So this is the 46 millimeter version was sent out to me free of charge by the way are not being paid for this video, and I do not have to pass it by anyone before it is published. This has the Karin a1 chipset in here, and it came battery life up to 14 days, which, in my testing, I can see as possible if you disable, of course, a few of the features that this watch has. So it does have water resistance up to 15 metres. Heart rate monitor GPS. It even has a loud speaker and microphone, so you can handle calls via the watch. You can even load it up with music and play some tracks, as your training it's got voice feedback because it has that loudspeaker and overall, in my testing now and time using it. A great watch and you'll see why, in this review, so in the box, you'll find a warranty card, the Quick Start Guide, and then we have a Type C, 2, USB cable and our charging dock. Here now this charging base has a very strong magnet in it. It'S using 2 Pogo ports for the connection to charge and it's simply a matter of just placing the watch on top you'll feel the magnets pull it in, and then it will start to charge. You can see on the right hand side here. That is where the type C port is swatch has an excellent bill to it very good, a very good screen as well, which I really do like this – has a resolution of 454 by 454.

That is, 1.3 9 inches. It is a AMOLED screen and you can see in direct sunlight. It also has covered with a scratch resistant glass, and this is the 46 millimeter version. So we've got these two buttons right here, which I will go through shortly, and the build of it is with the middle frame around here feels solid, a little bit heavy. Maybe for some – and you can see right here – we've got a microphone. So, yes, you can actually place a Bluetooth calls with this. You see there just before that was the heart rate. Optical heart rate sensor, there flashing, so the backing plate here is a combination of both an alloy and plastic for this part here, which does make it comfortable, no irritation at all my time, using this and right here on the right you can see, we do have Our speaker now this little speaker grille, depending on what you're doing, if you're, using, for example, an exercycle I've, noticed depending on how your wrist is that you sometimes can actually block it a little bit and you won't hear that voice updates that come through when you're Training or even music, the strap on it replaceable and I'll give it a bit of a pull here very strong. It does have a really good quality built to it, there's, no sharp edges and overall, no complaints without build. Like the watch GT. This one has the Karen a1 chip, so the battery life is very good.

Now I've been training an hour a day with this and I'm losing approximately 15. If you're not training with it, then you're going to lose about 10 that's with the continual heart rate monitor on and the sleep monitoring as well disable that and it will be somewhere around 7. So you can get almost up to the claimed two weeks with it. With my current use, I'm looking at approximately 10 days – perhaps 9, I think overall that's quite good when you look at other different competitor, watches out there, the competition. So we can see all our information right here with the watch face that I currently have. If I tap here and hold, then you can change it now out of the box. It comes with a very clear one here that probably does aid the better life, because it has that black background, giving you basic information here, the time your heart rate date and weather. Only now, when you tap this main button, that brings you up our main and menu. You can go through your workout records, start a workout workout status, heart rate activity record, sleep stress, breathing exercises even call log contacts, music, air pressure, compass notifications with a stopwatch timer alarm, flashlight, FOMO phone and settings as well. So you can pair up earbuds, you don't have to use your phone, so you can actually leave your phone at home and still listen to music via the speaker or pair up some earbuds to it display.

Now there are options in here for automatic brightness, which I leave on by default, and you're also able to set the always on display, but it kills. Your better life, always on display, will have your better life time to about 4 days, instead of maybe 10. So that's, not really that great sounds there and the strength of the vibration do not disturb mode. Is there now you can go through swiping here, there's, no leg, it's, actually quite good. You may see the occasional starter, but this performance of the Carinae one is very good to other smartwatches. I have reviewed that have been quite stuttery out rate information over the last 24 hours. Here is a stress over the last 24 hours, and this is the weather there. Now the loudspeaker give you a very short sample, so I don't get hit with a copyright strike here, but it's quite loud, this little speaker that's on there. That was a good enough sample. I believe there to give you an idea of what to expect from it. Even when you're running you'll be able to hear some tunes, and yes, you can of course place calls with this one so for our workout tracking here just tap the lower button – and we see right here that we've got a lot in here, so pull swimming hiking A trail runs triathlon, elliptical, trainer, rower other is all there too, as well. So we'll just go into one here.

Indoor cycling and it's normally asked for GPS if it's an outdoor one. If it want that, this gives you a heart rate right there hit start you'll, hear the feedback and I'll stop there. Just to note that the voice feedback is great, but it has a bit of a funny kind of accent: it's like a Chinese American accent, and it will just say, for example, seven kilometer, not seven kilometers. So hopefully they can improve upon that that's. Just an English, of course, so wearing your watch, I find it is comfortable and it does of course have the wake up feature. If you flip your wrist now it doesn't always work. I found that sometimes I've got to go and repeat it so bring it back up, but here it's working all the time so currently using the heart rate, monitor I've found it to be very accurate. This, of course, does tie in with your sleep info, but let's have a look at the app now. The application is Huawei's health app, and that makes sense, of course, because honor is basically Huawei it's the same well, sister company from them go all your information here. So you're sleeping through wait if you're adding that – and you want to monitor that your heart rate, your last exercises your amount of steps there that's all there. If you wanted to start an exercise so similar to google fit now, this doesn't seem to be able to work with an app like google fit.

I don't know if there is an app out there that can pull through the information from while way health into google fit there, in fact, actually could be something i need to look into. You see our devices listed right here. So when you go into the honor once you have it already paired up the magic watch to this is where you can change. Watch faces Fitness data there as well we've got there huawei, true sleep, which I have enabled. I find it does track that really quite well continue a heart rate. Monitoring automatic stress test can be disabled there if you want the increase to bury life. So basically a lot of the functions that already on the watch themselves are right. Here, notifications, they are pulling through for me, I'm, not really having too many problems with them, but I have noticed that they're, sometimes a little bit late and you do need to be paired up with your mobile with the Bluetooth and have it close for them to Come through the same goes with calls as well. So if I get out of this, we'll have a look at just very, very quickly the sleep info. So this is right here and then seeing way sleep last night and it'll give you just a score there and rating that, with information from various different health agencies, I think they're using the Chinese Health Board whatever for their info they've got their tell you the light Sleep REM, sleep deep and the tracking is so much better than the amazed fit GTR that I currently own this one's a lot more accurate.

I find so I'm about to go for a bike ride here to also test out the GPS accuracy compared to another phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S 10, plus with its Google, fit GPS tracking and we'll see if the results are going to be off or Not because on the Amaze fit GTR, they were off by about 10 to 15 percent, so I'm. At halfway point here with my ride. I know this trail quite well and it's. Normally 9.1 kilometers, my Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus, is for putting 9.17. What does the watch say? So if I can get the phone to focus, it it's eight point six, eight! So, yes, the accuracy is a little off here on a GPS tracking with just the watch. So I've just finished my ride back home here and the GPS on the phone is reporting. Eighteen point four: this is seventeen point six, so, yes, you can see. Just like the other smartwatches. I have reviewed with GPS that it is a little bit out the tracking on the watch. One thing I'd like to point out that I did also try to install the huawei health app on my samsung galaxy s, TM plus and just won't work. This keeps happening. The Huawei mobile service keeps crashing on me and I found no way around this, so I had to use my way – P City Pro okay. So let me quickly recap here that I think this is a really good SmartWatch here.

For those there are, after really good tracking heart weight monitoring, but the really good tracking okay. It is off a little bit I'm seeing this with all the GPS enabled smartwatches that I am reviewing that it's, never gon na be as good as say. A dedicated, Garmin, GPS tracking, smartphone tracking GPS seems to be a lot better with your snapdragons and even my highway people approach EPS is more accurate. I know because I always ride the same trail and I know when I get to that halfway. Point that's. Normally about nine kilometers nine point, one sometimes nine, but it was reporting quite a bit less and what was it now? Eight point: six, eight halfway there. So you can see there is just that slight difference, then, to me it's, not a massive deal, braking difference, but if you want to have super quick GPS, bear that in mind, you probably want to use still a smart phone for that to get that now, better Alive, okay, I'm. Getting icing with my current use, with maybe one hour training a day I'm going to have about ten days. Battery life really depends on what I'm doing. If I don't have the heart rate, monitoring continually being monitored and have an on and the sleep monitoring? Okay, if you disable that you save a bit a better life, a few other things that can disable but it's going to look like a week to me. If I keep it all on and a week, I still think it's fantastic, better life, because I'm really tired of other watches that okay, they offer a lot they're a lot more expensive, some of them, but they've only got a two day battery life or a three Day battery life and you're gon na charge them constantly and remember the earlier watches that only just went for a day or a day and a half.

If you are lucky – and you constantly have to charge it every night, not with this thing, that's one of the best things about it screen is well very good. Only a panel super bite. It has a very nice PPI, I think, it's 336 or something like that, which means it does look sharp and it's clear and I've had no problems with the voice. Feedback is great, however, mine, a little nitpicking complaint here that it sounds a little bit broken English, because it doesn't say, for example, say 12 kilometer, instead of twelve kilometres, okay, it hasn't seemed to want to say anything can pearl, so that's, just a minor update, hopefully With firmer updates, they can fix that honor and just correct that minor thing there. Sometimes I know this too, when they lift it up and to have a look at the time that it didn't bring the screen on it, didn't wake it up for me. So I have to do that again, but now it seems to be behaving itself, it's just the first day I was using it. I noticed that and it's getting a little bit better. Perhaps the sensor just needed a little bit of time there, the accelerometer that's, using getting the position, I don't know but it's, just a minor thing, and sometimes, if you're, on an exercycle, for example, and you've got your wrists like this. You will, if you get a little bit sweetie to block that loudspeaker, and you won't actually hear it then you'll just hear it muffled other than that.

The loudspeaker on this is very good: to have it's nice addition, the fact that we can get those voice updates and not need a mobile phone, and we can also play music without needing a mobile phone. You can play it on the watch itself to hear your rocky tune or whatever, when you're training or you can have it synced up to a Bluetooth headset. So that is a good thing right there. So we don't have third party support with this, because, of course that's why we're zone OS. I had that problem with my Samsung Galaxy S, 10 plus didn't want to work with their software and keep crashing. That was what the huawei services. I think it was that just keep crashing all the time, so couldn't run kwame health other than that. I think this is a really good SmartWatch, and this is not just because I got up for free. It offers just so much so if you're in the market for one definitely take a look at the magic watch to hear, and thank you so much for watching this review, hear from me. I hope to see you back in the channel.