So I've had the phone now for 10 days and I have been using it those full 10 days and a lot of you been asking for update so where's. The full review I'm gon na post that maybe next week I just wanted to use this and get really familiar with the phone first. So I didn't have problems that I posted on the last video with a couple of things. So what was happening? Is I wasn't? Getting a notification, so I am getting notifications on everything now and it's. Just these tiny little quirks that you have our e Mui that what you had to do actually to get those notifications was actually just go through the settings under the battery saver. So what the phone was doing was killing off my whatsapp and the background, and I noticed that and I'm not getting these messages. People asking me say your whatsapp messages: you're, not even receiving them, not seeing the double tick, that you get the confirmation and what it turns out. It was that problem so once I fixed that the phone has been just a lot better because now I'm getting all my emails are coming through I'm. Getting my whatsapp messages, Twitter as well as also coming through. So that is all good. Now one area where he did mess up was with the front facing camera. I didn't realize that when I had, if you go into video mode, the beautifying there's actually like this little icon here they have to tap that to disable it now.

I do actually remember trying this or I did it, but what happens is when you reboot the phone it seems to at one point seem to reset itself and re. Enable itself will then enable Beauty enable, even though you have this set to zero, which I did. I said that right down to zero and normally zero is off or disabled for everyone else, but it seems further Chinese that's, not the case here, all the way that Hawaii we have this set up, and that was a bit of a trap for me. So once you have a truly disabled, I can now show you that with a front facing camera, do you get video all the way up to 4k that you can see here, which is really great, but it doesn't have a course any image stabilization, because the chipset Just cannot handle 4k stabilization, which is a little bit of a shame there, but you do get Full HD, which you can turn on the electronic image stabilization, and I will show a sample of that later on. Probably in my final review, when I post that so great to see, we can do and up to 4k, you don't see this on a lot of phones and normally flagships and vivo. One of the vivaz was the first actually to do that. So over these 10 days I have been really enjoying this phone. It is just super quick compared to the Snapdragon 636, my max, which I have in the background now that one gets better battery life.

A lot of people have been asking me like: what are you gon na end up keeping and really I want to keep the note 10, but because I mostly buy all of the stuff you see on my channel to review if it's over 200 us, then more Than likely, I have actually bought that so just for the financials economics of my channel, I really probably do have to actually sell this model after I've finished reviewing it now. Please do not contact me asking to buy it off me. Okay, I just don't want to really sell to anyone anyway, apart from that yeah, I probably will end up going to this for the battery life because they do like the microphones much better. Actually, on the me max 3, I didn't do shoot a lot of video. So I prefer the phase detection autofocus that's on the me max 3 and that, for me, is quite important. Just the dual pixel phase detection autofocus you've only got phase detection autofocus on, of course, the honor note 10. Here now, one tip that someone pointed up and the comments. Sorry, I just got lost in all the comments from my videos to find your name here to mention you that you mentioned to me that if you law on the ceiling, so you don't actually use, I always just go for standard video resolution, so I don't normally Go for these non standard ones, you could say, but if you do lower it down from the 4k, then you do actually get some electronic image stabilization coming through on the video it's.

Just for me, the video, if you check out my first video, I posted the unboxing, I don't find the audio quality on the mics that good. It really does remind me of xiaomi's me 8 or the me mix 2's. So that to me is the real true con of this model I'll find that in the lack of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack now I don't use Android pay here in Spain, so it does have NFC. You can take advantage of that. Something of course, that the me max 3 does not have so does not have any of you see the Chinese aren't really big on that, but great to see it on this mobile. So when you're multitasking everything the performance in general is really smooth and really good. I'Ve shown this before Twitter performance really really as fast, and I haven't really noticed any problems now what I'm getting with the me max 3, that is still bugging me and I don't understand why their house shall me have not fixed it yet I'm still seeing full Screen gestures and I believe, it's not down to the chip set on that one. I think it's just the ROM, that they still need to optimize the full screen gestures, and I do miss that. However, worth the honor note in here – and I find what what happens with me – probably because I'm so used to having just as enabled that when I am using the on screen keyboard that a lot of times they accidentally tap one of the buttons down here.

When I go for space and that's, obviously that's just me, because I've got so used now to having the full screen gestures or my me max that I have here. Of course it has the hardware keys down the bottom and that's very handy. You don't, I don't, find I have that problem with the typos and things so that's, the only tiny things that are really bugging me with the honor other than that is a fantastic mobile. I really do like gaming on this is great because of the speakers. They do sound, really good. I step up over the larger or the large me max 3. To me max, of course, and for those that were asking about gaming performance in particular shadow fight 3. They said it was really stuttery and had problems with lag and things. I think that's just the other Kirin chipset, I think it's just the 960 that had some problems, but here it's perfectly fine. All the games that I have tested and been playing, I haven't seen any lags and you do get the occasional little stutter and things, but for the most part, it's being perfectly fine, really good frame rates, as you can see, it's smooth one of the other comments. Actually being mentioned quite a few times with people asking, can you just run Apex Launcher or a Nova Launcher? Third party launcher? Do you have to use huawei's? Well, you don't! You can see here. I have nova launcher running so, if you're not very fond of their launcher, then you're able to, of course just run this, and this gives you a much more.

You could say stock Android feel to it, and the performance of this is really quite fast, but now and then I do see occasional little tiny, little micro stutter when launching an apple things like that, but it really isn't much of a problem. The only thing you have to do is just go into the settings where it's the default apps so I'm, currently just in where you set it and change that launcher from Huawei home to nova, long and that's. All you need to do that's the only thing and the good thing as they. Let us override the launcher application with default. Apps, some phones. I think it was vivo that really annoy me or it could even be me. So they do not. Let you do this it's one of those brands and that really frustrated me, so you can't get rid of their custom launcher. At least of course, you can here and now, because I don't have it set as default. It'S gone back to qua ways the battery life as well has been fantastic I'm. Getting with my medium use. Now my typical normal use and my heavy battery test that I did. I got nine hours out of this just over nine, so about nine and a half, and I got with the same kind of test thirteen out of my Xiaomi me max three. Now I calibrate the display, as always to 200 lux, so they're equal there, but it's still phenomenal I'm still getting yet about three.

I could probably even make three and a half days of battery life on this with my own muse, so really good battery life. The face, unlocking is working really well just demonstrate that so tap to unlock and then look at it. I did have the camera in the way, so just had to turn the phone a little bit but it's very quick. Once you get that seating. Of course, to go straight into the UI it's perfectly fine. Now one thing to point out that the charging standard with this that it uses isn't really a standard that any other manufacturers are using. So it's, like one plus I with their phones, that what we have here is hawawa supercharged. So this kind of caught me out and because I went for a trip with GPS – and I had my phone plugged in and what I was using of course – was just quick charge three, so it wasn't using the quick charge three rates. It was only at 5 volts charging at 2 amps and it just wasn't enough to actually keep ahead with the screen on very bright with GPS running. At the same time, I ended up losing battery percent so that's, something you need to bear in mind that if you're gon na use it in your car and things like that, you will have to buy the Huawei car charger equivalent. The call quality is really good. I do like the cameras here in low light.

They are a definite step up over the Xiaomi me max, but of course this is double the price of that one there. So it does come recommended from me. The only cons really that I have found now in ten days are simply what I mentioned there: the fact that it does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. I just leave the adapter on my head, so it's not really too much of a problem for me, because the better life is great anyway, so it's not like. I need to charge and listen to music.