I believe if it is actually released in Europe who knows where the current troubles that we are having at the moment. So this has the new Rison it's, the risin 5, the 3500 you maximum turbo is 3.7 gigahertz. My configuration has 8 2 gigabytes of ddr4 ram. It is intial dual channel and we do have a 512 gigabyte samsung PM 9 8 1 SSD, which is really fast. You can see from the speeds here so you're gon na get around 3500 reads: sequential, really, good performance. This is basically the OEM version of the evo 970 that a lot of people probably have in desktop PCs and now the laptops as well. So the build of this is very good. It'S well put together, there's absolutely no flaws that I can find with the build of it so it's, an all alloyed laptop. We have a backlit keyboard, so you've got a lower level on a higher level. Keyboards is good. It'S, relatively short, the treble on these key caps. You get about 1.3 millimeters, where a lot of other manufacturers, you will find you normally get about 1.5 or 1.6, so a little bit shorter there, but overall typing comfort and using it no mosquito snow issues like that. It is actually a really good keyboard. Some goes for the touchpad not really much to comment on it that it does support Windows, precision, drivers, your gestures are all there. It has an eternal hardware left and right mouse buttons within it, of course, and really no problems.

The surface of it is plastic, it so it's, not one of those higher quality glass top ones, but overall it is good. Now all the screen goes all the way back. As you can see, this is great. A lot of manufacturers will normally top out about there. That'S about the maximum angle, we'll get that a little climbed back now it is an IPS panel and it's, not a wonderful IPS panel, this one here so it's a boa panel. I think it's the 84 see if they're just off the top of my head here, not particularly good. So we have an sRGB of about 64 Adobe RGB of 47, which is not good for color coding and work like that. The maximum brightness of this 14 inch IPS panel is 250 lux, which is borderline okay. Ideally, I would like to see it much brighter than this, so it'll be fine in indoor conditions. I were you're not in super bright light environments and even actually, with my studio lights on which are very bright, it's varying just fine, but don't expect to be able to make it out with ease, at least in direct sunlight, because that will be a bit of A problem, so it weighs one point: four: five kilos it's sixteen millimeters thickness. Now, when you take a look at the internals of it, we've only got two components that we can upgrade the SSD and our wireless card, so it has an Intel.

82. 65. This is a two by two antenna sit up now we have downward firing speakers and on the top, as well either side of the keyboard speakers there too, so here's a sample of them. Now you can hear from that there, while they have a decent amount of volume to them, they are quite flat. They'Re not rich sounding premium speakers that you're getting with this. Obviously they have to cut corners somewhere with the price of this particular laptop selling for under 600 us so four ports. On the left hand side, we have type C now. This is a USB 3.1 type C port, so it's data. In fact, you use this for charging it's a 65 watt charger that's included in the box, and it will charge it in about one hour and 45 minutes. It'S, very quick with peak rates up to 40 watts that I measured and then the end of the battery. Of course, when you're charging just the last 10 percent, it slows right down and just really trickle charges it so that's. Why it's a little slow there, but it will charge half the battery up to about 50 percent and only around 35 minutes, which is also really good. If you happen to forget to charge it, you don't have to wait too long there. So we have a USB 3 port and hdmi 2.0 a now. I thought it originally was HTML 1.4 in my unboxing because they couldn't get the 60 Hertz 4k, but I updated the drivers and then I discovered that yes, actually it was running at 4k, 60 Hertz.

So that is good and then, on the right hand, side we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that the output from this is loud. There is interference over as well and another type, a USB 3 port both of the ports, the USB ones. Will power external hard drives, so there is no power delivery issues from those ports whatsoever. Now there is also a webcam at the top, and this is the camera, so 720p looks grainy. I'Ve got really powerful lights on at the moment, and even then the video still looks a little dark. It'S, not particularly good, and the audio hearing now is coming from the mics, which are either side of the webcam. And yes, there is a white status LED when it's on now we do have a fingerprint reader that's located just away from the keyboard. It works. Fine, no complaints with it it's going to lock you in in about one to two seconds so faster than typing a password using Windows, hello. Now, moving on to the performance of this laptop, so a lot of people with the unboxing video we're asking me: what is the power levels that this is running so is it running a TDP of 25 watts? Can you tweak it so at the moment, trying to use rising controller is going to result in this error right here, it's just not working at the moment. So we need to wait for the developer of this application to update it.

So our power limits a 20 watt power limit between 2025, depending on what setting you've got right there, the temperature limit. This is the stock settings is 80 and you will actually see it go over that, but I'll get onto the thermals later on so more benchmarks. A lot of you have been asking for this one, so this is our Cinebench r15 scores, so 626 C B. This is marginally faster than the previous model, which gets around 610 it's just because of really that faster turbo that it has that it can get slightly high about a hundred megahertz. I think it is so really no difference if you have the previous gen model. No real reason at all whatsoever to be upgrading to this one so here's our past mark score. So we get to two thousand seven hundred and five fire strike. Okay, so graphics score is not really that much better than the previous CPU. So the 2500 – you physics score just over five thousand, so five thousand and ninety – and here is the nitrate one score. This 7880 force is a recently released, one from them, a benchmark which is really focused at laptops that one and then the Geekbench force caught with the updated drivers. So it turns out to be around about twenty to twenty five percent slower than the Intel Core. I5. 8250, you, but of course this is more attractive, this laptop, because it is quite a bit cheaper than those laptops.

So there's no point me showing office documents Excel spreadsheets and things like that it's all fast, its fluid as it expect for the spec of system. Here, with eight gigabytes of RAM, now just bring up the RAM to to point out that they have dedicated 1.1 gigabytes to the system. One gigabyte of that is dedicated to our old graphics, so it's a shared memory they're using so unfortunate you're, not actually getting that full eight gigabytes, and we cannot change that. There'S, no way to change that in the BIOS. There'S no settings and therefore thus whatsoever it's running at 2.6 gigahertz. Oddly enough, I thought it would have been 2.4, but according to Windows, here it is 2.6 gigahertz. It is running in dual channel, confirmed that with h.w info as well. So in the background I've got a 4k video running. This is off youtube. 4K. Streaming is going to be fine, but I wanted to point out that it will drop a few frames here and there, so you can see 150 dropped and then suddenly, yes, it's dropping a few more from me going from the window to the full screen. So it's not quite as fluid here, but if I was to use edge for example, then it would not be doing that as bad. I have another 4k video clip here so we're just out the video performance. This is the one of the jellyfish test files. It'S 140, a megabit per second HEV C 10 bit and you can see it plays this absolutely no problems and to talk about our battery life.

So it's worked out to be better than I originally estimated and I think it's down to the drivers. So I updated, of course, all to the latest raid on drivers all of the drivers. I just went through one by one, whatever updates came through as well with their tool here, so they've got something called PC manager and application, and you can run and it will have an automatic system too, so over the ear driver updates as long as they're releasing Them, of course, huawei honor if they are not restricted from doing so. So if better life means that you're gon na get what I was getting with my mixed use: services, chrome documents watching videos getting around seven to eight hours with the brightness set at forty percent. So this is a good result here now on to the gaming performance. So this title here is dirt. Three and I've got it on the high preset. So yes, this can do a little bit of gaming with the Vega, eight graphics and certainly a lot better than the integrated Intel graphics that we normally get on all other laptops, especially the ones that I review. The performance here is good on the high setting keeping up to well over actually sixty frames per second and there's a Counter Strike. So this is 720p game which I recommend for every single game and see the performance is not amazing. We'Re, just getting about 50 frames per second almost on, but this is the high setting.

So if you lower the settings down to say medium or even lowest, then of course expect an improved framerate. But I just wanted to test on high, at least where it looks a lot better visually, whether it will be playable and yes, it is. But of course you want 60 frames per second, which would be then perfect and, as title doesn't really need an introduction. Grand theft auto 5 it's on the lowest settings. You need to get 720p now if you want a better frame rate than what you can see right now, which is getting close to 40 lower the resolution down 800 x 600, and that will give you an additional 5 to 10 frames per second extra. The main thing is at least it is playable on this particular hardware and what about thermal? So? Yes, it does get hot. You can see the maximum there for CPU. 90 point 6 degrees Celsius. It doesn't go over that and that does actually indicate that it does throttle a little bit so you're gon na get some throttling that's to be expected. Now when it hits. The 90 is only when you're pushing both the GPU and the CPU. At the same time and you'll notice that the drive temperature – this is one thing right here, so that's Samsung p.m. the 98 one does get quite hot in there up to a hundred and five degrees, I mean we could start almost cooking sausages on top of it, But that's, just the SSD that's, getting that hot the palm rest remains cool at all times, it's around about 25 degrees, where it does get warm, is just above the keyboard on the right hand, side, but only about 30 to 33 degrees.

This is after gaming for approximately 40 minutes, so we just have the single fan in there and the fan noise is very good, so under normal loads, just browsing the web. You don't hear the fan normally if it does come on it's low and you can handle even here so right now gaming, just how does it sound so topside around 46 decibels at full speed, which is very good, so there we go. That is the magic book. Also known as the mate book D or maple T 14, whatever its going to be in Europe, of course, if end up releasing us, so we have a really good build to this. A very nice keyboard to type on it's backlit as well. A good touchpad we've got a few ports on here, but we are missing an SD card slot, which i think is a bit of an error, or even a micro SD card slot would be great to have on here now for storage upgradability. If you wanted to put a second drive in there, like you, can with others, they normally have a for example. They 2.5 inch slot in there or even another m2 slot that could be set of three or even nvme. No so that's a little bit of a disappointment that there's no amour expandability with this model. Now the better life is very good it's about seven to eight hours, make sure you update your drivers, because when I had the original drivers that this came with, I was only getting about six to seven hours, so that is a factor there and I cycled the Battery a few times as well to get that final figure charged is really quick.

So what are the weaknesses then of this? So it really comes down to the webcam, which is not amazing and the screen. The screen is the biggest thing for me: it's, a very average panel they've gone for so 250 Lux for a nap screen is in OK brightness, so you gon na make it out in your office environments at home and just not in direct sunlight. But if you wanted to do color work on it with that color space with that color gamut, not wonderful and not really it's, not written recommended at all. With the screen of this quality, so that's the real weakness there, so performance, wise, it's, decent you can play some gaming and titles on there and you've also got enough, certainly sufficient power for all your office tasks, your general computing that's. What this is aimed at and the price point very good price, with this it's all up it's, a very good laptop and the fan noise as well as another one. I wanted to comment on really good phone or is on this most of the time. It is very quiet, and even at idle, the fan isn't even on at the moment where I can't say the same about other notebooks I've reviewed that sometimes they just tend to have a fan, that'll cycle on and off all the time or it will just sit There not the case with this one it's a really good fan noise. So I really do like this one.

Thank you so much for watching this review.