Thank you so much for your comments on my review, video. Yes, I was missing the battery stats so that's, something that is actually very hard to get it's gon na take about 3 to 4 days, because what happens is every time I plug in this phone to remove a video or a photo. You ended up charging the phone, so you're, basically resetting the battery stats it's like you're charging it again, so I will show you them now. The battery life is actually come out to be excellent, really good. So better usage, I have been doing a bit of gaming. A lot of YouTube streaming, Chrome as well: Twitter, Google Play services has come up here, a little bit higher than I thought. I don't know why that is, but I just guess it's because of the notifications that comes through with your app updates and things like that. It'S constantly checking so hardware, you can see the screen here and look at this just over a living hours of screen on time. I still have 18 percent battery left. Now I have had the brightness on a manual setting. I calibrate it with all my phone's to 200 Lux and on this phone 200 Lux is just over 50. If you recall in my review, maximum brightness of the screen is 430 Lux, so that's. Why it's just over 50 there, which is quite bright? So if I was to run it down here dimmed a little bit more, then you could probably even extend this now.

This is not a continual on screen time by the way, because I was using this over the space of two days and you'll see here with my battery usage. Sorry, not my battery use, but when you go into the power consumption details you can see here, that's not been on the whole time. It'S been a couple of times I wasn't on the wireless and then I had the screen on and off, and you can see that no charging, of course whatsoever. So better life is really good on this, and what is also excellent is the battery standby. So when it's not in use it doesn't drain, the battery like some do die. Some phones, for example the samsung galaxy a8 s, that I just reviewed as a very poor standby battery rate. This one can go hours on end without even using a single percent. Now that battery meter at the top is a little bit uh necrotize, it will set at 100 once you're first charged it, and it will sit there with 30 hours of screen on time and not even go off 100. And if you leave the phone then plugged in just on idle, so it's idle battery consumption, it is a seven nanometer chip, so it's very efficient. But when you leave it it won't even use a single percent. But as soon as you connect it up, it will drop down when you use it, I mean turn the screen on.

It will drop down a percent or two straight after that, so there were a lot of questions about the display quality. To put it this way, I've seen phones with a hundred and fifty dollar price tag with better IPS panels than this one. Does that mean it is a deal breaker screen, no by all means, as I mentioned in my review near the end, I said that for the average Joe the average person, this screen is going to look perfectly fine, but you will notice that it's just not uniform The backlight we are getting that shadow coming in the bottom there and to me it's, quite annoying because I'm used to looking at a high end display. I have a Samsung Galaxy S, 9 plus and it doesn't have any of these kind of issues. You don't see what I'm showing right here and I've pointed out in my review. If you want more details on that check out the review, you get a little bit of a light leakage to on the sides just right on that corner. You can probably make it out now that I've zoomed in with my camera lens here you see that line there. Now you only see that at an angle when you're looking at it face on you, don't tend to notice that it's just at certain angles. You will see that light leakage there so it's, definitely not a high quality IPS panel and there to have always gone with.

Now, as a few of you did point out that, yes, the notifications at the top here that they've pushed it down, there is a gap at the top, so it's not right at the top and it's. For two reasons, I think for the curvature of the screen. Edges that over the top curve that they use now on most phones and because of the height of the camera, so the camera height, is why they have pushed this down just to line things up a little bit better. You see it when you swipe down and you get your notifications. What they've done here so they've lined that right up there with the bottom of it to the bottom of the border of that front, facing camera so having the front facing camera with the cutout. Here the hole punched in the screen – it's not actually bothering me as much as I thought it would now the notches the wide, not just especially on the like, so say these show me me eight that did bother me personally now. I prefer just to have a top bezel like this. With the camera in it, you've got your other senses. Call me old fashioned if you will, but I prefer that then say having the hole and four me: the slider is not the solution. Okay, we've got no front facing cameras at all, but there's, so many compromises when manufacturers do go with the slider so having the camera head in a way is nice.

So you swipe up. Of course, if you haven't seen my review of this phone right here, it's Lenovo z5 pro, it adds a lot of compromises. You can't even make voice calls with this particular model. Unless you swipe down the screen, where you slide it up sorry, and then you get access, then to the cameras and the earpiece there. It also has an added bulk it. This weighs a lot more than most other phones it's a lot thicker as well because of the slider. So I don't think that is the solution to the front facing camera, so the hole on the screen to me so far is a lot better than, of course, a slider. Is it better than the pop up ones brawled long term? It probably is because you're going to have reliability problems, the likes of the vivo NEX s that I reviewed they had to pop up camera and that make atoms and will eventually wear out. They claim 30000 uses. So they go up and down 30000 times and then it'll work. But this to me is okay, it's, not so bothersome, but I believe maybe even the teardrop knotch is slightly better because it's more aligned well, of course it's centered, so aesthetically having a centered front facing camera just looks a little bit better than having this off to The corner, if you ask me and then of course, while we have done a much better job at this cutout hole versus the infinity o screen it's called from Samsung.

This one has a much larger top bezel. They could have almost put a front facing camera in there. If you ask me a small sensor, perhaps and a much larger border around the camera, at least with quite ways: design it's a lot slimmer and a little bit less intrusive. Now my original plan was to do a comparison between these two phones here, that is Samsung's a 8s and then the on o V 20, of course, which this video is about. But there's no point in doing that at all, because this phone, apart from the build quality, the Samsung, has much superior. The builders way superior it's a lot better than the likes of the b20. Huge just got a bit of feel to it because it's thinner, but they have the larger bezels. They do have a slightly higher quality screen, but that's really where it ends there, because the honor, the V 20 is just so much better, of course, sell for the same price. But we have a snapdragon 17 on this one, so it's not as powerful – and the other thing to note is the optimization of this ROM is absolutely terrible. What a disaster of a phone! I never knew that Samsung's mid range phones because I've always focused on their flagship phones. Their high end was so poor, really bad and the same thing goes there for the cameras, too, that the owner cameras are much better. The only area that the Samsung is better is the microphone quality in video.

Video does look better as well, but it doesn't have any electronic image stabilization at all on the Samsung. So it's not really usable footage unless you use one of those handheld gimble's. So the honor v20 really beats it with cameras, just hands down. There'S no point in doing my originally planned camera comparison. Another frequent question that did pop up in my review in the comment section was what about notifications. Now they are all coming through I'm, not having any problems with them. Remember I am on the Chinese version of this phone here, so the global ROM, the International release – you probably won't, have to do this, but just make sure that, for example, if you're gon na be using whatsapp that you go into your apps here and make sure You'Ve got it first to sit as app launch that should automatically already be on anyway, and then you want to go through to the permissions, and I just give whatsapp absolutely everything and then you're not going to have any problems with that coming through, because by default, When you install it the the UI, the system doesn't, give it any permissions whatsoever. So all of these none of these will actually be on now. A couple of these, you probably need, for example, app inept installations and create home screen shortcuts. You can probably do without, but the rest of them I would leave on you've, got to give it permission, of course, to just use everything and then no problems with notifications.

The same goes for Twitter I'm. Seeing Twitter notifications. They are also showing up there. So all up the honor v20 does get a thumbs up from me. This is a great phone and it has a lot of power packed into this. A lot of features really good battery life, good standby, better life, as I pointed out in this video, which is really nice now the new trend, okay, the hole in the screen and the punched hole it's, not as bad as I thought it was going to be To me personally, I find that it's not as irritating. Definitely not like the wide knotch phones. Is it the best solution? Guess it is okay, I think the teardrop is probably the better solution there with the front facing cameras trying to get the all screen experience that manufacturers are pushing for now, but I just love to have a small slim top bezel. That would be even better. For me, anyway, so the phone is selling for around about 450 us at the moment, mine's a Chinese version, so don't get the Chinese version, go for the international version. The global release, which is coming out in a matter of a week or two in Europe, that'll be one to go for. So, if you want a phone that's packing a lot of performance, it has decent cameras. The video quality will disappoint. Some people now see my review for that, because the audio quality is still suffering from that bug that Huawei have its on their flagship phones as well.

You get this horrible reverb echo, a thing that happens on the microphones. That it's just irritates me a lot that they still have not fixed this no uh, no other manufacturer out there has that issue, but they seem to have that problem so compared to the other hole in the screen phone, which is the aid s yeah. It just completely kills it. This one has really bad performance and there b20 just flies compared to it and, of course the better life is a lot better. You can give up 10 hours on screen time, it's a 2 day, maybe even three day phone for most people and the IPS panel is really the only thing that lets it down: it's, just not a high quality IPS panel. So if you demand a really good screen – and if you see that inconsistent backlighting the shadow at the bottom, you can even see it now along here. If you're really fussy about those kind of things, then this is probably a phone that you'd want to avoid. If you want the highest quality panel, you're gon na be disappointed with this one, unless Huawei can turn this around and really improve the quality of this IPS panel. For the second batch of these, which is probably gon na, be the global version. Hopefully they can correct that and you've got yourself a very good phone now there are other alternatives, so do factor in phones like the oneplus 60.

It has a great UI on that one, as mentioned it's really good. I do like the oxygen OS it's. Probably one of the best it's a factor that in and also cheaper phones that are still very powerful, like the poco phone, if one that is selling for a crazy low 288. Us. Thank you so much for watching this video and I will have some more videos up and coming of course, in the channel.