At the same time, of course, the experience of using them together will be another order of magnitude. The product models released at the same time today are honor V8 Pro. It is an all metal, integrated body, so it feels very delicate to the touch because the middle frame is also designed flat. So the hole looks like a horizontal and vertical cake, but correspondingly it will feel a little bit cut, but it doesnt feel like this. After using the keyboard theres a 13 megapixel camera and a flash in the upper right corner, the bare weight of the tablet is 590 grams, and the total weight is 987.5 grams. With the keyboard, the screen size is 12.1 inches, which is one of the few large screen tablets with a size above 12 inches on the marker. The screen material is LCD. The resolution is 1560×1600. The pixel density is 249 PPI. The picture is fine. The maximum brightness is 600 DC, ip3 white color gamut 8 bit Hardware specifications plus 2 bit software algorithm expansion. The number of colors that can be displayed is 1.07 billion. Colors whats, even more abnormal, is that the V8 Pro screen supports a high refresh rate of 144hz. For those who like to play games on a tablet, this alone is already very attractive. This screen has also passed the Rhineland Hardware level, blue light Rhineland, no flicker certification, the national Ophthalmology engineering center eye protection certification and the industrys, authoritative Vico, a plus certification.

It is a variable eye protection screen. In addition to those above the tablet, V8 pro has also passed the IMAX enhanced certification, so you can get the IMAX experience at home at the same position of the keyboard. There are three complementary electrode contacts. As long as the tablet is placed on the keyboard, it will automatically Supply Power and connect convenient. The tablet is 6.64 millimeters thick, which is pretty thin overall on the left side of the top is the volume control and two microphones. The left middle frame has two rows of speaker: openings and power buttons. The right middle frame is also two microphone openings and the middle is the type C charging socket and a microphone. We look like it has four speakers, but in fact it has eight speakers, coupled with DTS sound effects, whether listening to music, watching videos or playing games. The sense of hearing is much better in addition, different from Honors previous button layout. This time, the power button and volume button are placed separately on two middle frames in different directions, which feels a bit uncomfortable the structure of the keyboard. This time is different from that of the previous generation. There is no steering shaft, which can be turned 360 degrees, but correspondingly there is no storage and charging space for the Styles. The key size of the keyboard is the same instead of a PC with a large keycap of 15.9 millimeters, which will not feel crowded when typing and a high key travel of 1.

6 millimeters, which makes the typing experience very good. The appearance of the stylus is the same as the Magic Pencil too, but there are more ways to play on the three: adding double click to switch the pan and eraser in presenter mode. The tip of the pen is soft to the touch and the writing is very smooth and will not scratch the screen. The feeling of writing is really like writing on paper, and it feels very good put the stylus on the upper and middle frame of the tablet to charge and, at the same time, a pop up window can be connected to the tablet. In addition, the tablet V8 Pro launched the honor super notes, this time, which can realize whether the screen is off or on no matter what is displayed on the interface. You can write, as you want anytime anywhere for people like me who write things all the time. It is really not too convenient to write or Draw directly when inspiration comes and with the trust ring of magic OS. If you use a notebook with magic OS at the same time for computers and mobile phones, you can seamlessly share notes between devices and modify them directly on different devices, which is not too convenient. I think this function is really useful for copywriters students and workers. Others. Let me tell you about the configuration of the tablet: the processor is dimensity 8100, which uses tsmcs five nanometer process. The overall performance is also quite powerful, and the VA Pro is also the first model of this core.

The battery is ten thousand fifty milliamp hour, and this battery is really big. The storage of my tablet is 12 and 256 gigs, so the daily use is very smooth. Last but not least, it is also the first tablet equipped with magic OS 7.0 and the most powerful function in the new version of the system is honors thrust ring, which also means that the honor tablet V8 Pro will be the growth and progress of Honor Milestone.