just touched the bottom, sorry, okay. So this is the old main board. I dont think you do this on a single generation, but if you keep this for sort of, i dont know say five years or four years and by that point, if, if the company can sort of make good on its promise, then youll be able to sort Of make that leap, then this model is the the mid range machine from last year and that system on the chip had a 2.

8 gigahertz core 7, 1165 g7 and in the box is a core i7. 1260P. If you just buy this on its own, it will cost you 699. You can also get a core i5 1240p for 499 and if you want, you can also get the flagship boulder lake i7, 1280p, but thats going to set you back 1049, which is the price of a new laptop. Really, but again, this is part of the idea that you can. You can go for more frequent chip upgrades because youre not spending on the screen, the deck anything else you know. This is why i think framework has has attracted so much interest. This is the scary bit now i have to put the new main board in its only 700, its i can. I can, if i break it, i can afford that its fine. I cant afford it, but now we have to put everything back. There are two screw holes on here, so i should just be able to drop this in on top of those ah and then next to them are two little holding doodads just drops in thats great ive, always liked the fact that the the laptop is signed. So the uh, the team who made it have got their names on the left side of the board. Here, a nice little touch. Okay, battery pins are the battery pins straight lets. Have a look. You know what you should have told me to do this before i screwed it in, and they do look straight, though, see because im paranoid about bending the pins so im, probably taking about four or five times longer than i could, or should someone in the comments Going ill, just shove, it in whats likely to happen is theres gon na be like a hard cut in this video any second, oh someone just flashed red at me.

I dont know what that means, but im now more nervous. Ah, it looks like it is: not im, not the only person to find a board with the the right most uh battery connector pin. So the option is to straighten it and hope for the best or abandon the video. There definitely wasnt any problem with the pins and i definitely didnt just uh move the bent, pin back into place with a pair of very, very expensive, uh tweezers. Okay. So now everything is just everything is just putting everything back as it was yes, okay right. This is now this is now loading come on, while were waiting for this to load, actually ill say as well. So framework are very aware of the fact that people who do upgrade are going to have the older main boards that are left over its offering a series of card designs so that you can sort of turn these into effectively gussied up raspberry pi, because certainly this Is a last year um intel chip? This has many years of life left in it, and certainly its plenty powerful enough. Theyve got some basic designs for you to 3d print, your own enclosure, and then there are hobbyist projects theres. This really gorgeous hobbyist project, where theyve made it into sort of retro sort of fallout style terminal. So, having now put everything back together, the first thing i will say is that it took a lot longer than the promised 15 minutes, although to be fair um.

I was talking to the camera a lot and also this is the first time ive really had to get into the guts of this machine. I think now i could probably do it in 15 minutes now. I know the layout this really isnt intimidating and it shouldnt be intimidating being able to make basic repairs on a machine like this shouldnt be something that you have to go and see a repair technician, for it should be entirely possible to do basic stuff like this. Without it being a problem, the fact that i could do something as extensive as swapping out the main board, with relatively little stress, speaks volumes to to frameworks achievement. Here. I think im more impressed now than i was a year ago. Framework is setting the standard by which a lot of other laptop companies need to start meeting in terms of sustainability and repairability and modularity. If you want to learn more about this laptop, you can read my review from last year. Ive also got a piece about the upgrade process and obviously, if you just want to stay in touch with all of the exciting developments in the worlds of technology and science, then you should visit engadget.