It’s actually happening.. In fact, it already happened. Well isn’t that cool I’ve never seen anything like it. Man. What happened? What what Hey want? Some tech tips man, what happened? Nvidia launched the RTX 3060 graphics card yesterday and by launched, I mean shuffled a few boxes through their doggy door, where they were promptly set upon and devoured by, the starving, hoards of gamers.. Of course, it’s no surprise that the cards sold out almost immediately given the ongoing stock shortage, which is a shame since it’s, actually a decent, mid range card and a worthy successor to the GTX 1060.. As I said in the full review online at tech, tips. Newegg is now raffling off chances to buy cards, which is just bonkers. Man, But overall But overall.. It seems like invidious plan to cripple the 3060s mining power and introduce mining specific cards down the line. Didn’t. Do basically Jack all for availability., However, according to a new leak in video’s, first, two mining cards, the CMP 38 checks and 48 checks appear to be based off of Turing 12 nanometer GPUs, instead of ampere eight nanometer GPUs, which is of course, what the RTX three Series is built on., So maybe they do have our best interests in mind after all. Stay tuned for later in the year when we find out that the 50 X is built on ampere and NVIDIA stole eight nanometers GPUs from the RTX division to make them ha Ha or maybe not, but maybe they will man – Oh, but I’ll – definitely make a video about it.

. A judge has ordered Valve to comply really man Ha ha ha That’s, so stupid. man – Oh, I love it. A judge has ordered valve to comply with Apple’s subpoena asking for steam game sales. Data after Valve initially refused to provide it., But then, instead of submitting data from as early as 2015 Valve will only have to go back to 2017. With the judge remarking that Apple has salted the earth with subpoenas in its quest to repel attacks from Epic games over the iOS apple stores, monopolistic practices. man, You get some dinner, you get us some dinner Thanks for that. Apple says that their request is perfectly reasonable.. I mean they only asked for data on 436 games instead of 30000 Steam Games., They totally could have done that., So you should be. Grateful. Valve Valve apparently has until mid March to comply with the order, or else the company’s conflict will be decided with a one V, one between Team Apple and gave in in that’s right there on it. Man, Neutral ground. And the semiconductor shortage affecting every product that uses chips, which is basically every product, is reportedly going to get worse. Thanks in part to another type of shortage in Taiwan., The country is experiencing a massive drought, so chip makers, like tsmc, are buying truckloads Of water in an attempt to get out ahead of the national water supply restrictions, so they can continue production. Because you see their plants run on hydrogen fuel.

Cells. man, Wow Wow, just kidding the people who work there need to drink water, ha ha and also you need water for other stuff for manufacturing.. Anyway, aside from that market, analysts believe that it will take three or four quarters. So a year before semiconductor supply meets demand.. The situation is so bad that US president Joe Biden signed an executive order this week, launching a review of the supply chain and committing 37 billion to addressing the chip bottleneck right, I mean we’re a little late there, Joe man Yeah. Where was the executive order a year ago, where he’s getting rid of the tariffs, but man Yeah, whatever sup Riley, now it’s time for quick bits brought to you by Dr. Fone, the seamless way to move your chat, app message: history between iOS and Android, devices. It’s, Like you’re, getting an organ transplant except the organs, are your messages and attachments from WhatsApp WhatsApp business line, Viber, Kik or WeChat., and you can backup those organs too nice.. The good Dr. Fone also lets you preview and check any item you want and export it to. Your computer as an HTML file for reading or printing, all while being completely secure. So check out Wondershare Dr. Fone by clicking the link below. Thanks, Riley., Hey did you ever hear of BitQuicks man, Woo Bloomberg and Wired have both published deep dives into just what the Heck happened to Stadia Well, it turns out, despite a lot of big talk, the service received drastically lower sales than expected and spent tens of millions of dollars per title really just to port major games from publishers like Ubisoft and Take Two.

. Stadia’S leaders were presumably shocked that such a strategy could lead to overspending., But I mean I don’t know what were they supposed to do with that money? Pay news, publishers, man, Hey Australia, has gone ahead and passed legislation designed to force Google and Facebook to pay for links to news articles even after the two tech giants spent the last two weeks, frantically making deals with publishers.. The law is a bit Tamer than its original version. Now giving tech companies a longer window of time to make such deals before being forced into arbitration., But it’s there now., So let’s just hope that Google doesn’t make the Koch brothers. Is that really how you pronounce this Ko Koch I’m going to go with Koch, brothers. Let’s, hope it doesn’t make them go out of business when they suddenly realized. This is costing a lot of money which I yeah, but I guess would be fine.. Cyberpunk 2077 won’t. Be getting its next update until mid March, thanks to the notorious ransomware hack that struck developers, CD PROJEKTRED., The companies developers are reportedly still locked out of their workstations.. Oh no! We can’t run good heavens, because the hack, which makes well patching to gain a little Trixie man, Have you tried, Although the source code might actually be out there somewhere on the internet., So maybe the maybe the devs could like hack it back from the hackers hack Exception. And Twitter announced that they’re testing a community’s feature similar to Facebook groups as well as other features that could help monetize the social platform, including tipping options and super follows Which would give paid subscribers access to special super tweets from it’s coming.

Super tweeters man There. It is Question, though I mean, would any of you pay for photos of me with it like smooth music, half of my clothing removed man? Oh no, Hey, hey don’t don’t. Tell anybody man No it’s! Only for the fans. man Yeah. It is superman. And Facebook’s portal device, as well as the Oculus Quest too, will soon respond to the phrase: hey Facebook and execute voice. Commands., Oh goodie., Um. How about this Hey, Facebook? Let Oculus go! Let them go Oculus if you’re in their blink twice. man. Oh you’re, a good singer, Hey Facebook, if you’re listening, this episode is over by the way., So we’ll come back on Friday for more tech, news. The rest of you., Hey you’re, not Facebook., Go celebrate.