In case you dont know Ill try to be. You know fairly Broad in my coverage here in order to boot into the windows 11 installation on Surface Duo. You actually have to plug it into your computer and run a command through ADB in order for that to happen so thats what were going to do were going to plug ourselves into the computer and were going to run that command now. Ive made this somewhat uh simpler for myself by creating a series of shortcuts, and I think I may have actually seen where Gus has sort of uploaded some scripts of his own. But I have done them in my own way, and this is what they look like. Theyre literally just shortcuts and what they do whenever you look at them and you see the target youll see what they do, they CD into my ADB folder and then they run a command and then they do a timeout to wait and they run another command and It works really really well. His scripts may work better. I dont know, but if I double click on that there youll see that it just popped up and uh youre, not gon na, be able to see this because its just not a great way for me to show you both of these things, but they do 201. Just went black itll wait 15 seconds and then right about the time that it is ready to receive that next command its going to send it.

I can actually reduce that cooldown a little bit because its ready closer to like 12 seconds, but this is you, know safe enough, so now its injecting the boot.img, which is basically the uh, the UEFI that boots us into windows 11.. And then, at this point or pretty close to now, my Surface duo will pop up in a little bootloader screen here. That will ask me to press the power button to boot into Windows there. It is were going to press that there and we should be booting at this point. We can actually unplug it from our computer and youll see uh from here. What that booting process actually does look like. I might skip a little bit of this part. Some graphical glitches there on the right screen, which does tend to happen during this booting process, but it should go away and we should be okay now so were going to swipe up and were going to put in our pin and Im going to turn down the Brightness on this here in this seconds that you can actually see what on Earth is going on, because this is a problem whenever you first boot in it is like brighter than the surface of the Sun and it doesnt uh. It doesnt know what to do about that, so you have to actually go in and kind of reduce that yourself. I think that will be a pretty good look there. So this is Windows 11.

On my Surface Duo now, Ive had to just recently do a clean install for this last update, so theres not a whole lot of anything installed on here, but you can see that a lot of this stuff is working. You know kind of surprisingly well right, like its fairly performant lets open up Edge and you can see how fast that opened up. Wi Fi is working, but for some reason, Im not connected lets, go ahead and connect to my Wi Fi automatically, and we should be able to load up YouTube here in just a moment since Im connected but yet have no internet. That should not be true. Okay. There we go were good: okay, okay, if something strange just happened where Ive lost my icons, I think something crashed there. Whatever were: okay were gon na refresh here and load up YouTube and youll see it does load up. You know relatively quickly, maybe not the quick. You know as quick as as youd like it to be, but I think that the biggest problem here is that theres, no audio the speakers dont actually work. If click on this lets go to subscriptions and well load up. One of my videos, its great in that it works and it plays and everythings cool there, but again theres, no audio, so youre gon na have to um bluetooth, earbuds or something like that for that to work. I have also turned off uh the windows snapping uh stuff, so that I can drag stuff across the two screens before as you got here, it would want to do a snap layout and it would get very confusing.

So you kind of want to get rid of that and then just use the min max buttons up there at the top open up file explorer and we can drag this over. There looks like I opened it up twice on accident. You know one thing that would be really cool to see would be the ability to, for you know for it to remember like if Im, if Im hitting the file browser over here, open it on this screen, if its over here open it on this screen, because Right now, it does not know like if I close that its just going to open it back up uh, where it just was it doesnt, remember where that should be so like. If I close it again and then I open it up over here, its yeah its going to be over there, so that would be something really really cool to see. Auto rotate is also pretty weird like sometimes it doesnt do anything for me and then sometimes it does, but only one screen rotates. You can see right now that nothing is happening and its possible that I just dont have that setting turned on, but we can. We can look at that lets go into our uh. Our settings here see it popped up on the other screen, which I wish it wouldnt do whatever were over here, so well, just roll with that lets go into display, and you can kind of see here that how Windows sees these two monitors, its actually kind of Cool to look at here you can actually set which one you want to be the primary display and if we scroll down here, rotation lock is off so yeah.

It should have been rotating yeah, it should have been rotating there, but it wasnt so Im not really sure whats going on with auto rotation. So now that we have it kind of booted up – and I can use it as a point of reference here – well, look at this screen here – well, scroll down and well, look at whats working and what is now working so lets go to the stuff thats working. First left and right screen multi touch is working on both the digitizer is working on both but calibration as needed. Otherwise works. Fine, it says so your surface pin will be working. Just fine. Bluetooth is working so that kind of helps with the audio thing, because you can, you know pair a speaker or some earbuds or something to it and kind of get around that at that point. Ufs basically is to do with the storage and so thats working fine. The side buttons are working okay. So, strangely enough, even though the audio is not working, your side buttons are working, you can actually see the volume changing down there. Of course nothings actually happening, and then the power button is also functioning, although that does always reset the brightness, which is again as bright as the surface of the Sun theres. Also, some weirdness with the brightness uh toggle itself. The slider itself is a little inaccurate. The lid Hull sensor is working, so if you close it and open it, it does know that thats happening thermal sensors vibration is working.

Both batteries are functioning. So, as you know, on Duo, maybe you dont know. There are two separate batteries right, one on each side. They are both functional a little bit more on that later, both displays are working. Gps is working, Miracast, Wi, Fi, cellular data, cellular text, cellular e, sim cellular calls is a bit of a work in progress. I must admit I dont know much about how this worked on the Lumia project, but, as you can kind of read the text here, there are some things you can do in terms of provisioning to potentially make this work, but its not something thats just straight away. Working the uh camera flash is working. Although the camera itself is not the flash is working, the GPU is functional. In fact, I have ran some small games on here. Ive installed Steam and ran some games Ill link to that video below performance is honestly better than you might expect and as we get better GPU drivers down the line as hes able to kind of share these things up, potentially the ability to run games at lower Resolution gaming might actually be like kind of a crazy decent thing on here. Uh modern standby is apparently functional, although I will say that when my device is closed in standby for very long when I open it back up, it is off. It does crash with some pretty strong regularity system on a chip cores the prime core frequency isnt scaled up, so probably still missing some some performance, although it does actually still run fairly well.

Usbc is apparently still being worked on and I can attest to this USBC dongles uh, powerless dongles. In particular. We have some problems. Basically, with these things. Sometimes I plug in a dongle and it works other times it doesnt and thats a bit of a bit of a pain because with something like this running full windows, you kind of want to be able to plug it into a USBC Hub of some kind and The fact that that sometimes works and sometimes doesnt it for me, is a little bit of a troubling thing calibration for these sensors isnt being automatically copied over pedometers motion. Sensors are not currently functional. The charger is a problem. You cant actually charge this device in Windows. You have to shut it down boot into Android and then begin charging, or I reckon if you just turn it off. I think your charger when its turned off at that point, although plug it in May booted in Android anyway, so charging in Windows is not possible. Audio, as I said, is uh not working, although I do want to say the fact that this says incubating, I think charging is really close. I think were really close to having that which is going to be a really big one. Hdmi out is incubating as well. So its not there currently, but it may be coming soon. The camera sensor is not functional. So using this as a webcam or something is not a thing, you can quite do yet.

Fingerprint scanner is also not functional. I do not know what hyper v is and I have not looked into it, so I wont speculate on that one, this cellular option he says untested due to lack of app and software currently so that is kind of where were at okay. Theres been a lot of really good progress and theres some potential here for sure, but there are also still a lot of things that are in the way of daily driving. This thing, Ive seen a lot of people say: oh Androids, going so poorly right now Ill. Just install Windows and daily drive that no, I really dont think that you will and theres so much of it. I could cover and so much I could talk about that. I dont I dont, really know how I could even go about doing. It would be really really like crazy video to make, but if we look at this thing, okay, so there are some things that are a little bit troubling like. If I want to click up here in this address bar, you would think thatd be easy, but Ive just clicked on Feedly Ive, clicked on Ive opened up a new tab now like getting into that app like on the edges of the display, like its really really Hard to get the touch response to do what you want it to do so that still needs a lot of calibration, and that is something that would drive me absolutely insane.

Something that you know isnt actually as bad as you might think, is the typing experience the keyboards, not half bad, and it will generally pop up whenever you need it, although you can also pin it down there so that you can just open it whenever you actually Need it to open, I dont think when you go into phone mode, I think both screens yeah both screens just stay on so phone mode is, is not a thing at all. I mean it really comes down to reliability. Right, like were probably the problem were having with Duo, is that its not reliable, right now text messages phone calls. Do you think this is going to be more reliable and then with the touch response stuff, the lack of apps, the crashing when you are in standby, theres, a lot of stuff that needs to be still short up now all that being said, what has been done Already is incredibly impressive, like there is promise here. In my mind, though, the things Ive just mentioned, you know they they need to be fixed. This stuff needs to be needs to be functional, but then, beyond that, you know for this to truly be like a good experience. We need some sort of a graphical user interface or something thats going to take advantage of the dual screens, something thats going to make it like. I said where you, you click on an app on one screen and opens on this screen, and you know were actually utilizes this correctly, instead of doing what it does on normal Windows, where it just opens that, wherever because, unlike on a regular computer with a mouse And keyboard, where its really easy to grab a window with your mouse and throw it over there on this, with your finger, its really like cumbersome and annoying Im, actually in the process of installing Steam on here again, but its like really annoying like lets say this Opens up on the wrong screen and I want to move it well.

I got to do this and I cant just carry through most of the time. It usually stops right, so you have to like get it halfway through and then grab it again like this stuff. Just doesnt doesnt work that well so theres a lot of work that needs to be done even if Windows 11, just as itself was working like perfectly Windows. 11 does not work perfectly on this device, its going to need additional work to work well on Surface Duo, thats beyond getting all the hardware working correctly. So it again, I dont want to sound like Im, like dumping on what Gus has done here, because its unbelievably impressive, like this is so much further along than I ever thought it would be. The graphical glitches are effectively gone once youre, actually using the device. Its much more performant than I thought, its more performant than the Lumia devices were, and people use them quite a bit. So if youre in illumia Windows user, this is already faster than that by a pretty good margin in terms of just raw performance. Now Snapdragon 855 is a lot more powerful than this stuff. That was in those old Lumia phones, but this is an odd form factor, a lot more Hardware to get fixed and the software is going to have to do something to work. Well, with this Hardware, as far as Im concerned, to make it a really good experience and that may never really happen all that being said, you know, look if the crashings gone, you can charge it.

The speakers are working. You know theres going to be people that are going to want to daily drive that and at that point, if that, if thats true and it becomes reliable in that sense – and I can pop a Sim in and text and call from it – you know – maybe its Not for me, but maybe at that point it would be for you, so I guess you know if the question is, how close are we to daily driving that I think thats? The answer were as close as getting the crashing the charging and the speakers working. If all those things are functional and the phone calls are are easy to set up at least or somewhat easy to set up, I I think it would be daily drivable for some people that day is not today, but maybe its coming sooner than later. This will be in a playlist of a lot of other videos on this subject: Windows 11 on Duo specifically.