One of these first phones to have that there's a couple out now, but because it has the Kirin 980, which is huawei's flagship, chipset in a mid range phone, and it also has the new Sony 48 megapixel sensor. So the full specs of this phone are right up here. If you're into your specs, you can check that out there and also some time codes. This is going to be a long review, so that's right up here, I'm, going to go into a lot of detail. Cover a lot of things, so in the box you obviously get the phone now I just wanted to point out. It comes with a pre applied screen protector and it's. Also like this protector on the back that you will pull off and we're on the phone in just a second, we get, of course, a USB to type C, cable and then our charger. Now this has a maximum rating of 5 volts 4.5 amps. Now it's, not the 40 watt super charger, but in my testing it still charges the phone really quick, four thousand milliamp hour battery in just about 1 hour and 40 minutes, just under one hour and 40 min to it, which is really good to know. I get some instruction leaflets there and in a cemetery tool, and we also do get a clear case for it. They included TPU case is not a premium one, but it does offer all the protection you need for the phone straight away, which is better than nothing.

So it protects all of the buttons on the side, protects the cameras, the fingerprint reader and even the screen to if you place it, facedown wait a certainly acceptable at the hundred and 85 grams, so the rear of the phone has this glass finish to it. That is very slippery when your hands are cold, especially now in winter, but the curvature of it is very nice in hand. We have a middle frame around here that has a matte coating, the volume button. It has a texture to it, so you can distinguish with that from the volume rocker and then this is packing Sony's new 48 megapixel sensor. So this has an aperture of f, 18 and it's, backed up by a time of flight sensor, which is also used to get your backgrounds. When you take those portrait, photos, dual tone LED flash and then our rear fingerprint sensor, which is blazing fastest thing unlocks and under half a second on the top. You will find a secondary mic here in transmitter and then an ambient light sensor. Yes, it is located here because they didn't have room for it up front and then, thankfully, this one does have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. They did not lose it along the bottom. You will find two antenna lines either side of the type C port, our loudspeaker and then the main microphone on the left you'll find the SIM tray, which will take just two nano Sims there's, no expandability of the storage here.

So whatever version you buy, make sure that that's going to be enough for your needs, so we now have these little holes in the screen for the front facing camera, which is 25 megapixels, with an aperture of f11 galaxy a8 s that I'm looking at the hole There isn't quite as bad this one's smaller and the top bezel, as well as smaller, but what I'm seeing around the hole is a little bit of what I call like shadowing. You can see the darker patches they're, the same things happening with the view 20 right here as well, but at least they're bezel and the black around at the border is a lot slimmer than Samsung's you're gon na spot. This right here on the bottom of the screen and that's a lot of shadowing right there. So you can see where it says, skip you can see how there's that black that's just bleeding into it, and it does not look very good it's, in fact very poor on the screen. If I move it now, where it says enable there you'll notice too, around that edge a very dark little look there. So the screen looks a little bit washed out in terms of quality. Now the Samsung a 8's with a very similar style screen, but larger bezels. Here also does it, but not as bad, so it does have a notification LED, but it's, not one of those multicolored ones it's just in the air piece, and you can see it's very hard to see.

I mean I'll – probably have to point it out for you. So you can actually see where it is right there it's, not that bright and it seems almost like an afterthought and they win, oh, where we gon na put it oh we'll, just put it in the earpiece and there's one thing I really do like with kwame With honor phones is they give you this, so you can control the ticks size and you can also control the scaling, which is really great now. I do like this because I often find that the default dpi they have are 480 s just a little bit too big for me, so you can tweak that down as shown right here. So if I just adjust the slider, you can see, things are going smaller. Now, if you have poor eyesight, you can increase that. I want to see more manufacturer give us this option now, when you take a look at the color modes and temperatures and normal it's, more correct the white balance, but out of the box, it comes setup with Vivid, which is quite blue it's, a more of a Blue tent that it has on the white, but you are able to tweak that to your own personal preference there. Now, despite using a more natural setting here, the gamma is quite off it's 1.8, it should be 2.2 and that bleeding I was pointing out is more obvious. When you're looking at just solid colors, you can always see it just on that bottom, and it does bug me this has a decent screen in it, but it's, certainly not a high quality premium display that who I always gone with, and when you look at real World images it's not too bothersome here and it kind of makes sense that honor Huawei they had to cut some corners somewhere didn't.

He they're using the flagship chipset – and this is more of a mid range price tag. So this is where they cut the corner and that's what the screen I feel. So the phone is running Android 9. It does have the January the first security update. So this is great it's really up to date, it's got latest security patches there and it's running magic, UI version. 2.0. Point 1. Remember I do have the Chinese version here. So if you're impatient like me and you can't, wait another two weeks for the global version which is going to be out really soon in Europe, then you're going to get this. You can get Chinese bloatware. Now, most of it you can uninstall but there's a ridiculous amount of apps on here, they've crammed in like 20 or 21 junkie, Chinese bloatware apps and of course we are missing LTE band 20. If that's important to you, then you must. You have to wait for that global version to demonstrate the face, unlocking just how fast it is watch this boom it's, really quick. It only takes a second or so now I do have my tripod underway and, like other phones, it's, probably not that secure. So you could hold up a really detailed photo of yourself or maybe just put some glasses over it shade in your eyes and we'll probably unlock. So if you're not happy with that, of course, you think print reader and don't use the face, unlocking the fingerprint reader as well, very fast, just touch it and it's under a second.

This is really quick. I'Ll. Do it again so I'll touch it now and you can see there about one second, even under one. Second, this is really quick on to the general performance now off the phone, so it is really good the touch input I find there's no problem, see no layer. Carrot seems to be running or fluid no stuttering that I can see when using it like this. Now, when you go through different apps now I'm, using a course of justice mode, I have noticed that what is going on lately when I first actually got it and started installing everything is you will see even though we've had one firmware update, you will see some Animation, stutter and lag, and mostly when you go back to home. So if I go bring that back up – and I just swipe up to go home – you see that this animation it's not entirely smooth and it's a little bit hard to pick up, probably because I'm recording and 30 frames per second. If I did this in 4k, 60 you'll probably see that better so bring that up again and you see what's happening that it does a little bit of stutter. Now the multitasking I found to be pretty good. It is a little bit aggressive at times that it will kill things off in the background now this is expected. A lot of manufacturers are doing this. So if you don't want that to happen, then just make sure you lock the applications you use often, and that is easy enough to do so when you go into your task switcher here.

All you need to do is, for example, you want gallery all the time. Not to be killed off then you've got to swipe it and hold it down that locks it. So then the task manager will not start just killing things off randomly in the background now, when you take a look at Twitter performance, this again is good. Remember. It has a flagship chipset in this. This is the seven nanometer Karen 980 and they're way more expensive, make 20 Pro and the mate 20 excellent. I reviewed both of those phones now the scrolling I find here that touch scrolling could be a little bit faster. Perhaps but really the performance is very solid, really good there and the way that Lowe's in now. I know a lot of you'd like to see your synthetic benchmarks, so I'll quickly go through some of those. So of all the performance to me is good it's. Just those animation stutters that I'm seeing can be a little bit annoying there now take a look at these storage speeds. This is really quick, so over 900 sequential read, I half expected honor to put in this one while way: hey emmc, driving this for storage, not using ufs 2.1, so they're gone with the more expensive, much faster storage. That is really good. The performance you're getting out of this and when you take a look at those random reads and writes that's, definitely not going to bottleneck the system, so I did run and this time on the performance modes.

You get a score over 300000. If those scores are important for you, if you run it in the non performance mode, which is just your normal mode – that I always normally stick to, then it would be around 270000. That score here is our Geekbench four score: that's OpenCL. So this is using the GPU very good score, almost ten thousand, and then we have, of course, just the CPU scores there again very good. This is a high performance phone. So no issues with the signal strength with the wireless range as well. That all seems to be good same goes with LTE signal all fine there it's, not a problem with that GPS performance of this does work well, it got a lock, very quick and your accuracy hovers normally about three to four meters. No problems tracking me around town and in my care as well also, some good news here does have Widevine level one security level, so this means Netflix. Yes, so we'll run in full HD it's, not gon na be stuck in standard definition. Other manufacturers, like Xiaomi, never bother with this. They don't get the proper suit and you can't even run Netflix in Full HD, but with this phone you get it with Full HD. So that is great. One thing to note, too, that if you do go for the Chinese version that you can run your third party launches like Nova Launcher here, and you can see that that is running.

And it looks all fine. But as soon as you go to swipe up to go home, it becomes then kwame's default launcher, which is a little bit of a pain. It will not need to override this, so this is just on the Chinese version. This is another reason to go for the global version. Then you can set home to be Nova Launcher or whatever third party launcher. So we have just the single loudspeaker down the bottom. Sadly, I feel that there's a missed opportunity here from Huawei that they could have made it do loudspeakers and have the front facing speaker also just add a little bit more but saying that this single loudspeaker, the quality, is actually quite good. Not bad allowed us as well I'll give you a sample of it in just a second, but the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack quality also wanted to mention this and just like voice calls voice. Calls are fine, 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack. I find the quality to be good. It'S, not the best I've heard, but it's definitely fine perfectly acceptable. It could be perhaps a little bit louder, but I kind of say that with every single phone that I've tested but here's that loudspeaker sample Gaming performance, this is, as expected, it's very fluid. It'S very fast: do you get the occasional little stutter but that's, something I see on literally every single Android device that I test? What I bought is very smooth with the Kara 980, and this game here is Shadowgun legions, which is on the highest settings.

You probably ought to saw that little started to spin when that exploded, but it's, just like caching or something it's loading in data, so to quickly show you now the stock camera app. So, by default, the AI vision, as they call it, which is their artificial intelligence, enhancement mode marketing rubbish really. But what it does is over sharpen the photos it brightens them up quite a bit. It tends to boost the colors. A lot of people will probably like that so for social media sharing, and things like that, it might give you a better photo, but I tend to actually just turn that off all the time it don't, particularly like it now we've got your typical portrait mode. The stitching on the portrait mode is quite hit and miss, as you will see later, on from some of my samples it's, not the best. When you have a look at the edges now video we get up to 4k. There is no optical image stabilization with this sensor, so it's, the new 48 megapixel sensor from Samsung with an f2 point: 1.8 aperture, sorry, F, 2.0 on the front 25 megapixel camera, so that's, all pretty straightforward, I'll get onto those samples in just a second. You even have, of course, your augmented reality lens mode; they call it so you need to look at the camera. Then you can see I've got that silly lizard thing following my face: a lot of people like this kind of thing, it's good with young children.

A lot of fun for them here's a sample now with the front facing camera. So often will you will get that strange, reverb effect coming through in the microphones? This is something that was plaguing the may 20 Pro and still is, and the may 20 X and something that why we can't seem to fix. But we do get electronic image stabilization on this front facing camera and you can see it does a really good job. There is a bit of a crop, so you have to hold it right back, so you can get your whole face in. So this is an ideal camera. I feel for vlogs if you're gon na be doing that. But the problem is that audio reverb that comes and goes at times can be really annoying and does kind of wreck the audio. So this is a video sample that is shot in 4k and it has the electronic image stabilization enabled you can see it's pretty smooth it's, not the best there's, probably a little bit more shape than some other manufacturers have now notice that the focus in general tends To be good, but sometimes I have noticed that it is off a little and has a little bit of trouble getting a lock, and it does also drop frames, sometimes as well, which is a slight annoyance and we do have access to the two times. Digital zoom. So that's cropping in you can see looking at the castle towel right there, and this is where the focus sometimes you'll see it pulse in and out and the quality.

It looks definitely downgraded because it's not optical its software zooming and our 4k in low light. As expected, there's a lot more noise to the image, have a look at the sky, for example right there and the electronic image stabilization isn't working quite as good. Neither is the focus and you can swap over and use of course, the digital zoom again, and you can see that looks very poor now and we are also getting some dropped frames. Just like the make 20 Pro mate 20x front camera to in low light. As expected, it's suffering quite a bit again, the electronic image stabilization is looking a little bit worse off here with this lower light. Now, just like the flagship phones from Huawei, we also get desktop mode so plug in the phone to an HDMI, cable, and you can output display to it run it like a desktop, and I can even run it like a tablet here, because the screen I've got Also supports touch, as you can see, so the scroll area that's working, really good. The performance is very good, it's excellent, really fast. This way I don't notice any stutters or legs. The touch support seems to also be working really well to hear, if I just click on that, you can see it'll load up fine. So this is a real added bonus to have this in a mid range phone. This flagship feature alright guys. So, to recap here: we've got a really good phone.

I feel for the price. It is almost. I feel the pivot kind of phone for what they're charging for those, because you are getting a flagship, chipset Theory fast, chipset, that if you put it in the performance mode and you'll love, your synthetic benchmarks goes over 300000 and and which is really quick. But not only that the internal storage as well. Now I thought for this price point. They probably would have gone with emmc 5.1 storage, but no, they use the faster ufs 2.1, which is really good, so it's blazing fast, but that doesn't mean because the benchmarks are great, that when you use it, the roms performance is flawless, no it's, not flawless. I noticed these stutters in the UI, especially when you're using the full gesture mode when you even use the same app and then you don't go back to it for maybe 5 10 minutes or you swipe up and go to recent apps and you change over. You see animation stutters. That should not be happening when you take a look at how powerful does chipset is so. Obviously the software does need a little bit of optimization there. The same goes with the camera. Video performance is not flagship, live yet level. No but it's not a flagship phone, yes, but it could be better with the chipset with the hardware the head on there have on this, I feel they could have done a little bit better with some things there, like the caramel front facing camera a little bit Too soft, even though you disable the beautifying modes, it still comes out.

I feel too bright too soft, maybe that's the way the Chinese liked it. I don't know there the audio performance as well from the mics and video could be better electronic image. Stabilization is not the best in its class again room for improvement there now for me: okay, the build recovered it's good, the loudspeaker on the bottom. They could have gone with jewel, but the single down speaker, depending on what content you're watching is loud enough and I do find it to be fine. 3.5 mm headphone jack quality good. That is great. The battery life also very good on this you're, going to get around 19 hours of continual on screen time. You'Re going to easily get two days for you, sort of medium heavy users super heavy use like gaming. No, it burns through the battery, especially when using pub key for some reason. I think, with the GPU boost you get a very steady, framerate it's super smooth, but you lose about 25 percent battery or 20 battery every hour, depending on your screen. Brightness, oh really, true. Through it, charge is really really fast, so this isn't about an hour and 35 minutes, or so it fully charges which is great the con of this device, I feel where they cut the corners as the screen sure it's nice we've got the slim nice bezels on There that do look really good and the bezels around the camera and the screen itself are smaller than the samsung galaxy a8 s.

So they did a good job with that. But the screen quality itself a little bit washed out at times and, as I showed you and put it out in this video at the start, that with the screen, we get a lot of that darkness at the very bottom that creeps in and around the camera. To me, that's annoying now to the average Joe who's not really into their tech. The screen is going to be perfectly fine, perfectly acceptable and the cameras. Well, it does take a really good photo good low light, but you do notice that it tends to over sharpen. Sometimes the contrast, sometimes the light balance isn't right, especially when, using that AI vision mode, it does get it wrong sometimes, and it creates a very to meet artificial. Looking photos be sure when you move it onto a calibrated, monitor and you crop in about 150 200, and you take a look at it. You know it's, not an amazing photo, but for social media things like that it's gon na be a good photo. It does take a very nice photo, no complaints really with that it's. Just I feel me personally it's a little bit overdone at times, and the front facing camera is a little soft and it seems to have beautiful aren't, even though it's disabled, but all in all the view 20 is a very good mobile phone. I feel for the price wait for the global review released there and thank you so much for watching this video please like and subscribe for more up and coming videos like this one here detailed reviews, I will have the Samsung Galaxy a s i8 s, sorry that I'M, currently working on it reviewing so keep an eye out for that a similar phone, but of course it has a much weaker chipset in it.