Now today were going to be checking out one of honors latest and very, very powerful laptop. That is the honor magic book 16.. Now these days we are always working from home using our laptops and we always want more and more power, but still maintaining that compact form factor. So this one here actually packs quite a fair bit of power, but were going to explore all the capabilities that we can expect from this honor magic book 16.. Now before i begin the video, of course, i have to share with you the price in malaysia. This is going for rm4299 and in terms of the ram and storage youre, getting 16 gigabytes of ram paired with 512 gigabytes of storage, so thats quite a fair bit inside this, rather slim laptop all right. So now that were done with the price. First things. First weve got to talk about the design, how it looks like how it feels and all that so right off the bat we do have this. A very nice base, gray kind of color with the honor magic book – 16. ownership. This is one of their most solid kind of laptops, so that means that you can drop it, not really drop it, but like knock, it maybe hit it against the table and it wont get damaged that often owner says theres done a lot of testing to it. So its definitely a very solid piece of a laptop right here now in terms of the weight, it is actually 1.

84 kg. This is good because its actually under 2kg and, of course this is a 16 inch laptop, so yeah still pretty uh manageable with one hand, apart from that, in terms of the thickness levels, its 18.2 millimeters, you can see that its very slim overall, the build quality, Feels very premium on this honor magicbook 16.. Now right at the front here, of course, you can see that we have a very minimalist look. We have the honor logo date center and first, if you take a look at the left side, youll notice that we have a couple of parts. We have two type c ports here: type c 3.2, as well as a hdmi port and on the right. You have two type: a 3.2 as well and a headphone jack over there, so it doesnt matter if youre, using like the latest cables or type c cables or if youre, using the conventional type, a cables. Both kind of cables will work very well on the honor magic book 16.. All right so were going to flip open the device itself and see what else we have here. Of course, we can see the first thing we are greeted with. Is this massive display? The 16.1 inch display, which ill talk a little bit more later, but the cool thing here is that we still have this very minimal, a very slim bezels, approximately 5.1 mm on the sides and yeah. The good news here is that we still have the webcam dead center at the top, so you wont have those very weird, awkward angles when youre making those video calls, especially you know to your colleagues and all that so thats pretty good as well.

Now moving down to the body itself – and we noticed that we have a very nice keyboard over here – uh theres, decent travel, so typing on the keyboard is a very you know very comfortable experience. I got to use the hang of it very quickly after using it for just a couple of hours, very, very nice keyboard here in terms of the back light, you have a two levels of backlight. You can either turn it off or you dont, have it at low or bright levels on the keyboard itself, so again, very very nice and comfortable keyboard. Now, beside the keyboard, you will notice that we have two strips of these uh speakers and they actually sound pretty good. Now in terms of the audio quality. The honor magic box, 16 does come with the nahimic sound effect software built in. So what this software does is that it allows you to, you know, manipulate the kind of sound coming up from it. It allows it to give that surround sound effect and overall youre able to tweak the equalizer and actually sounds pretty good on the honor magic book. 16., so definitely a good thing to have that software built in because you can have a better experience, just listening to your music on the laptop. Now, apart from that, we also noticed that we do have that fingerprint scanner on the top right corner again, its fairly quick, less than one second to you know, unlock your device very, very convenient its, never read my fingerprint wrongly so thats great there and, of course, Moving further down, we also can see that we have a fairly large trackpad over here.

That makes it very easy to navigate on the honor magicbook16 so overall, just in terms of the design, the build and everything. I think its very done very well here, because you know i didnt have a very tough time adapting to it using it was very, very simple now, just for fun sake, im going to flip the device to the bottom. Here you can see that we do have this very large, grille and thats, because its housing – two really awesome fans inside there to you – know uh – give that very powerful ventilating system so that it does not contain a lot of heat. Everything can be pushed out overall. Yeah thats, what you can expect in terms of the design and build quality now were gon na talk a little bit about the display because yeah. That is something that is very important to me, now display wise. We do have that 16.1 inch, ips lcd, that i mentioned earlier on uh. It is a 1920 times 1080p display and in terms of the refresh rate, you are having a 144hz refresh rate. That means everything is very smooth on the display itself scrolling through websites and just browsing stuff here and there everything is just very smooth and also this 144 hertz of refresh rate is great if you play a lot of games which well talk a little bit later On now, apart from that, you also have that 100 srgb high color gamut and in terms of the aspect ratio.

This is a 16 by 9 aspect ratio. That means, if youre gon na watch most of your uh shows or youtube videos its going to be uh fully filling the whole screen overall. This is a very, very good display, great for you know, enjoying movies and shows on the display now. Moving on lets talk a little bit about whats, really powering this device here and, of course, the user experience so right off the bat. You already know that we do have an amd ryzen, 7, 5, 800, h, processor. It also comes with the integrated gpu. That is the amd radeon graphics. Apart from that, the device itself is equipped with that two millimeter triple heat pipes, 75 mm plus dual fans and, of course, that eight temperature sensors and all this really helps to create that optimized wind path to push up all the additional heat, especially when youre playing Games because theres a little bit of heat going on, so it will help to push out the heat very efficiently and basically, according to honor. This actually helps to allow 68 more air volume for just the honor magibook 16.. So those are just the numbers and specifications, but how does it actually feel like to use it well uh first up using it was actually pretty smooth. The first thing first is that it booted up with windows 11 right out of the box, so very very nice. There, in terms of using it, i use it to do a lot of my work.

Writing scripts word documents, powerpoints and all that, if youre doing a lot of basic workflow kind of related items, there will definitely be no lags at all. Everything is super, smooth and very, very fast. This is a very powerful processor that you have in here and doing work will definitely not be an issue launching your teams zoom. Everything is super fast now, if you want to talk a little bit about playing games, thats actually quite possible as well. I do have steam installed here and i actually played a couple of games on the laptop itself, which ran very very smoothly. Of course, you have to tweak the graphic levels to be like medium and something like that to get the best experience, but the point here is this machine is not just made for work, but its also made for play now. Apart from that, there is also the pc manager feature in the honor magic box 16. Here that allows you to work with your smartphone seamlessly. So what this means is that i can just use my smartphone, the honor 50, to tap the trackpad and very easily. I can get my smartphone synced with the computer right away. With that connection, i actually can control my smartphone with the computer itself very, very easy. I can drag and drop files again very seamlessly between both devices, and it just creates that entire. You know like ecosystem, where everything just works with one another, so thats, definitely great here on the honor magic book 16.

. At the end of the day, bottom line here again, is that it doesnt matter if youre just playing your games or, if youre doing a lot of work. You know working with your device and all that it all works very seamlessly on this very powerful machine. Now, moving on were going to talk a little bit about the battery life, because thats also very important. Now. What kind of battery do we have in here is actually a 56 watt hour battery, which is fairly large. You also get that 65 watt fast charge charger in the box, and good news is that its actually very small as well its not like those charges from those other laptops which is just huge. This one here is not just compact, but it also charges up the laptop very very quickly. So, according to honor, you can do like 85 in just one hour, and if you want to charge up the entire device from zero to 100, you will take approximately one and a half hours all right guys at the end of the day. Uh, who is this laptop for? Well again, i have to say that this laptop here is actually suitable for all kinds of people. It doesnt matter. If you are like a student, if you are a worker and all that you can all do that on the honor magic book 16 very smoothly and without much issues. Last but not least, its also worth mentioning that owner is giving a couple of free gifts off.

If you purchase the honor magic book 16, they are giving a wireless mouse, a backpack for your laptop. You also get the m365, the microsoft 365 to use those office applications, and you also get an additional one year of battery care. That means, if anything happens, to your battery honor will take care of you now before i go its also worth mentioning that if you are looking for a smartphone dont forget to check out the honor x 95g that was recently launched by honor. I did a full review of that phone on the channel. You can check that out, but yeah honor is making a couple of very interesting devices today. Alright, with that said, thank you all for watching till the end, and this is what i can explain about the honor magic book. 16.. Hope you, like this video dont, forget to drop a like sub to the channel.