This is the risin 5 3500. You model it has 8 gigabytes of ddr4 dual channel ram and my particular model has a 512 gigabyte SSD in it. There are other models that are slightly cheaper with a 256 gigabyte one. The screen is a 14 inch IPS anti glare panel they've apparently made some changes over last year's model, they've improved the speakers and the fingerprint reader that's incorporated in the power button, so let's take a look at it. So I bought this one here from trading Chen Jien and I ordered DHL Express shipping to get it in quick here, for you guys now. Beware of this. If you go with the express shipping, then you're going to have to pay of course taxes. So eighty three euros had to plan this one, so they definitely have not gone with flash packaging at all. Here I can see that the sellers added an adapter here for me. So that'll be us. 2 euro let's get it out of the box. It feels reasonably light, so we just got. It looks like an instruction manual right here on a magic book, 2019. Of course, it's gon na be all in Chinese as well as the operating system. So it's gon na have Windows 10 in Chinese and just two more owners were included in the box. We have the type c charger which is rated to 65 watts and then our type cd' type c cable. So the laptop is a light.

1.4 5 kilos. This is, in fact lighter than a lot of the Gemini Lake laptops that I look at so the total travel wait let's take a look at that is 1.6 4 kilos. Now the laptop is 16 millimeters thin. If I include the rubber feet on the rear, that brings it up to 21 millimeters. This laptop is completely made out of alloy and it does have a matte finish to it. Pressing on the lid here is a tiny little bit of flex and good to see there just going with the honor name right there and not a backlit logo on the bottom, too. Large intake vents there. So this is actively cooled. There are fans within it. It'S got nine screws on the bottom and it's got something there. The mentioning Microsoft Office, but that's probably a license for the Chinese version. So to remove the screws. You need a tux, t5 that's, the size it uses and simply pry off the rear carbon. You got access to the internals, so the first thing. I noticed that actually those are speakers on the bottom they have here. I thought they were top firing speakers now, when you have a look at the battery, it is a 58 watt hour battery, so hopefully better life is going to be good on this. I will do a full test of this don't. You worry about that and, of course, my full review in terms of upgrade ability.

We have the SSD, which is in envy anyone there MDOT and our mini PCIe card for Wireless, which is great to see because normally this is soldered on and part of the motherboard. Now the wireless card is an Intel 82. 65. So if you wanted to change that to say then 92 60, which I highly recommend it's even a faster one, then you can do that. The SSD that Huawei has gone with is a very fast one. It'S, a samsung PM: 9 8 1. So this is great to see we have two copper transfer, heat pipes and a very large single fan, let's see if I can open it with just one hand: no okay, that's not going to happen. So a few people in the comments now gon na be disappointed with that. So there we go. Yes, it has a bit of a Macbook, look to it, doesn't it okay, so this keyboard, flex and pressing down here really hard and there is a little but under normal typing pressure, there doesn't seem to be a lot. So the first thing I noticed too is the key caps themselves, have a met kind of finish to them. They'Re backlit, as well and very short key travel doesn't, seem to be a lot where they've got, but I really does look like it's going to be a decent keyboard, but they have made a compromise here with the arrow keys good to see that power button is Right here, of course, so that's away from the keyboard, and it does act as a fingerprint reader, and now we have a matte screen with plastic – mat bezels around it.

So this is more practical than say their main notebook pro with the glass covered screen. We'Ve came up the top flanked by two microphones on the left. You'Ll find the type C in there for charging data and then a status LED HDMI out and a USB type, a port, and that leaves us with the three point. Five millimeter headphone jack with mic support and another USB 3 port. So this is by far the biggest con of the laptop is that it comes with Windows, 10 home in Chinese. What I'm doing at the moment to get it into English as I'm? Upgrading to Windows? 10 Pro and then I can add the English language pack. The screen we have on the magic book is a 14 inch one, so it's the same as the older model and there's a maximum output of 280 luxe. So it's not the brightest, but because of the anti glare matte coating it's a lot more forgiving. So to me it looks fine I'm, not seeing any light leakage. Am I having new obvious problems with the panel at all viewing angles, of course, a good being IPS and look at this hinge. It goes all the way back which a lot of manufacturers don't. Let you do so. Our drive has been partitioned into 80 gigabytes for Windows and then 383 for data. Don'T know why they've done this. I would have preferred them to have just left it, but this is not hard to fix with our partition manager.

No, there is no micro, SD card or SD card reader on this laptop, which is a big mistake. I'Ve just plugged one in, of course, a a reader and that SSD hi have benchmarked and, as you can see now, it is very fast as expected for a samsung PM nine eight one. Now we do have a little bit of bloatware on here. That'S, come through from honor we've got their magic link thing. This is for transferring files. If you happen to have. I think you need a huawei phone for that, maybe an honour phone for that actually to work. And then this thing here called PC manager, which is semi kind of bloatware, because it does have at least some handy things in here. So you can change the boot logo. If you wanted to, I don't see why you would. I would leave it on the one of course that's. Just all in English, you've got a PC. How, where check manage drivers is where it is practical, that's really about it. Customer service well that's not going to work unless you're in China it's really a little bit on the bloatware side, but here's, where of course we can get updated drivers for everything it does have Dolby Atmos installed. Now. This is just really a fancy equaliser it's, on the dynamic mode by default, so just two ticks: what kind of audio you're playing back, for example, you're in a game it autumn, people onto the game mode and all it's doing yes, just tweaking the sound sounds.

Perhaps a little bit better depending on your content, but here is a sample of those four speakers, so the volume is definitely there it's a lot louder than specially on a lot of the cheaper laptops that I look at, but it doesn't really have good lows at All in fact, you can hardly hear any bass coming through those speakers there's just a bit of it it's there, but they are certainly not better speakers than Xiaomi's mean notebook prose and one more benchmark. So I had to test this out. This is Geekbench 4 and a little disappointing here comes out a lot less than the Intel, the Core i5 8250. You that's, the 8th, gen one that is inside the main notebook pro. If you take a look of what that gets. Oh that gets about 4000. Just over 4000 actually with a single core score and about 13, almost 14000 multi core, so we are falling quite a bit behind here. I expected that difference to be a lot closer there. I don't think I have anything going on in the background as well. I'Ve been checking, and my CPUs was pretty much idle as well. Now take a look at the RAM one other thing I wanted to point out as well that they have dedicated 1.1 gigabytes to the GPU, so we only has 6.9 gigabytes available to Windows 10, and this is our OpenCL score, which is about 10000 points less than The nvidia MX 150 found, for example, in the me notebook pro so a better life.

We are looking at approximately five and a half hours. This is mixed web use at 100 brightness. So you turn down the brightness, then you're looking, I would say somewhere between six hours, six and a half really so battery life's, not looking actually amazing from it. So far, but just remember this is just my first impression and what about Linux so Linux? It does boot up, as you can see, this is Linux Mint, but what is not working as my controls here for the screen, brightness or the audio, nothing seems to happen. So I can't manually just tweak that up or down while this is working and the touchpad is working at least all right, so the fingerprint reader. This is a good x1 and so far it seems to work well it's using Windows, hello, so you just tap it. It only takes about a second or two and you're into Windows, it's faster than typing a password so the touchpad surface. This is not a glass covered one. It feels just like a met plastic. They have for the touchpad. So there are a few things that have tested off camera and I wanted to comment on that's, the HDMI port, so it's not HDMI, 4k, 60 Hertz max output, so it doesn't, look like it's HDMI to speak at all, which is a little bit disappointing. Now have used the touchpad now and the keyboard, and I wanted to give you some feedback on that.

The touchpad to me seems fine it's, not as good as say. The show me me not, but pro the keyboard, as well as not as good as the mean of a pros it's, got sure to travel on it. The quality of the key caps is very good. The backlighting is not as bright. You can see it's actually on at the moment. It doesn't stand out a lot, but it doesn't have any light leakage underneath those key caps, which is good the overall build quality of the laptop, is very good there's. No rough sharp edges on it anywhere they've used premium materials with the alloy they've gone for the weight of it. One point: four: seven kilos it's definitely a lot lighter than shammies Meno, but pro which weighs almost two kilos, it's rather heavy, and then the screen met, anti glare coated means it's, just way more practical, so much better to use in bright environments with reflections that you Get on the glass screens can be so annoying, but here you don't have that problem. It'S, not a super bright screen, it's only about 270 to 280 Lux, the maximum output, no IPS leakage that I can see around no bleeding or anything around the corners. The outside. On my particular unit, which is great to see the webcam quality, looks average I'll give you a sample of that in the full review thermals and the full review gaming performance. A lot of other benchmarks as well.

All that's come in the full review their performance. It seems to be quite a bit slower than the Core i5 8250. You, I was hoping for a similar kind of performance there, but maybe the GPU I don't know either whether it's gon na be able to match the MX 150, probably not there either. But then the price tag this is selling for just over 600 euros. You have to factor that in the biggest con, of course, is it comes with Chinese Windows, 10 Home Edition so I'm, trying to upgrade it at the moment I'm having difficulty. It keeps timing out at 100. He just won't. Let me upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, so I may have to do a drivers dump and completely doing the clean install on this, which is really annoying so I'll be back with a full review with all of the missing details from this and then my final opinion. As well, so I hope to catch you back with that video.